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  1. Not sure how much in terms of numbers but it did move til middle/normal waitlist.
  2. Hard to say what it could be, but go on your student center to see if the application status has changed.
  3. Accepted GPA: 89.2% AA/PAT/RC : 21/20/22 ECs: Above Average IMO Interview: Thought it went well, conversation was pretty organic. IP Excited to meet all my new classmates!!!
  4. Hi Everyone, Was hoping to create a interview prep group to meet maybe couple times a week at somewhere in Mississauga?
  5. Hello all, Schulich released their acceptances. Thought I'd get the list started. Good luck to all!
  6. Hi all, Congrats to everyone who got their Western interview offers; just wanted to get a group together for people practicing interviews and such. At western right now is the 2nd wave of midterms but after they finish, I was thinking we can get together 1-2 times weekly and practice. Let me know if anyone of you are interesting in practicing in London at UWO campus. Thanks,
  7. I agree with Ravenjays, the first part was the most personal and the parts 2 and 3 were more "questions".
  8. Quick question, do you know when/if the verifiers get contacted? Some of my verifiers often go out of the country and use a different number.
  9. RC 20 Bio 19 Chem 26 Science: 20 AA: 21 PAT: 19 Not surprised at bio, didn't have much time to study that; PAT I am surprised. Western is my main goal and I think with these I should get an interview...What you think?
  10. Just like Dec 13 last year... Anyone else somewhat surprised at their PAT mark?
  11. Bio and Chem were no surprise. Apart from the Keyhole rocks on the 1st page, PAT was more or less what I had expected. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I found RC good, although I did guess on 2 at the end, feel like the material was easier to digest/understand than normal.
  12. I noticed the gender ratios too; as a male prospective dentist, that's good to see. Also, I think this year's grad student count is a bit high, in past years its been more around 10-12.
  13. They said for the upcoming application cycle they may use ALL sections of the DAT or a combination of the sections excluding MDT.
  14. Hello all, I will be writing the DAT for the 2nd time this November. Do schools look down upon multiple rewrites. Some school websites mention that it does not matter to them but has anyone, from their own experience, found it impacts their acceptance? Thank you.
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