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  1. Toronto is notoriously slow for police check, that's why they say start early. I'm in halton and I got in 7 business days.
  2. #3 as refusing mine as well! best of luck!
  3. Accepted to all four OT programs with 3.78 subGPA. Will be rejecting all four as I received medical school admission to McMaster. Best of luck to all the waitlisters and congratulations to all those who have been accepted!
  4. I had to contact the office for a similar-ish issue. She told me to do my best to get what I can before July 15 and that if I don't convert to immunity (which is my current issue) that I would have to self disclose to the Dean and that he would be careful in where I'm placed until I can show immunity. Hope that helps! I called and she was super helpful via phone, I would suggest doing the same!
  5. Accepted - Hamilton Time Stamp: 8:12 AM EST GPA: 3.58 VR: 10 CASPer: I felt very good about it. Interview: Thought it went really well!! IP My only interview and I got in! I'm over the moon. Here's to all of us low GPA-ers! It can be done
  6. TIMESTAMP: March 31 @ 4:36 pm Interview/Regrets: Interview Applied: Mac, U of T, Western, Queens all OT Accepted: accepted last year to Queens and had to turn it down for a one year job contract Waitlisted: Rejected: cumGPA: 3.58 subGPA: 3.79 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: strong Accepted for interview at Mac OT
  7. TIME STAMP: March 30th, 12:09 pm Result: Regrets wGPA: 3.79 MCAT: 31 (10/10/11) ECs: high level student government, 2 pubs, research, volunteering in community, music, club president, Intro bio TA, etc, etc, Essays: thought I killed them Year: graduated 2015 Geography: IP Hard to overcome the GPA at U of T. Best of luck to all the people interviewing
  8. Recent grad who is also still waiting! Fingers crossed
  9. Close to campus your best bet is to head to Westdale, which is just East of the university. There are a number of restaurants there, with most students having bean bar as their favourite! As for breakfast, you can head just across the street from MDCL and the hospital to the Williams, or if you're looking for eggs and toast sort of deal, Pancake House is about a 5 minute walk down Main Street from the edge of campus! Message me directly if you need more help !
  10. Time stamp: 11:39 am Invite: Yes GPA: 3.58, so here's some hope for all of us low GPA-ers Verbal: 10 Casper; Was brutally honest with my first thoughts, thought it went well (clearly it did) IP Finished UG in 2015 and working full time Never in a million years thought I'd be posting here! EDIT: as an aside, just never give up hope. I've received 19 rejections between the US and here over the last two years. This is my first interview invite. Don't give up, ever! EDIT #2: I also don't have status if anyone was wondering Moderator Note: Please post only stats in this thread
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