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  1. So, this may be stupid of me, but how is everyone dressing for day 1 of orientation? Like dress shirt and dress pants? Or just like a normal day?
  2. Accepted off the wait list at 3:16 to Niagra!
  3. Accepted off the wait list Time stamp: June 7 (3:16), May 10 (8:21) GPA: 3.96ish VR: 11 Interview: bombed one station, all others felt at least decent
  4. I've accepted that it's not happening at this point. But would definitely rate being on the wait list as one of my least favourite experiences
  5. Is anyone else enjoying not having the anxiety of wanting to check your email 1000 times a day because it's a weekend?
  6. Do they send out an email to waitlisters after all the class spots are full?
  7. This exam period has kicked my ass. Last 2 exams tomorrow and then can't wait get on with my life. Only a third year applicant but at this point another year feels like suicide.
  8. Timestamp: 7:30 pm EST Interview: No GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 10/11/11 ECs: Not great, but not horrible Year: 3rd
  9. To be fair I haven't seen a rejection timestamped after 4:15ish
  10. Time stamp: 11:42 am Invite: Yes GPA: 3.97 Verbal: 11 Casper; Who knows. Didn't feel horrible about it IP 3rd Year UG
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