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  1. Its available on my ORPAS account as of 30 minutes ago ! Not sure if that means its up for everyone or not.
  2. I was worried about this too. I have uploaded all of the outlines (had to dig for a lot of them online) for my courses through SAM just in case, because the university calendar doesn't have very detailed descriptions of my courses at all. Most of the descriptions are two sentences long.
  3. The cut off sGPA for Queens PT was 3.65 last year meaning at least 1 student (possibly more) was accepted with a 3.65, and none below this. As seems to be the trend the cut off will likely go up this year depending if the number of applicants also rises. From what I understand you must hold a CGPA of over 2.89 (this is the only CGPA related evaluation), then the files that meet this cut off get ranked according to SGPA (highest to lowest) then a cut off is determined depending on how many files they want to reasonably screen. If anyone is interested you can check out the information video which has all of this information and more in it. https://stream.queensu.ca/Watch/Ji38Bwj5 Also, I have a friend who was accepted with a 3.76 sGPA. So if you are in the 3.7 range I believe you have a good chance, if your essays are solid and you have a decent amount of experience. All of this I've gathered from the video, its definitely worth watching. Good luck!
  4. I know that most schools only require prerequisites to be complete before May 31st, however I was wondering if anyone has been admitted conditionally upon completion of their prerequisites? I will hopfully be finished mine in April well before the deadline, however if acceptance letters go out mid may the schools may have made admission decisions before seeing my completed prereqs.
  5. Applied: Queens, U of T, McMaster Accepted: Waitlisted: Rejected: cumGPA: 3.7 subGPA: 3.88 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Feeling ok about my essays (100 hours volunteer PT clinic, 100 hours volunteer PT research, 40 hours volunteer with PT in hospital abroad, volunteer research in mental health, volunteer crisis support worker etc.) Trying to finish up my prerequisite Anatomy and Physiology course before April so I can show its completion before admission decisions are made. Is anyone in a similar boat, with any prerequisites still to finish?
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