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  1. Time Stamp: May 10th 9:57 AM Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: Rejected Interview: Not my best, not surprised
  2. Accepted! - Hamilton Campus Time: 8:13 AM Interview: Went very well IP Gap year, graduated BSc june 2015
  3. Timestamp: 8:55 AM May 10, 2016 Result: Waitlist Year: Gap year, graduated BSc June 2015 Interview: I thought I did really well but I guess not:( This was tied for first with Western so can't lie i'm disappointed but ultimately still so lucky and grateful!! congrats to all!
  4. Accepted! (London campus) Timestamp: May 10 12:08 EST Interview: Strongest one in my opinion Writing Sample: Guess it was good! Year: Graduated BSc last year (gap year) Geography: Non-swomen WANT TO CLICK ACCEPT RIGHT NOW but will weigh out options first. Congrats everyone who applied, interviewed, waitlisted and accepted - every stage is an achievement in itself!
  5. No matter what happens, your mom is proud of you. No matter what happens, get drunk and cry. GOOOD LUCK MY FRIENDS, if all the applicant this cycle are as awesome as the ones I met during my interviews I do not envy the admissions committees.
  6. I liked Queens interview style the best, I felt the stations were more interactive and having a panel component brought out my personality more. Best part --> No million year long preamble or mandatory orientation/info sessions before and after... just get in and go! Oh and the structured time for follow-up questions was PERFECT... really helped you pace to avoid awkward cut off or sitting in silence forever. Queens is definitely one of my top choices if I am lucky enough to get in. Here's hoping, good luck everyone ONE MORE MONTH!!
  7. Thumbs up to me for coming to Winnipeg with no boots. Thanks though! Hope it went well.
  8. Anyone want to cab with me? I know it's comically close but my interview shoes were not build for Winnipeg.
  9. Invite: Yes!! Timestamp: Feb 5th at 5:18 PM (EST) OOP/IP: OOP GPA: 77 MCAT: 10/9/10
  10. TIME STAMP: 3:36pm Result: Invite!!! YAY wGPA: Don't remember MCAT: 10/9/10 Year: UG complete
  11. Time stamp: 3:28 PM Invite: YES! so happy IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN: nope 2YGPA: 3.5 MCAT: 29 (10PS/9VR/10BS)
  12. Rejection Date Stamp: 28/01/2016 - 10:58 AM Location: IP Stream: Aboriginal wGPA: 3.4 I think Current year: UG complete (McMaster) Casper: Not terrible, Mac wasn't mad at it
  13. Sorry late to this party.. Invited! OOP GPA(x.xx/4.5): I forget MCAT: 9.6 Non-Rural
  14. Timestamp: Jan 14/2016 @ 10:38am Interview: Yes! GPA: OMSAS 4.0 scale 3.2 Context: (What is your rural or Northern Ontario connection?) Lived on reserve in Southern Ontario until I was 6. Undergrad program/university: Life Sci at McMaster # of previous applications: First time Interview Location/Date/Time:TBay March 5th
  15. Timestamp and Format: E-mail @ 11:41am Invite/Rejection: INVITE! cGPA: 3.16 (not joking) VR Score: 9 How you felt CASPER went: A blur, but I felt okay about it. Go with your gut! Geography : IP/OP? IP, Hamiltonian Current year: [uG (what year), Masters, PhD] B.Sc McMaster Class of 2015 Don't give up&Best of luck to all
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