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  1. Hi, there! If you have transcripts from out of province schools then DEFINITELY have them sent to OMSAS before October 1st (do it now). My transcript from Quebec often took several weeks to arrive and get uploaded as "received". If your transcripts are from Ontario schools, then a request will be generated once you submit your application (which is perfectly fine). I'm no expert but I applied to OMSAS for four years so I'm happy to answer any other questions you may have. Best of luck
  2. I *think* this might have been said at an admissions presentation once upon a time. I'm sure if you send admissions an email they will provide some clarity (although they do tend to be pretty secretive about the context score). On another note, I met a NOSM student from Ottawa a few years ago. I don't know details about whether they were born there or did high school there, but they identified themselves as being from Ottawa. I hope that helps!
  3. I moved back home every summer, so I only put my home address. However, I do think it's important that you demonstrate community involvement, employment, volunteerism, etc. in your home community during those summers, otherwise it might look a little suspicious.
  4. I think this question stumps a lot of people because failure can be uncomfortable to talk about and people aren't sure what type of answer NOSM is looking for (for the record I don't think there is a magic answer). I think the important thing is to demonstrate that you recognize you are not perfect, but that you have been able to learn from your mistakes moving forward. I changed my response to this question several times over the years, from very personal answers to experiences I had at work where I felt I let others down. If you can also demonstrate leadership, communication, collaboration, etc. into your response then that's even better!
  5. Hey, guys. I just thought I would let you know that someone posted on the Facebook group that they received an offer of admission to NOSM and also to another school and that they have yet to decide which offer they will accept. Just remember that it isn't a given that those last six offers will all be accepted. Stay hopeful
  6. The questions have been the same for at least the last four years. I'm not sure if that's been the case longer than that though!
  7. It is a Facebook group created by existing NOSM students for the entering class of 2017. If you've been accepted, please join! (search NOSM Meds '21)
  8. I can offer an update in regards to the Facebook group. At this time 38 people have introduced themselves, but I believe there are others who have been added to the group but not yet introduced themselves. Only one person has mentioned that they were accepted off of the waitlist. So far this is the only person I've heard of who has been offered a spot off of the waitlist... hoping that changes in the coming days!
  9. No problem! I can imagine... I'm happy to help in any way I can
  10. I don't believe that information is given. This person in particular didn't mention anything about waitlist position; however, they did mention that they were assigned to the west campus but are hoping to be transferred to the east.
  11. I'm quite certain you could hear sooner. I'm under the impression that if one person declines their offer, someone on the waitlist is notified shortly after. If you look at the waitlist thread from last year, people started receiving acceptances off the waitlist a few days after first round offers.
  12. Hey, guys! I'm surprised at how little communication there is on the forum this year. Given point #2, I figured I would give you some information that might be helpful. So far there have been 26 students who have introduced themselves in the Facebook group. No one has mentioned anything about being accepted off the waitlist, but I will post here if that changes. It seems that there are a few forum-posters that have received multiple acceptances and I've heard of other friend-of-a-friends who received multiple offers as well. I hope this means the waitlist will start moving soon. I know multiple people on the waitlist this year and if I get wind of any acceptances, this is the first place I'll post I'm thinking of you guys! Hang in there... it is certainly not over yet.
  13. Certainly! My last year of undergrad was around a 3.86. I've been working as a research assistant since finishing my masters last year, I previously worked at a local non-profit working with marginalized populations developing and implementing an overdose prevention program, two years volunteering as an outreach worker (harm reduction/needle exchange), standardized patient for two years, two years as a Toastmaster, board member with Elizabeth Fry, ~10 years doing receptionist work at local walk-in clinic, two summers working at a science centre, several research projects throughout undergrad and graduate degree (first author on two papers), multiple conference presentations, volunteer medical work in Africa, and physician shadowing throughout Northern Ontario. Wishing you the best of luck! U of T sounds like a great program and I will keep my fingers crossed for you
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