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  1. Hello Kiwanja, I am an Ontarian living in Quebec--came here for graduate studies at McGill and am currently working at the MUHC. Have you tried applying to the French schools? I think you would make a strong candidate especially given your veteran status. Also, university of Ottawa, which is in Ontario, has a French stream and Northern Ontario likes to attract Francophones when possible. As for French recommendation letters, French is one of our official languages, and most schools accommodate for that regardless of the province. But reach out to the universities' admission offices ahead of time and give them context so that they can take proper measures ahead of time to make an English version of your recommendation letter accessible to the evaluating committees. Bon chance!
  2. Time/Date: 11:33am March 25, 2019 Result: Refused (MD, graduate applicant stream) cGPA: 3.5 (I had a very serious extenuating circumstance for which I wrote an academic explanation essay, but I guess it was not good enough) MCAT: 519 (Phys/Chem: 129 | CARS: 130 | Biol: 130 | Psyc/Soc: 130) Publications: 2 first author; 1 third author; 20 peer-reviewed international/national and local abstracts published; 10 oral presentations internationally and nationally, for which I received multiple best presentation awards. I held multiple research grants and awards during my graduate studies at McGill. EC: Very diverse and long term. For instance: Peer Supporter at the Canadian Cancer Society, Montreal's Sexual Assault survivors' Helpline, Toronto's Regent Park Christian Resource Centre volunteer, Research Institute of McGill University Research Ethics Board Member, McGill University Senate Grievance Committee member, McGill University Post-Graduate Student Society Governance Committee Member, McGill Faculty of Medicine Cyclical Academic Review and Accreditation Committee Member, shadowed a paediatric nephrologist at Montreal Children's Hospital, etc. Essays: Wrote them the day before the deadline, and foolishly did not have them reviewed by anyone. Do NOT do this mistake, I had very good personal stories for each essay but because I wrote them last minute and didn't have them peer reviewed, I myself find them quite atrocious when reading them back. Reference Letters: I know for a fact that they were very strong, I had to overcome a lot of adversity throughout my life, and my mentors/referees made sure to touch on those points and emphasize my resilience. I just finished my graduate degree at McGill, and currently work as a clinical research coordinator and research assistant at the Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre. Geography: IP (though currently living OOP)
  3. Honestly, that is how I felt when I saw the email. I am not even upset anymore because I just wanted to know either way and move on with planning for the next cycle.
  4. One would think that they have an efficient algorithm or even a simple macro in an excel sheet that can highlight students who don't make the cut offs in their respective category, and send mass refusals, but I guess one would be wrong Re Academic Explanation Essay: myself and a peer of mine have written one. She has received an interview offer for March 30th, I am still waiting to know my fate. We have similar GPA, and MCAT scores (my score is a bit higher), we both had very compelling extenuating circumstances to elaborate on in our AEE, we're both Torontonians, currently at McGill (so in province students living outside). As a scientist, we're trained to look for trends, I have thus far detected very little here As the English say: Keep calm and carry on!
  5. You get top point for managing to break the tension, and putting a smile on at least my face with your comment! I have recently come out of cancer treatment and don't know how much more of this anxiety I can bear--it's nice to know I am not the only one who finds the process a poorly written satirical tragedy!
  6. Freedom of speech is often cited as a protection banner for views that lack perspective on diversity, inclusion and equity! Additionally, it is often forgotten that freedom of speech applies to opinions, one is free to express one's opinion, however one is not free to make up their own facts and/or misrepresent facts/evidence! @Aristotle your argument regarding lack of freedom of speech is neither logical nor accurate! The commentator freely and without undue pressure posted their opinion. In the same vein, other members posted their opinion about the aforementioned opinion. So freedom of speech all around!
  7. I had to count to 10 before posting a response, and I am very grateful that the rest of my peers have taken the time to unpack the utter lack of understanding of @amir1 for the reasons many institutions' efforts to close the gender gap (in favour of male physicians) that existed for decades! @amir1 appears to be trolling the UoT forum, he posted another gross misrepresenting and misinterpreted piece about lack of "social diversity" in UoT!!! Women and non-binary gender individuals, have a long way to go to close the gap that for decades favoured male applicants. I am sure you have all heard of Japanese medical schools that admitted to scaling down the scores of female applicants as a way of accepting more male applicants, because women are considered risking education investments! Japan is not a third world country! we see instances of such discriminating policies or hidden micro-aggressions in the US and here in Canada. I am glad that the Royal College of the Physicians and Surgeons of Canada is encouraging institutions to close the gender gap. We still have a long way to go to do it with respect to the ration of male to female physicians, not to mention the gender gap in pay! It's befitting to end this post with one of my favourite 'Heritage Minutes' videos on Jennie Trout, the first woman to become a licensed medical doctor:
  8. @amir1 your statement is neither logical nor accurate. you can claim that the UoT class does not reflect the "diversity in our society" if the said class does not represent the various socioeconomical, class, gender, ethnicity and other demographic identifiers of our society. As a matter of fact UoT, McMaster, and York university all have some of the most diverse undergraduate classes in the entire country, and it is the students of these institutions that make up the applicant pool. you can claim that the "environment of equity and fairness" is none existence in the UoT admission process, if their admission process and policies would some how exclude or discourage applicants belonging to certain social groups/classes from applying or being admitted. Such policy does not exist! I assume you have written the MCAT and in preparation for the test have studied some social sciences concepts, I hope in the future you can draw upon those concepts to make more logical and evidence-based statements. Speaking of evidence-based statements, which are paramount to practicing evidence-based medicine, it appears that you need to further hone your critical and data analysis skills, as you have clearly mis-represented and mis-interpreted their data. I wish you luck in honing skills that will further enable you to better analyze evidence, and better appreciate social accountability and justice concepts.
  9. Wondering the same thing here: does anyone know of any refusals sent out to applicants who met MCAT cut off and have higher (i.e. competitive) GPA? Also, does anyone know how many do they interview in a cycle? Thanks in advance.
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