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  1. Hey guys, this is a reaaaaaaally far stretch, but I thought I'd ask anyway. I had messed up on my Calgary Anesthesia residency application. I had sent in my ITERs in the wrong format, which had automatically placed me on the waitlist. I only know this because I had called the associate PD and she had told me this personally. Calgary is my home and where my partner lives as well, and it had always been my number one choice, and I've never wanted anything more than how much I want to stay in Calgary for my residency. I was lucky enough to have received interviews from most of the rest of the country, but I would gladly give up any of them to receive an interview at Calgary. This is a far stretch, but I was just wondering if anyone received a Calgary Anesthesia interview but doesn't have it as a priority be willing to decline the offer (and save on some flight/living costs?). If you are on the interview waitlist of any other anesthesia programs, I would be happy to drop my spot if I had received an interview from the program as well in exchange. Again, a real big stretch, but I thought it'd be worth a try posting this here...thanks guys.
  2. UA -4 Years, meaning summers (vacation/research), and more time to think about what you want for specialities -Academic school (tons of exams/evaluations) <-- some people love this, others hate it -Younger group, most fresh out of undergrad UC -3 Years, meaning you finish sooner and knowledge is always fresh since you don't take long periods of break -Very clinically focused -Older group, more mature/non-trad students. Higher average age than UA
  3. Normal Waitlist Time Stamp: 12:26PM GPA: 3.96 MCAT: 522 (132/131/130/129) Interview: Cringiest experience ever. Wanted to leave after the first question. Either my interviewers gave me pity points or they mixed me up with someone else, cuz I have no idea I didn't get a outright rejection. Non SWOMEN 4th year UG Was really really surprised I didn't get rejected.
  4. Accepted Time-stamp: 7:50 AM GPA: 3.95 Stream: English Geography: Not even sure what I'm considered Current year: 4th Year UG ECs: Mix of stuff Interview: Really enjoyed it. Had a lot of fun with the interviewers
  5. Accepted - Hamilton Time Stamp: 8:14 AM GPA: 3.94 CARS: 131 Interview: Pretty good. Messed up on one IP 4th Year UG
  6. Is it possible to check how we fared for each section considered for admission? (Extracurricular, Interview, etc) Thanks in advance!
  7. Result: Accepted GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 522 ECs: Really not sure what to think. Probably average given UA's hard marking standards. Year: 4th Year UG Geography: IP Interview: Felt all right. Felt confident about 6, unsure about 1, and horrible/ cringe about the last one. Will probably be declining for Calgary, so hurray for waitlist movement.
  8. Result: Accepted!! GPA: 4.00 MCAT: 522 CARS 131 ECs: A bit of everything Year: 4th Year UG Geography: IP Interview: Felt good. Felt Natural Should change my name to "UCthanks<3" EDIT: This was my second year applying btw. First time I ended up with a pre-interview score a couple points above 100, so I was pretty certain I was one of the last people to have been given an interview. I ended up with an interview score around the 25th percentile, so my overall score wasn't even close to being waitlisted at the end. Took a year to improve on my verbal (old MCAT 8 --> new MCAT 131 ), grow and reflect a bit, and work on my interview skills. Seems to have made a difference (Like Thermophilus below, I think luck also probably played a factor as well) Just want people to know that your performance one year doesn't necessarily correlate to performance for the next! Practice and persistence pays off. Keep going at it
  9. This may only apply to current McMaster Students. Anyway, I am a Mac undergrad and just received an email from the Undergraduate Office of the Registrar with the following message: "Could you please confirm by email that you are a McMaster student? Our system wants to match your med application information with current student data. We’d like to properly process your application so please reply at your earliest convenience." Has anyone else received anything similar? Does this happen with all McMaster undergrads or was it just me? Thanks in advance. Edit: apparently my friend received one too, so it's not just me. *phew* thought I was in trouble
  10. Why push the letters all the way to May 13th...
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