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  1. Original offers came out in March, I got my offer at the end of June
  2. My proof is that I was rank #13 and I was admitted. Unless the AFMC has changed their definition of what a successful applicant was (used to be any offer whether accepted, deferred, or declined) then their calculation yields a different success% than mine.
  3. It ended up moving to position #13 (total of 23 offers made to OOP students) right at the edge of the confidence interval I had calculated! If there are other OOP students on the waitlist interested I can definitely "crunch" the numbers again for this year's waitlist. Probably have that excel document on my computer somewhere...
  4. In the post-interview "de-brief" the moderator should have mentioned that they normalize scores using z-scores to account for inter-evaluator differences and to help ensure fairness in ranking.
  5. From my experience, they are much more keen on having you act in specific scenarios as opposed to sitting down with a facilitator and being asked an ethical question. There will also most definitely be several critical thinking stations and also a "traditional interview" station.
  6. From the McGill Admissions website under Basic Science Prerequisites (https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu/basic-science-prerequisites) it says: "Candidates applying to the MDCM program who have completed the seven required prerequisite courses and who have also completed introductory level university courses in molecular biology, cell biology, mammalian physiology and organic chemistry will be evaluated on whichever of the two is the most favourable to the candidate." So likely they would include the suggested courses if they improve your GPA. Good luck!
  7. I don't think there is a good number that anybody can give you. The applicant pool and the admissions department varies so greatly from year to year that it is impossible to predict the dynamics of waitlist movement. Try and stay positive and occupied with things that you can control.
  8. I've heard of many people getting interviews from positions off the waitlist and even some of them getting offers of admission so don't lose hope or think that a waitlist interview negatively affects your chances. Hope you hear some good news soon.
  9. The deans office is very helpful and wellness oriented. There have been several students in our cohort who have deferred their position in the class for different reasons - both personal and academic. IF you get an offer of admission it is because they want YOU in their program. My advice would be to focus on getting that offer of admission and worry about the details after where you'd be able to meet with the Dean and discuss why you would benefit from the gap year.
  10. When you get your email there will be a link to a webpage with the non disclosure agreement as well as your photo identification that you'll be able to upload. Edit: I believe you can find all the information here https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/mdis
  11. Patience young padawan, in time, find out you will.
  12. Not necessarily, I didn't receive my notification until mid afternoon last year. They have hundreds of apps to manually go through it takes some time!
  13. Further review required means you got an interview, congrats!
  14. The admissions office inputs everything to Minerva manually and only open around 830-9 AM and have a lot of applications to go through so doesn't mean you were refused because you haven't heard anything yet. Deep breaths and good luck!
  15. Good luck tomorrow for those still waiting for their interview decision!
  16. I would say to use the same answers - when reviewed, the applications are all blinded to the readers and they have different people reading different questions so it is very much likely that someone completely different ends up reviewing your application this year. Even if the same person was to end up reading you application it is unlikely that they would remember that it is what you wrote to begin with.
  17. To be perfectly honest I don't think GPA is the most important thing for an NTP. Sure they need you to have a base GPA but the main idea of a NTP is that you didn't follow a traditional path to get into medical school and I think you really need to highlight those parts of your life. As a nurse I think the most important part of your personal narrative will be explaining 'why be a doctor'? Make sure you really highlight your personal journey and growth so that the person reading your application wants to meet you and can understand why you want to be a physician in the medical field and not only in the medical field as a nurse. I definitely think you should still apply and worst case scenario email the admissions office in regards to your GPA concerns.
  18. Doesn't seem to be any limits to what type of courses for your degree just has to be a bachelors/have the prerequisites. Here's the link to the "educational requirements" in case you couldn't find it. There are a few other submenus you can navigate to from the left. https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu
  19. As long as you have the basic science requirements outlined here then you don't do premed courses. The premed courses are only for NTP that have expired prerequisite courses or students coming right out of CEGEP. To be eligible for the traditional pathway application you need an undergraduate degree + the prerequisite courses (since the prerequisites are used to calculate your ranking along with your interview score). There's some good information on the admissions site under General and Educational Requirements: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/requirements-edu You can navigate between the different tabs in the tree on the left of the page when you click the link. Hope that helps!
  20. Definitely won't hurt you to submit it, and as mentioned above it only comes into play if you get an interview, and even then only counts for up to 10% of the ranking (10% prerequisite and 80% interview). I can't comment on the competitiveness of the score as I didn't write the MCAT (currently an OOP Med1) What do my chances look like in terms of receiving an interview? For more context: In terms of CV, I do have hospital volunteering, 2 years of research (but no pubs), numerous leadership/community activities on campus, music and athletics experience as well. Hard to say what your chances are, from what I remember from my interview session there was a wide variety of backgrounds among the OOP students, so they are really looking for a diverse class. Make sure you highlight in your personal narrative what makes you unique and why you're passionate about medicine. Don't write what they want to hear because they are looking for a little bit of everything. The 11 of us who are OOP in the 2020 class are a mix of people with varying qualifications. From the top of my head there is 1 with a PhD, 5 with Master's, and 5 from undergrad. Best advice, as cliche as it sounds, is to just show them who you are and hope that you fit in to what they want as a class. Unfortunately with the small numbers of OOP seats in the class there are many more qualified applicants than those who get an interview/seat. Best of luck!
  21. The list is moving fluidly! For those still deep on the list keep your chins up, still a lot of opportunity left
  22. Fellow OoP waitlisters, If you're anything like me you were probably somewhere between hopeful <->bummed<->crushed when you didn't get that dreamed of acceptance on decision day, depending on your ranking of course. After a few days of feeling discouraged I tried to do a little research to see what kind of chances there are. Obviously these numbers will vary from year to year but based on the last few years trends I tried to do a little bit of analysis to calculate the total number of offers to Canadian students there actually are. Note: all my numbers came from "Admission Requirements of Canadian Faculties of Medicine" (https://www.afmc.ca/sites/default/files/documents/en/Publications/AdmissionsBook2016-Final-EN.pdf) So the raw results that are presented here are the total number of offers made to OoP students. They define this as all offers either accepted, declined, or deferred. Looking into the numbers we see that there has been an upward trend of offers from 2011 - 2015 (last data available) from 2% -> 3.5%. Note that these numbers are based on TOTAL applicants. From the available application data, the number of OoP applicants fluctuates between 800-1000 for most years, with this year being a tad low at 715. DISCLAIMER: There are some theory violating assumptions to these calculations but I did them for my own peace of mind and thought I would share them and they are not meant to give you an exact idea of how good your chance to get in is more to give some mild insight to the trend of OoP waitlist movement over the last four years. What can we take from this? Using a little bit of statistics, despite a crappy sample size, we can make an approximation to the amount of offers that usually get made from year to year with a pretty broad confidence interval based on the total numbers each year based on the mean and standard deviation of these last four years. An example calculation follows #OoP-applicants * %applicants admitted = number offers, we can then average these numbers over the last four years and find a weak standard deviation and based on the zscore can define a confidence interval. (you can read more about confidence intervals here if you're interested https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confidence_interval) SO - to get to what you've been waiting for, the 95% confidence interval is [13.7,23.5] or in offer terms, 14-23 offers. That's a lot of offers! There is no guarantee to get there but if you're on the waitlist keep your chin up and hopefully we get one of those offers soon. Finally, after looking at the waitlist page and seeing that they have already moved to position #3 well before Ontario school offers come out there is plenty of hope to be had.
  23. Anybody else currently a McGill student and have their heart drop whenever McGill sends one of their countless e-mails each day? Last one started with "Thank You! ...". Pleez stahp McGill.
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