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  1. jojofam

    Waitlist post-interview 2019 discussion

    IP moved to #13
  2. I got waitlisted number 12! (IP category)
  3. jojofam

    October 14 Casper

    Hi everyone, If you took your casper on October 14, your scores may have been sent to McGill since my application status is now Ready for Review. Best of luck to all!
  4. jojofam

    Rankings for Pre-Interview Refusals?

    I'm so sorry I am wishing you all the best!
  5. jojofam

    Rankings for Pre-Interview Refusals?

    From what I have heard, you can make an appointment to discuss your application however, I am not sure how much "detail" they can divulge to you.
  6. jojofam

    Rankings for Pre-Interview Refusals?

    Oh, man. I hope you'll find out soon! :/
  7. jojofam

    Rankings for Pre-Interview Refusals?

    I know the website stipulates that we can request the rankings once the application cycle has closed but I'm not sure if that means when decisions come out (i.e. today) or after the waitlist has closed. It's certainly discouraging that you still didn't hear back yet!
  8. Regarding those who were refused pre-interview, are we allowed to email them to request our ranking this week since the decisions have come out? Or must we wait until they have closed the waitlist, etc? Thanks! Also, congrats to everyone who got accepted today !
  9. Thanks so much! What a relief!
  10. Do you know if this applies to second degree students? I finished one degree and then started another undergrad at a different institution. I received many transfer credits when I enrolled in the second degree.