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  1. Curiousaboutapps1

    May 14 Countdown

    GOOD LUCK TOMMOROW!! I wish you all the best
  2. Curiousaboutapps1

    post-interview grading

    The university does not release this information :/
  3. Curiousaboutapps1

    Medical condition

    So I’ve had classmates with very different experiences regarding disabilities and medical conditions when dealing with uottawa med faculties. Some exceedingly positive and others very very negative. I think it’s good to show your passion but proceed with caution, especially if your condition limits you physically.
  4. Curiousaboutapps1

    Does ottawa weigh ECs heavily?

    GPA for sure seems to matter. However I have seen people combing through ABS entries in November (I am assuming they were on the admissions committee). I don't see why they would be doing that if they didnt look at abs.
  5. Curiousaboutapps1

    uOttawa Medical School chances?

    Regardless of whether or not they bump people's grades, you still need to be comfortable writing an essay in French. That might be a distinguishing point for people who are boderline in terms of their comfort level with french. (Ex, someone that completed french-immersion or 4 years of highschool french classes and has a bilingualism certificate but hasn't used french day-to-day in 4 years). Whether this is specifically relevant for OP, who knows? Probably not if they are perfectly bilingual. Pick the program that you would be most competitive in and that you are okay with actually doing. Arguably the French stream is slightly less competitive as the required academic averages are lower (its still competitive though... obv). However, if you arent completely comfortable doing all the requirements of med in french... maybe dont apply to the french stream. This is just like not aplying to MD/PhD if you arent completely okay with taking 3 years off to do a PhD, despite there only being about 100 applicants for that program a year. If the language truly doesnt matter, i think the only other consideration might be class size. The french class is TINY. Like... slightly bigger than a high school class level tiny. This has positives and negatives. If you like that sort of environment over being in a bigger class, maybe french is right for you.
  6. Curiousaboutapps1

    uOttawa Medical School chances?

    I think you have to submit essays in the language of the stream you are in. Also you can listen to RECORDED lectures of any language. However, you cannot attend the lectures of the opposite stream (people were doing this and it was deemed a professionalism issue. Repeated professionalism issues get put on your record and can get you kicked out of med). keep in mind not all lectures are recorded and all of your practical and small group learning will be in French. Really only apply to French if you are for sure comfortable doing all of medicine in that language.
  7. I have a friend who is interested in pursuing a MSc or a PhD during residency. Does not having an honours from his undergrad affect this? is having an MD enough to make up for not having a BSc Honours
  8. Curiousaboutapps1

    Ottawa residents - commuting to class?

    Sometimes there is, but most of the time it dies after 12-1. There are interest group talks usually for the hour after lunch and if you decide to do electives usually they will be after class in the afternoon. I dont think there are a lot of formal study groups but there are usually are groups of people that will study in the library at RGN individually for a few hours.
  9. Curiousaboutapps1

    Ottawa residents - commuting to class?

    I have classmates in 2021 that live in Nepean, Orleans and Barhaven. They all drive and have parking passes. I also live kind of far from the other people in the class. You dont have to live downtown or around RGN to be successful. Socially it can be a bit annoying to not live in those clusters butits not a huge deal. In terms of a long commute, class starts at 8:30 four days a week and at 8:00 am on Thursdays. It's early. It sucks. If you are a morning person and don't mind being up for a long early morning commute on top of that, by all means ride the bus. I wouldnt rely on recorded lectures because they are not always recorded and often times the recording system fails. My personal opinion is that you don't need to live close to school to be successful. If you don't live on a bus line that can get you there quickly, get a car and drive to school. My commute is about 20 mins by car and it's not a huge deal. However, you better bet that I am extremely jealous of the people that can roll out of bed at 8:10, get dressed and still get to class on time.
  10. Curiousaboutapps1

    Waitlist Support Thread - 2018

    There won't be any more movement in the MD/PhD program
  11. Curiousaboutapps1

    When do MD/PhD acceptances come out?

    2 weeks normally. Also yes there is a waitlist and there is sometimes movement (but only by 1 or 2 spots at most). Remember they only interview about 8 people for MD/PhD
  12. Curiousaboutapps1

    Why Ottawa?

    It's cold as shit. Edit: Also, if you are anglophone, you have to scroll to the bottom of the e-mails sent out by Admin to get to the English version of the message. Seriously though, Ottawa is awesome.
  13. Curiousaboutapps1

    uOttawa Interview 2018 Discussion

    0.0 wow there. dont count your chickens before they hatch. Trust me on this one. I had 10 interviews. Its good to be optimistic but wait till you actually get an acceptance to worry about that one.
  14. Curiousaboutapps1

    MD/PhD Interview

    Yeah there are representatives from grad studies, MD, and MD/PhD. Also normally you have two informal interviews after the panel (one with students and one with a member of MD/PhD faculty(?)). It ends up being a really long day so dont book a floght shortly after the panel should be doned
  15. The netID stays the same during undergrad applications and med.