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  1. @frenchpressthanks! I'm in BC as well so that helps me out.
  2. Hi there, My wife and I have been looking into buying a condo. I will be starting 1st year of med school this upcoming August and was wondering if anyone has any insight on whether or not having this asset would affect how much money I would potentially receive from LOC, government loans and grants/bursaries... From what I've researched online, it doesn't appear like grants/loans/bursaries take into account personal assets. Any insight is much appreciated!
  3. Another option that really helped me was joining a Toastmasters club. If you've never heard of it, it is essentially a public speaking club where you are given opportunities to speak in front of a group and receive/give feedback. I'd received two below average scores the two years previously and started doing Toastmasters last year - this helped me get accepted. I think it was helpful for getting feedback on things such as content, structure, presentation skills, gestures, expressions and concision. You are guaranteed to get honest feedback with every speaking opportunity as well as see the nuances of a skilled and confident speaker. I think Toastmasters is helpful for anyone that hasn't tried it before, no matter your comfort level with public speaking.
  4. Results: Rejected Geography: OOP GPA: 3.98 MCAT: 518 (128 CARS) Degree: BSc. Kin (2017) EC: 7/17 Interview: Pass - honestly felt great coming out of this interview compared to my other interview this year but the results were flipped. A little disappointing as U of A looked like an awesome school!
  5. brockboeser6

    UofA OT Waitlist 2019

    I just withdrew my acceptance - hope this benefits y’all! Best of luck
  6. Result: Accepted IMP (1st choice) Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 11:39 am PST AGPA: 91% MCAT: 518 (128 CARS - can't remember other sections) Year: BSc 2017 Geography: IP ECs: Competitive sports and some coaching, 5+ years of youth mentorship, music volunteer activities (soup kitchen, church, etc.), research assistant for a couple of labs, a couple poster presentations, job in medical clinic for 2+ years, volunteer/job at kinesiology clinic for 1+ years, several other non-medical related volunteer activities. Geography: IP Interview: Third time interviewing at UBC so felt familiar and confident going into this one. However, break station was at very end so definitely hit a wall (metaphorically thank goodness) with 2-3 stations left. Spent a lot of time learning about myself as a person to prepare for interview and also cleaned up interview and presentation skills. Below average interviews the past two years. A year ago I was receiving a rejection letter after going through the worst time of my life due to unexpected family trauma. Felt like the world owed me one to let me into med school only for that door to slam shut in my face for the second year in a row. This year, I received an offer in my preferred location with my wife cooking up our first child due in September. For those that didn't receive good news today, I'm truly sorry and you deserve to be angry, upset and exhausted by this process. However, know that these 'rejection' years can be some of the most amazing and important years of your life. At the end of the day, medicine is a job, not your entire life. So enjoy your time before med school while you can! I'm sure most of you will be breaking down that wall next year.
  7. @Neurophiliac Netflix should buy the rights to tell your story. Huge Congratulations
  8. Just got offer to IMP!
  9. From what I remember, the character limit was very low compared to other schools - I believe I just focused on describing each activity succinctly and clearly. Didn't discuss significance explicitly in my descriptions. fwiw, got an interview at U of A from oop but obviously don't know if I got accepted or not so take that for what it is! Good luck!
  10. typically rejections are first, then waitlist, then acceptances - usually all within 1-2 hrs
  11. lol i don't trust any of these rumours
  12. brockboeser6


    From my experience, the NAQ can change quite drastically year over year depending on what is added, how it is written and the overall applicant pool. Personally, I've had my NAQ go up by over 10+ points without really adding anything new to my experiences (just modified descriptions and added more hours to several activities). I don't think you necessarily need to do a Co-op to increase your NAQ - if there's any long-term commitments that you are still involved in that you love, keep doing those things! That could very well increase your NAQ more than doing a Co-op. With that being said, getting into medicine is not a guaranteed thing and I would prepare and live your life as if you weren't applying for med school. If your co-op would provide a great job opportunity for when you graduate I would say that is just as valuable as potentially increasing your NAQ score with pubs. No matter how good your AQ or NAQ scores are, you just might have to apply several times to get in. It's just the way it is. It could be very beneficial to have a good job lined up straight after graduation because you did a co-op! Best of luck
  13. brockboeser6

    Calgary vs McMaster Med School

    Here is the match rate data - you can go through and see how each school fares for the past 40 years lol. There's fluctuation year over year (Calgary had noticeably higher unmatched numbers this past year). Hard to say one school is particularly poor at matching over another. https://www.carms.ca/data-reports/r1-data-reports/
  14. Congrats! That's a great program as well!
  15. brockboeser6

    RN then MD?

    I know this is probably cliche but I would consider only doing the nursing program if it is something you are passionate about. It is a very challenging program so if it is not something that you are excited to do it could be very draining and unhealthy to be in this program and this could affect your grades. GPA is probably the most difficult thing to change about one's application. What are your reasons for entering the nursing program? I would also be careful about counting yourself out about getting an interview and not having a strong application. You truly never know how admissions committees view your application - I have received interviews in my first year of applying and then gotten rejections from those same schools for a couple years afterwards after bulking up my application (and vice versa). Keep in mind that on average it takes about 3 attempts for an applicant to get into medical school. There's nothing wrong with finishing off your bachelor's degree and working for a couple years while attempting to get into med school on the side. Would you consider this as an option? Perhaps you could find a job that you are more interested in compared to nursing, live life a little bit and still gain good experience for medical school and applications. Best of luck!