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  1. ganesha99

    Interview Invites

    I'm sorry. I've seen you around these forums and I'm rooting for you and everyone else in this situation
  2. No insider info here but I'm just as surprised as you.
  3. Time stamp: 3:26 pm Mountain Standard Time Invite: No OOP 2YGPA: 3.89 MCAT: 511 (missed the CARS cutoff by a point.. two years in a row!) A big hug to everyone else in this predicament rn.
  4. ganesha99

    Omsas Sketch Has Very Limited Room

    The CANMEDS Traits are: Scholar, Educator, Collaborator, Expert, Manager, Communicator, Advocate, and Professional
  5. ganesha99

    5 Years Of Ug

    Even a 5th year that was an add on to your degree aka a special year would count in the GPA calculation
  6. Hope we all get some good news. The wait is killing me!