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  1. I just wanted to second that about TD. I went and my advisor wasn't able to tell me the distribution of the funds over the 4 years, whether or not any additional money was available during residency and told me that the LOC "wasn't chump change, and is essentially a mortgage" and thus refused to do an application without a cosigner. I've been there for over 15 years, but after that, I think I'll have to switch to Scotia or RBC. So far, the reps from both have been very helpful!
  2. I'm actually really interested in this as well. Real life dilemma. I have a 12 hour shift at the ER tomorrow and am torn between checking my email during, or waiting until I'm done.
  3. I also had a similar experience. My panel was friendly, warm, very conversational and also laughed and joked a few times. At the time, I walked out feeling great. But now, I keep thinking of things I could've added or points of view I could've mentioned. I also worry that they didn't think I was a competitive applicant because of how light the interview felt. I realize I'm probably overthinking this WAY too much though
  4. What is the best way to request a change in your interview date? Email? Phone? I received March 19th, but will be in a mental health clinical at that point. Would this be considered a circumstance that they'd consider?
  5. Invite Date Stamp: 28/01/2016 - 11:01 AM Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: 3.96 Current year: 3rd year of 2nd UG degree (previously completed a 4 year degree) ECs: Average - clinical experiences in hospitals, some research (no pubs) CASPer: Felt pretty terrible, didn't feel like I had time to explain both sides of situations
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