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  1. I dont think they would pick up since theyre all working from home right? Does anyone know?
  2. Thanks for the information! I wonder if something has caused a huge problem because they have been consistent the past few years. They even had as early as MArch 5th :( Also, what makes you think 15th? Now, I am hoping we dont get delayed till May.....
  3. same! Has anyone tried contacting them? This pain is killing me...
  4. I feel this completely... especially the past 2 weeks
  5. Thanks for sharing this with us! Quick question, were any of your verifiers contacted before. For example, in January?
  6. Thanks so much @Anaik! It just feels like with the Coronavirus we have no idea what will happen.
  7. Oh really? Thanks @Anaik! I wonder if problems have arisen.. its making me anxious
  8. I feel you! I wonder if anyone has any updates?
  9. I wonder if it will be early April or late April, this wait is painful
  10. The worst part is it could be the first or last week of April
  11. I really hope this is not true :( I feel as if we have been waiting for so long! I wish we just had some notice or update to what to expect. However, obviously they’re busy and a lot is going on.
  12. This is very true! I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to have even been interviewed. I mean it is a privilege. Has anyone gotten a hold of the admissions team or anything? Its just as @med1day has said it, everything is kind of in the air.
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