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  1. So I spoke to Scotiabank and explained why I had late payments on my credit cards. The adviser said she would apply for an exception for me to get the LOC. I received an email today stating that I was approved for the LOC!!! Thanks @rmorelan and @LittleDaisy for you helpful suggestions!
  2. Thanks. I just checked my credit score and it is 754 which is considered very good. I am not sure why the financial advisor at scotiabank wasn't able to approve my loc. I have an appointment with them this week to discuss, hopefully I get approved.
  3. So I tried to apply for the LOC from Scotiabank and I was told the following: " Your application does not meet the banks criteria due to late repayment history & collections of your credit bureau." I had recently gotten a new card so the automatic payments for my auto insurance was delayed, which caused the insurance company to send my information to a collection agency. Once the collection agency called me I paid the amount in full. Is it not possible for me to get approved for a LOC without a co-signer? Would it be easier for me to get the LOC with an institution that I already bank with? I want to say thanks in advance for your help!
  4. Hi guys, Does anyone know if the OMA or CMA offer travel insurance for students on vacation available for purchase? Thanks!
  5. can someone please provide the contact for a good scotiabank advisor in the downtown toronto area?
  6. @ScotiabankMedsAdvisor Thanks for the updates, they are much appreciated! I have a question with regards to LOC eligibility. If I have a mortgage under my name (as a co-owner) for my primary residence does that jeopardize my eligibility for the LOC? Would it affect the amount of money I can qualify for with a LOC?
  7. Question about LOC eligibility and buying a house. Does anyone know if my eligibility for a LOC will be affected if I decide to buy a house (as a co-owner)? Based on previous comments, I believe OSAP eligibility will not be impacted as it will be my primary residence. However, can someone please shed some light onto whether buying a house will impact my LOC eligibility or the limit of the LOC? Thanks!
  8. @Snowmen Would really appreciate it if you could share the plan available for Ontario residents? I am looking to get a new phone as well so it would be great to compare the rate offered by CMA.
  9. Yes! i will be soon. Are you next on the wait list?
  10. Hi All, I got an offer for UofT dentistry. I was wondering if anyone here knows if its possible to get an extension for the March 16th deposit? If I don't have the 2000$ deposit at the moment, would they make an exception to the deadline? Thanks!
  11. Hi everyone! So I contacted Ottawa and I asked them to update my email address on file and they confirmed that they did but it has been over 6 days now and I have not heard anything from them. I tried to email again to ask when I can expect to receive an email about my interview status and this is the response I got: "I wish to inform you that we cannot predict if you will receive an email regarding the status of your application to our MD program." I am not sure what I should do now. Any suggestions?
  12. I double checked my email address on omsas and it seems I entered my email as @gmail.ca instead of @gmail.com. I have corrected in now on OMSAS but I know how long that will take. who should I contact from Ottawa to get the email? is this the best way to reach them admissmd@uottawa.ca?? thx
  13. Hi everyone! Is there anyone that is still waiting for the interview invite/reject email? I applied to Ottawa but have not heard anything yet!
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