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  1. Yeah, that totally makes sense! My classmate had told me he's heard quite a few times of a certain preceptor/PI vouching for an applicant that was applying into a different specialty. Like always, the anecdotal things tend to resonate and seem more common than it really is. Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hey all! Would anyone happen to know the amount of input (if any) residents may have in a radiology program? I was curious to know because I find that on elective that they tend to be the ones who actually get to know you best. It is rather difficult to have any real input from someone who has seen you for half a day - as evidenced by the chuckle when giving them an evaluation lol Also, how often (if at all) do preceptors/referees/PI's reach out to a certain program about an applicant? Or vice versa. I was having a discussion with a classmate today who made it seem like it is quite common, although I was quite skeptical.
  3. Hey guys, I'm currently enrolling in my classes today and I would just like to ask what is the more popular choice between enrolling in the INT D 410 A/B, and just the winter class. And also, if someone is able to give an explanation on the differences that would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, M
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