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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Dec 3), Calgary (Dec 3), Alberta (Dec 3), Western (Dec 4), Memorial (Dec 5), Laval (Dec 5), Toronto (Dec 6), McGill (Dec 6), UBC (Dec 6), Dalhousie (Dec 7), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Dec 7), Ottawa(Dec 8), Memorial(Dec 12), Western (Dec 12) Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4) Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan (Nov 27), Queen's (Dec 5), McGill (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 7), Calgary (Dec 7), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 10), Western (Dec 12) Emergency Medicine: Queen's (Dec 11) Family Medicine: Ontario (Nov 28; IMG only), Laval (Nov 30), Montréal (Dec 4), Saskatchewan (Prince Albert - Dec 10), UofT (Dec 12) General Pathology: Calgary (Nov 22), Alberta (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 11) General Surgery: McGill (Dec 3), Sherbrooke (Dec 12) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary (Nov 27), UBC (Nov 29) Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Western (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 4), McGill (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 11) Neurology - Paediatric: Alberta (Dec3), Montreal (Dec 4), Calgary (Dec 4), McGill (Dec 10), McMaster (Dec 7), UBC (Dec 11) Neuropathology: Western (Dec 11) Neurosurgery: McMaster (Nov 30), Western (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 12), McGill (Dec 12) Nuclear Medicine: Sherbrooke (Dec 07) Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Manitoba (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 11) Ophthalmology: Western (Dec 10), Alberta (Dec 11) Orthopaedic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 7), McGill (Dec 10) Otolaryngology: Alberta (Dec 6) Pediatrics: Plastic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 4), Manitoba (Dec 11) PM&R: Queens University (Nov 22), McMaster (Nov 26), UBC (Nov 30), Manitoba (Nov 30), Western (December 6), UofT (December 12th), Calgary (December 12th), USask (Dec 6), Alberta (Dec 7)  Psychiatry: Memorial (Nov 23), Sherbrooke (Nov 27), McMaster- Hamilton and Waterloo (Dec. 4), Western - London & Windsor (Dec. 4), McGill (Dec. 4), Calgary (Dec 5), Manitoba (Dec 5), U of T (Dec 7), Ottawa (Dec 7), Alberta (Dec 10), NOSM (Dec 11), Queens (Dec 12), USask-Regina (Dec 12), UBC (Dec 12) Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Alberta (Dec 5), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 12), NOSM (Dec 12) Radiation Oncology: Calgary (December 10), Alberta (Dec 11) Urology: Western (Dec4), Dalhousie (Dec5), McMaster (Dec 5), Ottawa (Dec 6), Toronto (Dec 8) Vascular Surgery: Toronto (Nov 26), Western (Dec 10)
  2. Yeah I figured; is there a resident who would be able to provide a more accurate idea of its competitiveness this year?
  3. York Region did it literally in front of me Also, for the vaccination sheet, do we leave our student number blank? Or do we wait until we receive our number?
  4. Nope, haven't gotten confirmation on the submission of my transcript nor my police check.
  5. I'd assume that most of the waitlist movement would happen by Friday this week. It might be a little unrealistic to expect that they'd send out all of them the day after; but I could be wrong, maybe it doesn't take that much time
  6. Accepte Time: 8:17 AM GPA: 3.91 CARS: 128 Casper: It probably went alright; I received an interview off the waitlist, so probably average? MMI: Thought I bombed this... Terrible on the first station + the interviewer stopped me on another station because I read the question wrong IP 3rd Year UG Congrats to everyone who got accepted!
  7. If you're planning on applying across Ontario, it might be worth it to rewrite because you're below the Western cutoffs and maybe Queens. But if you don't wanna rewrite, you still have a shot at Toronto and Mac, if your ECs/Essays/Casper are really good. You got an interview this year, you probably did very well on Casper and could pull it off again! It's a tough decision, unless you're sure you can do better or the same across the board! Not sure if this was helpful though :$
  8. Just wondering... Am I the only one that's really worried that their acceptances are mistakes...? I know, I'm probably paranoid, but it's a strange feeling after prepping myself to receive rejections. Anyway, congrats to everyone that got good news today!
  9. I'm not sure if this question has been asked before (I suspect it has) but has anyone gotten off of the waitlist for interviews yet? And if anyone does, would they be willing to post that they have?
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