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  1. Are there many CMG who go to the US for residency? From what you said, I would assume this is becoming more difficult as well.
  2. Chantal would have emailed you if they didn't receive your acceptance through SAM
  3. Everyone is ranked by interview score and the tiebreaker is your wGPA is the information I received (they add your interview score and wGPA, but since everyones GPA is pretty close it's effectively just a tie breaker)
  4. My wGPA was 3.95, and the call was a 613 area code btw
  5. Just got accepted off the waitlist, English stream. They close at 4 today so I wouldn't expect any more offers till tomorrow
  6. Thanks for the help guys. Other students have said that the English summer courses available to me are pretty hard, so it might be better to take during the year. Also, there are some courses I am interested in that I never got the chance to take in undergrad that I could take. Just weighing my options. From what I have gathered, if I decide to do a 5th year I would have to take on a full course load to be eligible for GPA weighting at U of T. At the other schools, a 5th year wouldn't change how my GPA is calculated for my application. My last question is just regarding the rules at U of T and western where you are expected to take courses at a level corresponding to the year of your program. Does that mean I would have to take mostly 3rd and 4th year classes?
  7. Thanks guys. I had 3 interviews: traditional, MMI, and MPI. I did some mock interviews and always got good feedback on my interview skills, and I felt decent coming out of all of my interviews. Maybe I just underestimated the competition, but I was surprised I didn't get an offer. Even though my 4th year GPA was slightly lower (3.91), I hope I get the same interviews again next year lol. My application will be improved from the work I did during the year and I plan on improving it during the summer as well. Still, can someone help me out with my questions about taking another year? The grades wouldn't matter since I would have already applied this September, but is there other issues that could arise?
  8. Long story short: interviewed at multiple schools and was rejected or wait listed at all. Feel like I messed up a pretty big opportunity, but I'm trying not to dwell on the past too much and plan for next cycle. I need to take an English credit to apply to the states and was planning on taking it in a 5th year along with some other courses that interest me. I was wondering how a 5th year will affect GPA calculations by the schools. Will I still be eligible for weighting at schools like U of T? How do rules such as UWO 3/5 rule apply? Basically wondering the implications of an extra year of courses (full time or part time) on my application for the 2017 cycle. Otherwise, if I take an English course in the summer will it count towards my GPA for the 2017 cycle? Appreciate any help!
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