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  1. Result: Invite (will be regrettably declining this offer in favour of UBC, best of luck to those on the waitlist!) Geography: OOP GPA: 3.89 MCAT: 521 Degree: BSc (currently on a 2nd professional degree) E.C: Good mixed-length (long term 5+ years & shorter summer activities) set of activities that showed qualities in leadership, self-reflection & personal development, inter-professional/collaboration and being able to communicate. There were a few key points in each of the pillars mentioned above that I made sure to hammer home & emphasize in writing during the application essay. Overall, I think retrospection, that is being able to think back to how all your culminated life experiences defined who you are today is important. Equally important is how you write it all down. This is coming from a 4th time applicant to medical schools in Canada who's been rejected pre-interview in each prior application year. Interview: Thought the interview went really well! Although there were technical issues - there was still no need to panic Thoughts: 4th time applicant to medical schools in Canada, and U of A is the first acceptance I've received. So happy!
  2. TIME STAMP: Dec. 12, 11:26 PSTInterview Invite or Regrets: InviteEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularGPA or AGPA (if applicable): ~85MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 521Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): 2nd degreeGeography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): pm So delighted to be able to post this. Been a long-time lurker for the past (4) unsuccessful application cycles. Don't give up! Goodluck to all!
  3. I re-took my MCAT from last year. Got my MCAT scores back for this year (521; 128/131/132/130). My cumulative GPA is 82%. I'm a BC resident and finished my undergrad degree this year. A lot of schools unfortunately are ruled out for me because I do not meet the minimum 30 credit hours in a given school year, so aside from UBC and Queens so far, it might look like i'll have to look elsewhere, maybe in the States. Any insight is appreciated !
  4. Thanks for the advice all, I really appreciate it. One question pertaining to my MCAT however, would you recommend a re-take to try and improve the CARS score? Thanks again!
  5. Hello, this is my second post regarding my chances of making it into UBC med. When I wrote my first post a little over a year ago, I had finished up to third year undergrad and now a year later I've graduated with my B.Sc. I submitted an application last cycle to UBC just to gauge and see where I stood in terms of competitiveness, and unfortunately was rejected pre-interview (TFR<40). The news stung quite a bit but I'm unsure if I was completely surprised with my score. Instead I told myself I'd work harder and smarter both in school and with extracurriculars in order to build on what I had at the time. I have also calculated my aGPA (including 4th year) to be 84.1%, which I know is still quite below the traditional average of accepted students over the years. I re-took my MCAT last year since my old MCAT score was about to expire and got a 513 (125 CARS). In terms of my EC activities, comparing myself to a lot of the other applicants that have generously posted their ECs, I don't have any publications, research experiences or even prestigious scholarships/awards which made me felt undeniably incompetent when I basically left those fields empty on my application. This gap year, however, my plan is to focus more on improving my ECs, and also to really take the time and do things I believe will be positive life experiences and rewarding rather than for the sake of trying to improve an NAQ score alone. I've also considered re-writing my MCAT just for the CARS score alone in hopes of making me eligible for other schools in Canada, although i'm still on the fence of whether this is a good strategy. In my original post, I asked the question of whether it would still be plausible for me to remain hopeful of getting into UBC med, or any school in Canada (an MCAT re-write may definitely need to be considered). Overall, sincere congrats to all those who've made it this year, however I'm absolutely not ready to call it quits yet. As I believe med school rejections should be handled as an opportunity to take some time to put things into perspective, and also to reflect and learn what we can do to make ourselves grow into more rounded and mature individuals. Any advice is appreciated.
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