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  1. I think post corona you will have a completely different situation. Its gonna be tough to survive as a dentist and specialist . Dentists right now are getting laid off and finding it hard to make a living. Truth hurts man. sorry
  2. Hey guys, I am 4th year dental student in Australia and was wondering what's the best way to prepare for NDEB? I have started looking at Dental decks and going through the flash cards. What is the best way to prepare? Thanks in advance.
  3. change your major asap. Music major will not help you in dental school. You'll struggle. Swtich to biology and take advanced anatomy courses so once you are in dental school you are not gonna struggle by basic science courses.
  4. hand skills come with practice. I also had very poor hand skills in the beginning and started practicing hardcore until my thumb was numb and couldn't move my hand. Right now I am higher than average in my class. Don't give up and just practice as much as you can and it will come to you.
  5. Both schools are sooo expensive! find a cheaper school. Cost of living is super expensive in Australia and its even worst in Sydney and Melbourne. You are gonna end up with a 600k bill to get your dental degree and its gonna take you many many years to pay back. find the cheapest school in Australia and go there or try to get your Australian PR and save money.
  6. Just apply with your high school marks even if you have finished first year. If your first year GPA is low then dont send transcript and just send high school marks. You would save like 200k which is a lot of money. You focus and goal should be on choosing the CHEAPEST school and MINIMIZING your debt.
  7. I believe UQ is the most expensive school in Australia . Why dont you to go to cheaper one to minimize your debt? check out this website for more info https://www.oztrekk.com/programs/dentistry/PG/queensland.php. There are cheaper schools in Australia that take you starlight from high school.
  8. I think the important question is why do you want to switch into a completely different field? Is it worth all the pain? Its difficult to get into dental school and once you get in you are faced with a rigorous curriculum that is going to be very challenging and expensive. After you graduate then the real learning starts and it will take you another 5 years to become a good dentist. Also let me tell you that having a dental degree is not a licence to print money! It is getting more and more competitive and harder to make a good living. Its not what it used to be so get ready for that. So I would think long and hard before switching to dentistry. Best of luck to you
  9. GPA is definitely competitive for for US and Australian schools. some Australian dental schools dont require the DAT for admission such as Griffith and James Cook so you dont need to necessarily retake the DAT. Quality of education will be higher in US and Canada compared to AUS so if money isn't an issue then go to US school and if you are not rich or have rich parents or spouse that can support you then go to cheapest school in Australia. I think the cheapest school in Australia is either Griffith or Charles Sturt with a total tuition of 272000 Australian dollars.
  10. 1) how would you rank the overall quality of your education? 2) how many hours per week did you have access to sim lab? 3) how helpful were instructors in sim lab and clinic?
  11. A dental student accrues 400k student loan debt then with interest its 600k over 12 years. This will choke you for rest of your life. You pay debt after taxes and interest and your monthly payment will be something crazy like 6000 per month. and you are saying it doesn't matter about the debt you end up with? 600k for dental tuition is insane!! it doesn't make any sense. Try to stay in Canada or a cheap school and keep your debt low.
  12. just call dental clinics in you area and ask them if you can shadow. There is a dental clinic in every plaza so it won't be too hard to find a dentist. They are everywhere lol
  13. Want to retire early? 1. save at least 20% of your net income 2. DO not buy a house in an affluent neighbourhood 3. DONT buy a house before buying a practice 4. Pay for all toys in cash 5. Invest your money in index funds (passive management) and in income producing assets 6. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, DONT GET A DIVORCE!
  14. your gross production is 16k per month? what percentage do you get from that? 40% ?
  15. Don't you have to travel to Australia for the interview?
  16. don't focus too much on money first year out, instead focus on finding a good mentor and a practice where you can improve your clinical skills that will help you out in the long run
  17. The best advice that I can give you is to stick with the CHEAPEST school and SAVE as much money as possible. I would 100% avoid UQ because it costs 376K which is super expensive. James Cook is fairly new dental school and will cost you 300k in tuition alone and its located in a very small city. Australia and US should be your second option and always go with Canadian schools first because they are cheaper and give you better chance for specializing. Please note that some Australian dental schools accept prior credits and that can reduce your tuition to some extent. Check with UQ and James Cook to find out. I know someone that got 90 credit hours! and saved around 100K!! rare but possible Best of luck!
  18. do dentistry only if you love it! you won't make a lot of money..you'll have a modest life style, thats it
  19. Is there a detailed report on population to dentist ratio in Ontario that shows the exact numbers so that we can figure out the saturated areas? I think such report is gonna be very useful for future grads so they can avoid the saturated areas.
  20. didn't you want to go to Hungary and stay in Europe?
  21. pass rate is 20%. is that easy? I don't think so. IMHO going to a European country, where you don't even speak the language, invest all this time and money to get a degree thats not even accredited is not worth it! Dentistry is not a guaranteed path to success anymore and its getting worse every year. so to go through all this hassle to be a dentist is not worth it at all!
  22. The pass rate has been consistent over the last few years. This year there has been a reduction in number of applicants for equivalency process. The things that you have mentioned, if true, is a big concern! If its true, then I believe there needs to be something done to prevent this from happening in the future. This could be detrimental to our profession. Thanks for sharing
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