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  1. What leads you to think that the waitlist is smaller this year?
  2. is realistic for Western to reach the middle of the normal waitlist?
  3. I’m on the normal waitlist. Fingers crossed!
  4. Hey guys! I know the later interview dates are pretty high in demand, but if anyone finds out that they need an earlier date for whatever reason I am looking to trade. I have Sunday March 3rd at 10am. The reason is that I have a Queens interview on the 2nd from which I will be getting back to London very late the same day, and I would like more time to recuperate! Thanks!
  5. Cyanlater

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    admissions told me add-drop would be extended to 12:00 pm noon EST on Monday February 11th
  6. Cyanlater

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    Yeah only the 2nd / 3rd were available when I saw it
  7. I didn't know about the letter of intent. Did you send a letter of intent to Western after interviewing?
  8. Cyanlater

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    This happened to me as well and I'm pretty sure I submitted my choices
  9. Result: Invite Time Stamp: 9:21am Interview Date: wGPA/cGPA: 3.7x Year: graduated 2018 MCAT: 520 129/130/131/130 ECs: uni club president, work-study research assistant, varsity sport captain, volunteering w/ vulnerable sector Geography: IP Posting to give low gpa apps hope
  10. Cyanlater

    522 Mcat - Cp130/cars132/bb129/psy131 - Ama

    Which resources did you find most helpful for each section? Thanks!