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  1. Is it really worth it? I feel like if something bad happened the insurance company is going to dick you around anyways. It's also ridiculously expensive for what the payout is. It probably is a smart idea but I avoided it.
  2. I can't tell if your being purposefully obtuse, but tuition was much lower in 80s. It's a completely different scenario.
  3. But what happens when interest makes it's way back to 10 percent? How are med student or residents going to be able to afford medical education when the interest rates are debilitating?
  4. It looks like interest rates are going to continue to increase. Are banks offering more then -. 25%?
  5. What bank offers the best rate? I'm at RBCand the rate I have is 2.95%. Within the bank of Canada probably raising rates again, I just wanted to see where the beat banks would be.
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