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  1. Regrets Time Stamp: 6:48 PM Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.91 Current year: 5th ECs: Research, clubs, sports, charities, etc. CASPer: Thought it went alright.
  2. Trying to follow the topic, but now I'm super confused. So does the saying that "if you leave Canada to pursue med, it is harder to come back to Canadian residency?" still hold some weight? I've been hearing this for the past 4 years but if USMD graduates have equal opportunities and chances alongside CMGs wouldn't it be worth to keep the doors open to US MD schools (Assuming one can sustain the financial burden as a US international student)?
  3. So, it's saturday and the rain is pouring and I am extremely bored, so I thought I start a discussion. Recently, I came across Alberta's new rule change that requires applicants to complete their degree or already have it conferred prior to admission to their MD program. This essentially means they have ruled out their 2nd/3rd year applicants completely. Now I thought it would be a great discussion to see what members of the forum think in regards to 3rd year vs. 4th year applicants. Pros? Cons? Do you think admissions across Canada should also enforce that students complete their degree prior to admission? Note: I understand some people may be eligible for a general degree by dropping out of their original 4-year honours program into the 3-year general program. I'm more so speaking if applicants should finish the program they were originally in the 4-years honours program. PS. this post isn't suppose to come off rude to 3rd year applicants, sorry beforehand if it may of offended any.
  4. Having seen a diversity of people go through to medical school, I wonder if people knew anyone that changed for the worst when they got into med school? Recently, I had a few friends who just completed their first year at med school, enjoy it and I'm definitely happy for them. However, at times, at social events with other friends, they often start talking and treat the rest of us as we are inferior beings to them. This has never happened in the past until they got into medical school. Well I can't say that med school is the reason for their behaviour, I was wondering if anyone else notice a change in any of their friends after they got into med school? Just wanted to have a small discussion about this.
  5. How many times can you use a verifier for activities? Is there like a limit? Reason I'm asking is that I have about 12 activities since the age of 16 from high school, and it'll probably be easier to use one high school teacher who's known what I've done through out high school (since you know, teachers come and go in the education system).
  6. Thanks! I also just got a reply from admissions recently and they said not to worry about online courses not being indicated on a transcript, apparently, they will certainly know whether the course is online or not (i.e. How they would verify and know will be complete mystery...)
  7. Hey for those who have experienced applying to Ottawa, how did you disclose the information to Ottawa that some of your courses were completed online if your transcript does not indicate it?
  8. Hey I was just wondering how we do we indicate a course that was taken at another institution to admissions? In my Fall term, I had taken 4 courses at my home institution and one online course through Athabasca on a letter of permission. Would I need to send a copy of an approved letter of permission to indicate that the course was taken as part of my Bachelor's degree? Mainly asking this in terms for Ottawa as I know Western requires me to send a copy to the admissions through their email, UofT requires me to write the Academic explanation essay, and it doesn't matter for queens.
  9. UWUW

    What kept you motivated?

    I will definitely take a look tomorrow as it extremely late and sleep is key to mental health !
  10. UWUW

    What kept you motivated?

    That's a good idea, planning and thinking of a timeline from now to your future. This is probably key to me since I should be focusing on what I can do now and what I can't do until later. For me, I do feel a bit isolated and stressed - I dont wanna sound arrogant - but at times I feel like I'm the person my friend's are always trying to catch up to. For example, being the top of the class, people are constantly seeking you for help, ideas, advice, opportunities, I guess in a way I've developed into a good role model for my peers. However, what would you recommend to do if you just want to take a step back from this "role model" position? - like it feels good to be a role model but at the same time its difficult as now there's a social expectation of you to live up to it... Good advice, it's definitely key to relax to prevent burn out. I guess a key for me is that I continuously work from 1st year to 4th year (note: I have not had a summer off been taking a full course load all three academic terms) thinking it'll out work out in the end without considering the long term consequences that can happen if I overdue it. Recently I started picking up the weights again as a comfort. I use to play sports a lot for leisure time, but I no longer am allow to place my favourite sports due to multiple concussions received from them. Thanks for the comment. I do feel like I might be burned out a bit from the 4 years of university. I guess one of the reasons why I'm tired is personally (as I mentioned above) even though that my peers in some of my lectures view me as a role model, I've been consistently chasing my friend who seems to be better than me at everything (kinda living in his shadow you know?) - it's been like that since elementary school. He's gotten into Stellar programs in high school, got into one of the best programs in the country to get into medicine and also got into medical school on his first try during 3rd year. He was basically my motivation to keep going (and sooner or later I might of over done it). It is just recently that I have come to an understanding is that, even though he got into med before me, at the end of the road, we'll (hopefully) be in the same place. Unfortunately, I'm not able to fit the whole project into the summer - I've been doing this project since last summer and still continuing right now. The project is actually a large project I came up with myself, and my supervisor believes that I should cut it into 2 manuscript write ups and publish it as 2 separate papers...with me putting in the amount of time I do currently, the likelihood that I completely one part of the project and the scrap/summary data for the 2nd half by August 2018 is doable (given minimal problems arise). How many ECs/volunteers did you limit yourself during undergraduate? Thanks for your story. I agree a balance is necessary - being a doctor in the future, a workplace and personal life is crucial with the amount of mental strain you can get during your residency or even when you open your own practice and see a variety of different patients. The funny thing what I did for fun in my first 3 years was read a textbook... I know most people will thinks that weird, but when I was bored I actually picked up a new textbook and learned ahead in content to specific things. Now since I have a basis of physiology/biochemistry, etc.. I consistently read and critique random research articles I read on nature being like 'this experiment could of improved by XX or like why didn't they do YY..? Now as a side note from all the stories/advice that was given here, I do agree my intrinsic motivation might of led to slight burn out. My motivation to catch up to my friends in medical school current and silencing the doubters really fuel my motivation to the point where I may of overdone it. But I feel that my motivation was negative motivation to do well rather than positive motivation if that makes any sense. Looking back my negative motivation stemmed from the fact that my guidance counsellor, some high school teachers, and one first year prof all told me that I wasn't cut out to become a doctor... I still remember the words they said today. They were all along the lines of "You're not smart enough to be a doctor with your grades"; "there are many students with better grades than you who would probably be better to become a doctor"; I think you should try looking for another career since medicine " I'm not even joking, this is the feedback I was receiving for the first few years of my late teens. Like my grades were abysmal, but I worked extremely hard to change my mental focus and rip through most of my classes with 3.9 and 4.0s to prove to myself that other people's views don't define who I am.
  11. Hey everyone, I understand that trying to become a doctor is a marathon...but what kept you motivated to keep going? I've talk to many of my science friends on how burnt out and unmotivated I've been feeling after this past academic year where I was taking a full course load and at the same time putting 25-30 hours a week as an Undergraduate researcher to complete my side project to submit for a publication (I've been told that my project is equivalent to graduate thesis-defence by my supervisor and some grad students as well as graduate alumni.). However most of my science friends would tell me to suck it up and say I'm lucky to even have an opportunity to publish as an undergrad and that my grades are competitive as well. I understand where some people are coming from, and I'm a very open person who looks at both sides of the spectrum. I guess to sum it up, how can I revamp my motivation in a more positive manner rather than worrying how I will end up affecting other people? I guess this may be because excessive worrying for others is part of my personality... TL;DR looking for positive motivation to more forward rather than feeling like shit and continuing...
  12. Hey, I know that Ottawa requires you to be detailed with the time commitment with the ABS. What happens if we don't know the approximate hours for a school club that we been an executive for, but we know the amount of years we committed to it?
  13. @Chels1267I'll keep that in mind, usually I heard that people are able to finish their thesis defense by June 30th of their 2nd year. Question: @OldManLoganwhat did you ultimately decided to do during your gap year? @MarsRover, for sure. Ultimately during the gap year, I plan to make a little bit of income (hopefully as a research/clinical assistant), maybe go traveling to Asia or Europe since I haven't had an academic term off yet (been taking full course loads for the whole academic year (Sept-Aug) since first year). Ideally, I guess I would like to build up a little bit of fun after all those school terms + some money so I can at least try to pay those medical school application fees (which cost quite a bit)... But, with a masters I could further develop my knowledge in my current research interest, build my ABS and make a bit of money through TAship and (hopefully) scholarship. However, the only problem I have is the timeline commitment.
  14. Hey, contemplating whether or not to do a gap year or apply for a masters. I guess I'm looking for advice which of the two would be more time worthy? For me the only turn off about going the masters route is that I lose a year/chance in applying :/
  15. Hey everyone, I've been trying to find an answer on the forum but couldn't find it. In regards to athabasca courses are they accepted towards the course load if you started on September 1st and ended it at the end of February (6th month) ? Mainly concerned regarding full course load wgpa schools such as UofT and Ottawa