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  1. Blasé

    Physician political orientation

    Just because they vote in line with their financial priorities doesn't mean that "they don't really care much about those beliefs." Perhaps they believe that these social issues can be addressed in a different way. For all you know, they could be actively involved with organizations that address those social issues, yet not vote for a party that also supports the same issue. My point is that it's not as black and white when voting for a political party. Very rarely do people agree with the entire platform of a party. For many people, voting comes down to prioritizing issues that are more important for them and finding a balance. Hence why you see many people on here that are socially liberal, yet are fiscally conservative.
  2. Blasé

    Physician political orientation

    Just because someone doesn't vote the way you want them doesn't mean they "don't believe in anything." Is it that hard to believe his priorities lie in his personal and family finances than "supporting" causes. There isn't only one way to support social causes. When I vote, my priorities lie in my own finances. I can choose to support social causes as I see fit, rather than leaving it to the government.
  3. Everyone following in KD's footsteps with them burner accounts LOL
  4. Wow I'm glad I got through this year. I wonder how this will affect the CARS cut-off. I suspect the MCAT cut-offs overall may be lowered, but may be competitively assessed (i.e. a person with lower MCAT scores may need a better score on the holistic portion of the application). This change does introduce quite a bit of subjectivity to the application processes, so I can't say that I'm a fan of this change.
  5. Your two bird courses are spread between semesters, which is good. Looks fine to me!
  6. Blasé

    CMA backpacks

    All the colours look decent BUT I swear to god, if they choose yellow, that bag is going straight into the trash...
  7. Blasé

    Doug Ford & OPC clinches majority government...

    Goes to show you just how poorly Wynne and her government performed. Not only did they lose to a guy without a costed platform, they lost official party status as well lmao.
  8. Blasé

    Physician political orientation

    I vote with my wallet's best interest in mind (conservative). It's great to be for all these social issues when the taxes needed to support them aren't taking a huge chunk of your money (and as students, let's be honest, we aren't paying that much in taxes anyways). Truth be told, when I read about the government spending tax dollars to support refugees from another country by giving them $30k annually, it definitely erodes my faith in the government spending tax dollars with the best interest of the country in mind. That was just an example, but the principle is the same -- I don't trust the government to spend the money wisely. Consequently, I vote fiscally conservative and likely always will.
  9. Do you have any recommendations for anatomy and physiology textbooks?
  10. Check out the housing guide posted on the facebook group. The one there right now is from two years ago, but I think one of the upper-years said that they would be posting a new one soon!
  11. They probably do send out more offers than available seats on the first day, but I doubt it's that many more. The difference between candidates a few spots apart on the waitlist are probably very minimal in the first place.
  12. There is no way they send out 308 offers on the first day lol. With that many offers, they would run a huge risk of over-accepting. 308 is the number of offers they send out in total, including offers to people off of the waitlist.
  13. Raptors still going strong tho
  14. OMG I had my interview today as well and had a similar experience. After I answered a question, one of the interviewers wouldn't write anything down and just stared at me. Then I see another interviewer glancing over at the other interviewers to judge their reaction or to see how they were evaluating me. It actually made me so paranoid. I think that for some of the questions, I may have failed to demonstrate the particular trait that they were looking for with the question and maybe that's why they didn't circle a score for the question? Honestly, I have no idea
  15. They got to UofT...LOL