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  1. Hi! I’m a Canadian dental student who’s studying in Australia, so I can be of some help. To answer your question, no. Most dental students are not high school graduates in undergraduate programs or as they call them here “school leavers”. In fact, it is the hardest dental program for locals to get accepted to a 5 yr program dental school due to the intense competition. They (high school grads) must maintain an OP grade of 1. Which is extremely competitive. Most of the students in undergrad programs Australians as well as Canadians are “mature”. I know an Australian student who’s in an undergrad program and she’s got a PhD, another who’s got his masters. Some with their bachelors. Some with one or two or few years of uni. So, If you’re planning on Applying to an undergrad program, rest assured you won’t be surrounded by “kids”. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be leavers in your class. There will be and they usually are exceptional high school grads (Aussies and Canadians alike). Cheers!
  2. As far as I know, the only countries that you can graduate from and come back to Canada and work the next day are USA, New Zealand, Australia, and Ireland.
  3. I’m not sure if I can answer your question fully but I know a friend of mine who is a hygienist and had few patients who refused their work to be done by a “male” hygienist and preferred that a female does it. But as to being queer. I don’t know. I doubt it.
  4. Oh man you scared the life out of me. I thought to myself well something went wrong. Lol good luck!!
  5. Oh My God. You're right!!! I just checked the calendars of previous years and the release dates were all on the 3rd Monday. Which means it has to be this 21st. I mean it's got to :/
  6. Hmm interesting. Not sure!! But i think the Feb 1st deadline is for their CASPer test. So maybe they'll asses them for interviews based on GPA and DAT and acceptance would be when their CASPer results are in. Just speculating!!
  7. Because the email will begin with "we regret to inform you that ...."
  8. I'm Albertan, it was in the afternoon here. But not sure if they send them all at once or not. Like U of A last year sent them via batches at different times. Fingers crossed!!
  9. I think they'll be coming out sometime tomorrow guys. Buckle up everyone. Lol
  10. If you're IP i think you should be fine given that you did amazing on you r CASPER test. I'm also very worried because I'm OOP and I have no idea what my 3.81 GPA out of a 4.0 scale translates to %age and my AVG DAT is 21.5 (i've written also the american one with a 23 PAT and a 20 on AA) ... Given the low marks this year, and most likely students have checked off this years DAT on their app, it should shift from their regular 22 AVG ... keep your head up high and stay positive. You never know what happens!!
  11. I mean no disrespect, but nothing of value comes easy. You don't sound very motivated, so if I were you I'd focus on that first. And yes. It's so competitive. It's so difficult that it'll rip you a new one.
  12. Guy don't forget that CASPer is an important part of their selection.
  13. A 5???? If you go and scratch your balls you'll get a 5. Are you sure there isn't a typo where they could have meant a 15 instead of a 5??? Check with them. That's my advice.
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