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  1. I think me and this dude may be in the same school, because my outlines suggest the same things. 2-3 hours of work per 1 hour of inclass time. I have 16 hours of school, full course load. This means that I would have to put in minimum 32 hours of work per week. I don't do that. I only put it about 7 hours per week, and I have to say, only getting A's here, but mostly B's. .
  2. Wasteman

    New Site Layout

    I'm a fine arts major, so I find the new minimalist design hella appealing. Everything just looks neater. I love it. I also found the old forum structure to be a dated. This new look is sexy as hella. Turns me on a bit, if I were to be honest.
  3. Artist/concept artist/ Teacher/ Studio owner -I would be an artist, but I already have a 10 year goal. Firstly, I would quit all other work obligations and devote at least 10 hours per day to increasing my technical ability. From there I would work with a big name entertainment company like Blizzard or Riot Games. From there I would rise through years, and then leave after a year to two to study at an atelier. From there I would look for teaching positions at a university of some sort. Next I would try to build my own studio. Here I would hire young developing artists and train them so that they add to the substance of the studio Sociological research - Here I would do years and years of work dedicated to certain things not really discussed yet, like the correlative factors between violence and poverty, and violence and developing countries the role identiry and religion plays in each of those Critical Theorist - Honestly, I would probably be an activist of some sort, something along the lines of noam Choamsky or Yves Engler. A better Slavoj Žižek
  4. Haha, naw this isn't a troll thread. I have final assignments and so on and wanted to just have something to discuss while I ride public transit. Anyway, when someone says that they're okay with punching Nazi's, I don't think that they mean to just haul-off and blast nazi's in the face whenever they rear their ugly heads. I just think it's a figurative gesture for people to express their unwillingness to even entertain this sort of rhetoric. I won't randomly attack a nozi, but at the same time, I would never try to convince them of something better, or even listen to anything they have to say. I used to be willing to engage these kinds of people in debates until I read a somewhat confessional post by someone that IS an Ex-Nazi. One of the things that stood out the most was when she said that most Nazi's aren't open to hearing other view points. She even said that she agreed with the notion of using violence against these people because it, at the very least, shows them that those sorts of behaviors and ideas aren't tolerated. Here's an excerpt from what she wrote. And from what I knew/know of people who identify as 'nazis' or 'alt-right' or 'fascists' or whatever fucking label they're trying to put on their idiocy... they're terrible people. The vast majority of whom are completely unwilling to entertain the idea they're wrong. It doesn't matter how eloquent you are, how patient you are, how peaceful you are, probably 98% of them will not listen and will not change their minds. There is something about the comradery of that hatred and pride that is more addictive than heroine. And that 2% that might be willing? They'll branch out on their own, secretly, and entertain those ideas. But that 2% isn't worth holding back [for]. I agree with everything you've said. Except this above part. Violence is an extremely effective tool. See: American Suppression of Communism/Socialism. Though I am against violence, I can not ignore the realities of dialectical materialism and how these realities affect the modern world.
  5. You're drawing false equivalencies here my friend. One is a person that is, in some way, inspired by the political ideologies, movements, and or theories associated with a democratic control of the means of production. The other literally supports an ideology where the ultimate goal is genocide. I'm on the side that punching Nazi's is okay and should be taught to school children the world over. Much in the same way that we were taught to stop, drop and roll and our ABC's. Haha, but In all seriousness, I'm against violence. But I do understand the reasoning behind how and why people rationalize violence against Nazi's. I guess it's the same way how people are okay with violence against child rapists, terrorists, and murderers. All in all I do like that most people are resisting the idea that Nazism and totalitarianism is a simple matter of political opinion.
  6. Lol, wow. Thanks for your input. I'm still in the first year of my undergraduate degree and I recently started oil painting classes. Was just about to give it up because of work and school. Gonna make sure and definitely make time for it now. As a side note, I don't know if you all know this but your input and sharing your experiences really are really helpful for someone still early in their career.
  7. Hey guys, what're your thoughts with regards to the punching of self-proclaimed nazis? I ask this question because I was having a discussion with a respected friend of mine and she mentioned, in passing, that she's willing to punch Nazis. So, with the re-emergence of the 'alt-right', do you condone Nazi punching, do you think we'll see more of that in the future, and despite which ever way you lean, do you think that this will filter through in how you approach your patients?
  8. Hey guys, I'm currently a student of the fine arts program at York University, but I'm transferring to OCAD to start in the fall time. Since OCAD is more focused on the arts, I was wondering if I would be able to take my prerequisites during the summer months, when I have more free time. Thoughts and suggestions?
  9. Congratulations on your A+ and accomplishing your goal. I'm interested in doing some basic programming. Do you think that it would be possible for me to get some help from the computer department or would they not be willing to help me since I'm in the Arts faculty? Also, for the rest of you guys. I'm transferring to OCAD in September but I'm considering doing my prerequisites during the summer at york university since it's closer to my home. Would this affect my chances of getting into Medical school, or do I need to take my prerequisites during the school year?
  10. *phew* Thanks for telling me that. I only got one A+ last semester and the rest were A's so I was kinda disappointed about that. I mean I know that it was only my first semester at york University, but I felt as though I was making excuses for not having a 4.0. It really bummed me out over the Christmas break.
  11. He means that given all of the work and effort that you've committed, Acing the final doesn't really seem unrealistic, as you've said. Are you sure that you won't ace that final?
  12. Ahh, that all makes sense now. My EC's have nothing to do with medicine, so you give me hope that reviewers are human and look for more than the bland EC's like studying in Florence, or publishing in journals.
  13. Canucks gives good points, and trying to change your situation is good. However, remember that being an adult now means that you have to make sacrifices and bear with the unpleasantness. It supposedly builds character, Iunno. My best bet is just try to do the best you can in your subject. Once you start to succeed in it people generally tend to start to like what they're studying. Also, keep this in mind: you're at university to study. I don't know about anyone else, but as a first year that works about 20 hours a week, unless I really plan out my time, I barely have time do the many extracurricular programs that I'd like to, let alone give ample time to study well. But then again, maybe your situation is different and you don't have to work and can party much more. The best advice I can reliably give you is to plan your days and weeks out. This way, you can study on the dead days, and hangout and party during the days that have all of the activities. If the first year doesn't work out, then try transferring. I know that moving to new places seems to reinvigorate me, so maybe it does the same to you. Anyways, good luck, and I hope that you can find the time to study and party.
  14. Yeah, hell nah. It's too much of a sacrifice. If I were rich and money wasn't an issue, than hells yah. I would definitely become a doctor. Both other than that I could just work as an artisit and open my own studio. Becoming a doctor, and the money it brings, achieves several goals that I want for myself: It moves my family up in social class. It provides the income necessary to give my children the things I wanted but had to work hard for/never got to do such as: studying classical art under a contemporary master, learning an instrument, having tutors, being able to go out with friends for something as small as pizza without worrying about money, and have legitimate vacations, not to feel guilty about getting more expensive presents. Go on field trips. I will have excess income to ensure the future of my grand-kids provided that I invest wisely. I can use skills that I've learned to help others. So yeah, the money is important. Not just because of the greed, but because of the freedom and security that the extra money brings.
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