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  1. Keep practicing under timed conditions (maybe even limit yourself to 5 seconds less than the optimal time). Another thing to do is instead of drawing a grid, just draw directly on the practice question's hole punched paper diagram and visualize unfolding and refolding in your head. I found that you don't always need to draw out a grid for all questions. I think I only used the grid method for a handful of the questions on the DAT.
  2. Received my conditional acceptance offer today from the upper 1/3 IP waitlist at 3:31pm !!!!!! SO EXCITED TO MEET EVERYONE.
  3. Yeah mine is still there! Hasn't changed in appearance since the first day (lol).
  4. No this was a few weeks ago, there's a comment about it on this thread.
  5. There was one person from IP that was accepted off the waitlist but I believe they are declining for med.
  6. I'm in the top third IP and haven't heard anything yet.
  7. Please remove if not allowed. Also sorry for the strange title, I couldn't think of anything else. I have a strange (?) dilemma and wanted some input. My SO and I have been together for 4 years and I am pursuing studies in dental health and dental research. My SO doesn't care about their oral health very much. They only brush at the most, once a day in the morning (they go to bed without brushing their teeth), do not floss, and have not seen a dentist in 8 years. SO has had braces when they were younger so they have been exposed to seeing a dental professional before. I do notice that they don't smile with their teeth too often, possibly due to extensive discolouration and staining from poor oral hygiene. I'm currently doing research in the dentistry sector and wish to pursue dental studies in the future. I find it contradicting to my aspirations that my SO doesn't care about their oral health and doesn't seem to be receptive of information I give to them. I try to not badger them with oral health advice, but I have warned them about the risks associated with poor oral hygiene. I also understand that they could have dental anxiety too, which I just don't know about yet. My SO doesn't discourage my academic studies and is supportive of it so that is not a problem. I love my SO very much and would like to be with them for a long time. But it's very hard because their habits and beliefs around oral health care go against my own. Advice, thoughts, your opinions, etc. are appreciated
  8. Dude I think you're golden. Go apply everywhere in Canada and rock the interview.
  9. Honestly there isn't one resource for RC that I personally would recommend. I would suggest perhaps seeking out MCAT CARS exercises. CARS is a bit harder than DAT's RC but it's always better to challenge yourself. Maybe dabble in Kaplan RC, DAT Prep, and other DAT RC books first. Then using CARS once you feel like you have a feel of the strategy/method you want to use. Always time yourself though so that you build up endurance for the real thing. I used Barron's DAT and thought that was a medium-ish level for RC. McGraw Hill's resources were also a bit more challenging than Kaplan's. Another useful strategy would be to read scientific literature like review papers and some introductory philosophy readings. I literally used every textbook that I could get my hands on in my library for some free DAT resources and some MCAT to supplement some areas. I got a 23 RC on my first try of the DAT (I think that it helped that I minored in Philosophy so I had some experience with critical reading). I would also recommend practicing RC on paper rather than on a computer monitor. Good luck!
  10. I agree with some of the others in this thread. Do a 5th year instead of starting a Masters and not finishing it up. Just make sure most of your courses are at the senior level or higher. Additionally, try applying out of province because you never know! I've had many friends who have done a 5th year of undergrad and got accepted into professional colleges, so it's not to say that a 5th year is a waste of time. Or, you could do a Masters if you are passionate about diving into research and commit the 2 years to it. But definitely start thinking about the DAT now and review material because it's mostly 1st and 2nd year chemistry and biology courses that could take some time to review because you're finishing up 4th year already.
  11. I would highly recommend using DAT destroyer for biology and chemistry instead of Kaplan because Kaplan is too easy. If you do use Kaplan, use it very sparingly as a review and a teaching tool. But rely more on DAT destroyer for challenging bio and chem practice. Additionally, if you're writing the Canadian DAT. Print out your PAT exercises (especially angle ranking) as it's a different strategy on-monitor vs on-paper. Good luck! You're ahead of the game already by starting now EDIT: spelling mistakes
  12. I believe it has only moved 1 spots IP and 1 spots OOP. I'm in the upper third and still waiting too. There will be lots of movement once medicine releases their results!
  13. Ah I see. There doesn't seem to be a checkbox-type of thing for me to utilize... But yes I will be using Bambi's suggestion to include my intention about dental school in the cover letter. Thanks!
  14. Because one of the job requirements is that you must be returning to school in the fall, which I hope I will be if I get off the wait list for this cycle's dentistry. I think I will end up doing that, thank you! Also I just realized that this was probably not the appropriate forum to ask this question
  15. Hello! I'm currently in the process of applying to undergraduate summer jobs at my university. However, many of the jobs require that you are returning to school in the fall. I am currently waitlisted (top 1/3) for dentistry in the fall and am wondering what is everyone's opinion on whether or not I should place (in my resume) that I will be attending dental school in the fall or not. My main concern is that I have graduated from my first undergraduate degree this summer and do not have any other academic credentials to place on my resume/CV, but also need to somehow convey that I do continue on going to school in the fall. Thanks in advance *Edit: clarification, (in my resume)
  16. Probably once med school invites are out (mid-May) and maybe April 25 (when the deadline for the deposit for dent is). I think the best we can do now is relax until those dates!
  17. I think even with Canadian schools, have you thought about doing a masters program instead of 2 years of undergraduate courses? Most masters programs need a minimum 70% average in Canada to get accepted and take about 2 years to complete. A Masters would definitely look great on an application with strong DAT scores! Also I know that Australian schools have an agreement with the CDA whereby you are legally allowed to practice in Canada after finishing up in Aus, not sure about USA though. Best of luck
  18. You can definitely email them and ask! Here are my stats: IP Waitlisted (top 1/3) DAT: AA 19, PAT 20, RC 23 GPA: 3.8
  19. Hey sorry late reply so hopefully this is still relevant. I took the DAT Feb 2016 and Nov 2017. I remember both times that they indicated that 15 questions from PAT are eliminated, but you don't know which ones. Marked out of 75 instead of 90. **EDIT: saw your other post so nevermind!
  20. I actually found it to be pretty easy for the PAT (angles, hole punching, TFE). The apertures were a bit harder than the ones I practiced on bootcamp, jcoreview, and kaplan. The sciences section was pretty straight forward, which I was surprised about! And the reading comp was good too I felt. I found the angles super easy... I was practicing some pretty hard ones when I was studying so that helped
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