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  1. Anything is better than nothing. As long as you actualy like that "anything". Otherwise, depending on the specialty you're applying to, it might not matter at all if you've done nothing.
  2. MDLaval

    GPA for med

    You definitely should apply. I know people who got in with a GPA in the same range as yours and who did not have an "extraordinary experience".
  3. Nah... I'd take the offer and go home.
  4. MDLaval

    marge de crédit MD

    À l'époque, avoir une couverture pour les soins médicaux en situation d'urgence lors de mes voyages étaient quelque chose que je cherchait dans une carte de crédit, alors ça faisait toute la différence chez nous. Aujourd'hui ce n'est plus important parce que nous avons une couverture qui est même supérieure avec un autre produit :)
  5. MDLaval

    marge de crédit MD

    C'est l'art de la négociation. J'ai eu la Visa Infinite Voyages gratuite avec RBC pendant le MD. Je vais demander qu'elle soit gratuite pour les 5 prochaines années de résidence aussi. Disons que c'est un "investissement" assez avantageux pour la banque, et s'ils refusent il y a toujours d'autres options sur le marché. :)
  6. MDLaval


    Lors d'un stage le directeur du programme m'a dit que ce serait beaucoup plus probable d'être sur le haut de leur liste pour le CaRMS un candidat avec des résultats scolaires moyens mais ayant fait un bon stage sur place, qui a demontré être travaillant, capable de bien s'intégrer à l'équipe et quelqu'un qui ne poserait pas de problèmes pendant les 5 ans, à la place d'un candidat avec un GPA parfait, un gros CV avec des publications etc mais qui n'y avait pas fait un stage. En bout de ligne, il n'est pas possible de faire une évaluation équivalente pendant une entrevue de 30-45 minutes si l'on compare à un autre candidat avec qui ils avaient eu un contact beaucoup plus vaste pendant 2-4 semaines.
  7. MDLaval

    Outlook ULaval

    Ça arrive de temps en temps, surtout avec le téléphone. Je fais juste fermer la fenêtre et ouvrir une nouvelle.
  8. MDLaval

    2 vs. 4-week electives in Quebec?

    At Laval we have 2 x 3 weeks electives in 3rd year and 3 x 4 weeks (or 2 x 4 weeks + 2 x 2 weeks) electives in 4th year. But there's a catch for the 4th year, since 50% of the students will only get 4 weeks electives BEFORE CaRMS deadline, with another 4 weeks in January and the last 4 in March, while 50% of the students have 8 weeks before CaRMS. Also, at Laval we all have a 2 weeks mandatory rotation in Radiology, so it definitely helps to get those 2 weeks before CaRMS. From my experience, you'll definitely look competitive by simply showing up for observerships (even though it's broadly informed they don't count, I realised they DO count to Rads programs in QC - and it was confirmed by a PD in a private conversation). I did a 3 weeks elective in Rads in my 3rd year, then my 2 weeks mandatory rotation in August, and another 4 weeks in Nuclear Medicine. My suggestion (and that's all that it is): if you're thinking about matching to Rads in QC, do at least 2 weeks in one of the francophone programs (to show you're willing to move to QC and that French won't be a problem to you) and if you're aiming for McGill try to get another 2 weeks there. I didn't do Rads elective at UdeM or Sherbrooke, but I got interviews at both programs and I had a good feeling about my chances of matching there had I put them 1st in my ROL. Feel free to contact me in private if you have any further questions. Best of luck!
  9. MDLaval

    CaRMS Preliminary Match Results

    Given the current trend and situation elsewhere in the country, we (Laval) got very good numbers with "only" 6 going unmacthed this year, and all 4 previous year graduates matching this year.
  10. Laval has also approved the transition to the pass/fail system. If I'm not mistaken, it will be implemented with the next cohort in Fall 2018. That being said, several programs at Laval have already made adjustments (such as eliminating the cutoff GPA to consider applications) and you shouldn't have any problem when/if applying to Laval's programs. Good luck!
  11. MDLaval

    Book recommendations

    The Shadow of the Wind, from Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
  12. Je ne savais pas que Dalhousie avait un site à Saint John. Je pensais qu'au NB il y avait juste le site de l'UdeS à Moncton.
  13. Il n'y a pas de faculté de médecine au NB. Ceux qui font leur médecine à Moncton dans le fond ont été admis à l'Université de Sherbrooke.
  14. MDLaval

    Why do you want to be a doctor?

    Agree. I was 8 when I decided I wanted to be a doctor. And it was because my grandmother had cancer. All she and my family went through, the help and the support we had from physicians, and several other reasons, made me decide at such a young age what I wanted to do later as a career.
  15. MDLaval

    Nursing to med at Mcgill

    3.88 is the average, so people with a lower GPA will get invited. I do know of a person who did a Bacc in nursing at Laval and got admitted to Med school at McGill right after that. However, I don't know him personally as to give you any further details. I just wanted to let you know that it's definitely possible. Good luck.