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  1. The only place I have found the CAO rule mentioned through an official channel is in the FAQs section of the Guide to Application and Appointment to Intern Training in Ireland 2016, which was sent out to final year medical students by email. Attached is relevant page. Note points 1.6 and 1.8 The rule was brought in this year and applies to this year's graduates. No grandfathering. As a final year student, I did not receive an announcement regarding the new rule. I attended a talk given by the intern coordinator for our area on the intern application process early in the academic year but this new rule was not mentioned. The way most of us found out was by noticing the new question about CAO included in the application form and then reading the FAQs in the guidance documents. Unfortunately by this point the deadlines for applications in other countries had passed so some people who would have preferred to apply elsewhere if they had known about this new rule were then left with no alternatives.
  2. That's my understanding of it but to be clear I've never researched that specifically. But in the years I've been in Ireland I've never met a North American who had applied through the CAO unless they applied for direct entry from high school or attended high school in Ireland. Worth confirming I guess just to be sure. Yea sucks it's not good news but better than finding out once you've already committed.
  3. I don't think CAO is open for North American students who could otherwise apply through Atlantic Bridge, the people who apply through CAO are mainly those who did secondary school in Ireland. I'm not saying people should start applying through CAO, I don't think that's even possible. Just making people aware that if they go to an Irish school then Irish students will be prioritized for intern spots.
  4. There has been a new rule brought in regarding how international students with dual EU citizenship are considered for an Irish internship compared with home students. You won't be considered on equal footing anymore. See: http://forums.premed101.com/index.php?/topic/89364-information-for-those-with-eu-citizenship-considering-irish-medical-schools/
  5. This post is mainly directed at North American students with EU citizenship who are considering going to medical school in Ireland. I am a North American currently studying medicine in Ireland. I want to make future applicants aware of a new rule that has been brought in this year regarding how Irish internship places are allocated so you can all make an informed decision before committing to study overseas. While most North American students who go to Ireland for medical school ultimately aim for residencies in North America after graduation, some who have dual EU citizenship may consider staying in Ireland for their intern year. This is especially relevant for that subset of people. First I'll explain how the old rules for internship allocation worked. Prior to the implementation of a new rule this year, internship places were allocated to all EU citizen applicants before being opened up to non-EU citizens. Within the EU citizens group, no differentiation was made between Irish or International students; jobs were allocated based on class ranking of final year grades (i.e. those who score higher get to pick their job first). This year a new rule was brought in stating that students who obtained their place through the Irish Central Applications Office (CAO) will be prioritized. This effectively means that all Irish students (home students who applied through CAO) will be allocated jobs before international students even if the international student has EU citizenship (students who applied through Atlantic Bridge did NOT obtain their place through CAO). This doesn't necessarily mean that international students with EU citizenship won't get an intern position, but it does mean that every home student (regardless of class ranking) will get to pick a job before international students get to. If there are more applicants than positions available which there likely will be, international students (even those with EU citizenship) are at a higher risk of not getting a job at all. I'll refrain from commenting on how I personally feel about this new rule, but I thought that people should know about it's existence so you can make a more informed decision. I don't believe this new change has been publicized or made very clear. Hope this helps someone and good luck in all your applications.
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