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  1. In the NTP category, I was ranked - Academics: 9/85 CV: 1/85 Casper: 28/85 Overall 2/85 Unfortunately, I did not do well on the interview for reasons that escape me (I am a clinician in the mental health field)
  2. I do not know if any of you have asked for your rankings. I received it and it was bittersweet. I applied in the NTP category and pre-interview I was ranked 2nd out of 85. However, on the interview I was in the bottom half of interviewees which is devastating since I`m a clinician with many years of experience in the health field. If I do not have ``good bedside manners,`` I do not know who does... I will be applying to the regular stream next year. Does anyone have an idea of what they will do differently to prepare for the interview?
  3. Hello, I received my ranking last week by email. However, it was for the NTP category.
  4. I am considering taking them. I did all of my pre-reqs but got a B in mechanics and tried to redo it at Dawson but was refused because the conted advisor could not understand why I wanted to redo a class I got a B. She explained that unless I had a letter from McGill med that I needed to redo it, I would not be allowed to. The other alternative is to take it at ConU or online... Just how much did each individual class end up costing?
  5. I am at a bit of a loss with regards to their logic: They have understood that NTP students are highly qualified at that the 2-5 spots allocated to this category prevents many qualified candidates from matriculating. So rather than increase the number of allotted seats, they have done away with the category?! Lumping everyone in the same category actually makes it less likely that highly qualified NTP applicants will be let in so that I do not understand how they aim to achieve student diversity...
  6. I am in the same boat. I obtained an interview as an NTP applicant this year and will apply next cycle in the regular stream. My best guess regarding your letter of EC is to ask admissions how to approach this.
  7. As the video started, I wondered how this was relevant. But as the video continued, it clicked. 1 month later, after the pain of rejection has diminished, I have a bit more perspective and this video has inspired me to continue. Thank you for posting and good luck on your journey!
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