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  1. Don't all schools vary in the ability to match to those programs? All this tells me is that the 3 year programs are in the same mix as the 4 year programs when it comes to matching. Something they're better, sometimes they're worse, but not systemically different as far as I can tell from experience or data. That being said, I'm not denying the challenges of a 3 year school, but I am addressing the myth that it systemically impacts your ability to match.
  2. 3rd year chipping in my 2 cents: For context I have to mention that Mac has done quite well with ophthalmology and Neurosurgery in the last couple of years. For example, this year, all 4 of our neurosurg-potentials matched. So did all of our peds-neuro gunners (an unexpectedly competitive specialty because of the very few spots). We also matched all of our neurology gunners. With respect to plastics and derm, I don't know what the ratio was, but I know a couple that matched to each. We also had the highest overall match rate this year (I think?). Maybe we've just been getting lucky, but I don'teally buy the myth that it's harder to match from 3 years. .
  3. PhD2MD

    UAlberta vs. U of T

    I'm from the GTA and did a degree at U of T...I wouldn't be overly enamoured with the big shiny city. Opportunities abound just by virtue of being med school, not much is better in Toronto. Unless your friends are in Toronto, don't take the financial and social hit...stay around family and save your time/money.
  4. PhD2MD

    low GPA lost hope

    Financially it's usually better to try friends one if not two years in Canada before considering an American School.
  5. PhD2MD

    McMaster or Western?

    People always warn about Barton. I've walked down in at 2am on a weekend....didn't see a soul. There are notoriously streets in every city, plenty that I've been told to stay away from in London and Hamilton.
  6. PhD2MD

    McMaster or Western?

    Hamilton neighborhoods are the same as London neighborhoods...I've lived in both. 3 years isn't really that bad.
  7. PhD2MD


    3 years really isn't that bad...plus it saves you the opportunity cost of 200-500k.
  8. PhD2MD


    U of A or C just makes so much sense. Yes UBC is pretty...it's also going to put you into a completely different debt bracket. Yes Mac saves you a year of opportunity cost + all the other Mac benefits. Still...just do U of A. If you want any of the benefits of the other schools (location, resources, or 3 year program) then compromise with U of C.
  9. PhD2MD

    May 14 Countdown

    I believe they were emails.
  10. PhD2MD

    May 14 Countdown

    Best of luck to everyone who's got their fingers crossed today. Hope to see you as future colleagues :).
  11. PhD2MD

    May 14 Countdown

    Sadly, yes.
  12. Very true haha. Plastics seems better as staff. Also, they're very different surgeries. People tend to think brain surgery is very delicate, but it's actually quite crude most of the time (notwithstanding the 16 hour microscope-assisted super fine tumor resections).
  13. OMA does not charge any premium for starting with hem later. If your 50, you'd pay the same rate whether you signed up with them at 20 of 50.
  14. Onlinemeded. That's it. Then enjoy your summer.
  15. 1. Calgary probably is prettier 2. McMaster does have a pretty solid international rep, especially for research. It's a clinical-research powerhouse and pound for pound I believe it IS the highest productivity/impact school in Canada. 3. International rep has no impact on your career...Canadian MDs are recognized as among the best trained in the world, regardless of school 4. Personal supports are important. Don't take that bit too lightly.