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  1. Guuuuuys stop feeding. Leave it alone. It's obvious enough to anyone reading, don't give it more attention. You're not going to change his mind.
  2. PhD2MD

    Applying to FM last minute

    Weren't there spot left over in rads the last couple of years? I thought it wasn't as competitive as it used to be?
  3. You posted this nonsense TWICE?
  4. Agreed.....but guys honestly....let's stop feeding the troll. I really hope this thread doesn't get any bigger.
  5. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    Divorce rate of 50% is exactly what was going through my mind when I read that haha....maybe it isn't a coincidence that MD satisfaction sits around 50% as well haha.
  6. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    That's a good way to put it....defaulting to family is probably different than backing up with something else...family really is its own beast. Plus I'm biased because I actually love family...in fact if there wasn't a very specific thing I wanted to accomplish in neurology, i would have chosen family with a +1 in OB without question. Even with my aspirations in mind, I find it hard not to chose family.
  7. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    While I agree with the spirit of your argument, I don't think it pans out. It's almost impossible to really know what specialty you would enjoy day to day for the rest of your life. Electives aren't adequate enough to paint that picture for you. And even if they were, no body has a single field of interest for very long. So an extra 3 years, or 5 years for that will almost certainly NOT guarantee that you're doing something that you love. Otherwise the satisfaction rates in medicine wouldn't be so low. I definetely get where you're coming from, I just don't think it seems to work out that way.
  8. Haha..starting to feel that now with 1:4 call on IM.
  9. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    Since then they've filed another case for all physicians. That case is on hold until the rulling for top-100 billers case is made.
  10. You're taking home about 4k/month after including call stipends
  11. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    Just curious, how many days/week or week/year do you work?
  12. Most people don't. The crowd thins out pretty quick. It's usually more efficient to pick a good text and study independently.
  13. I don't believe you do