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  1. 1st or 2nd....long hair that's managed well isn't an issue.
  2. A 5th year that boosts your GPA help with professional schools more than anything else.
  3. Please do not spend $300k on a medical. Period.
  4. I've been meaning to post about texts for a few days now, so this is very welcome. Looking forward to giving it a read and giving some feedback. Thanks!
  5. Tough one...much of medicine is repetition for mastery. Maybe psych? Or something surgical where you can design unique approaches, or use creativity for anatomical variation? Tough question indeed!
  6. PhD2MD

    Summer Break Pre-CaRMS Electives

    It should be emphasized that it is a zero sum game. Those who take advantage of it in the first few years will benefit, until it becomes the norm, and then it becomes the new "normal"...sucks for future students. Mac recently declined some of my elective because apparently I reached whatever the internal limit is. Can't say I'm sad about it haha.
  7. PhD2MD

    Radiology as a backup...?

    This is a really interesting question. The best explanations I've heard are that once the error rate for AI drops low enough, it becomes more economical for the hospital/government/whoever if providing health care to take that responsibility as a calculated cost, than it would be to employ staff to do the reading.
  8. Anecdotally, it seems like the pendulum has begun to swing from everyone wanting to specialize, to people wanting a safer/quicker route to doctor income + all of the freedom and flexibility that comes with family. That and the fact that recent match rates have scared many more people into at least taking family seriously. Pendulum always swing! I wonder how this will turn out and how long until it swings back the other way.
  9. Mac has made them mandatory for rotation completion. Not sure what other schools are doing.
  10. It's not easy to get a med school GPA. Don't beat yourself up. BUT...if you do want to get into some sort of professional school in the future, you've basically got to press the reset button. You're almost going to have to pretend like those first 1.5 years don't exist. You're either going to have a long undergrad (not a bad idea), or two undergrads. Now the length is going to depend on the various schools policies for how many courses they look at. BUT, all of that is just the technicalities. The actually ability to getting it done is going to depend on whether you can change your life and get that GPA. That's not something I can help you decide. The best course would be to evaluate your situation, come up with a couple of realistic and meaningful changes, and try them out for a semester. I'm not sure what you mean by wanting to do research? If you mean to do it for the sake of being more competitive for professional school....forget about it completely until you figure out a solution for the GPA. If you mean you might want to do it for a career...then give it a shot and see how it feels. If you like it, you're in luck because SOME graduate degrees are more forgiving with your GPA.
  11. PhD2MD

    Radiology as a backup...?

    I think its a little over-sold, especially now. @Edict, a lot of your defense of the future of anesthesia applies to radiology (obviously not all of it!), plus radiology seems to have a better safety net because they were wise enough to take on most of the interventional procedures. This has resulted in increased demand and plenty to fall back on when AI eventually reads images better (+ the buffer of the CanEHdian health care system accepting the technology). Happy new years
  12. PhD2MD

    Radiology as a backup...?

    If you had a genuine/potential interest in rads....I'd encourage it! Years of low competition. Not much reason for it to change. Top paying specialty. Opportunity/demand for clinical work if you're tired of staring at screens.
  13. I've rotated along students from Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. They were wonderful people...but I think Canadian training is a blessing. Many of them had great book smarts...but let's just say that while rotating with them, my attendings loved me because I could follow up on a patient t and write a SOAP note lol.
  14. Well...people slip thru all kinds of cracks, especially when your dealingw with larger numbers. I definitely observed that on the academic PhD side. But that doesn't mean the whole system is BS!
  15. No one disagrees. My experience with international clerks/IMGs suggests that the Canadian cohort is probably near the very top internationally. Even so, with >3000 CMGs each year, there's bound to be one or two that don't impress (shady provides good examples).
  16. Most being the operative word, haha.
  17. Hope that doesn't mean that the unofficial channels (ie setting things up on your own outside of CARMS) are disappearing.
  18. Nurses cannot get the same certification to do anesthesia in Canada. The closest things we do have are Anesthesia Assistants...but they do not have the scope.of practice that anesthesia nurses have in the US. As for the future, hard to tell. Our medical organizations tend to be better at protecring their turf (especially where warranted). In the distant future I imagine there will be increased automation, but there debate about how far that will go. Some say the final outcome could end up worse than what is predicted for radiology, because the wise rada folks have developped more diverse clinical opportunities (ie: interventionl), wheras anesthesia doesn't have much (other than pain clinics).
  19. Personally....lots of practical selling points about the things around the program, ie hospital system and city + good food
  20. Agreed. No problem with being choosy if there are other variables in your life. Assuming there is significant difference in quality, you might be willing to sacrifice family life for a year in order to attend a high-quality program, but not for a low-quality program. Seems reasonable to me, I don't know why people are giving you a hard time.
  21. This is my opinion based on being an application reviewer for PhD programs: With regards to the effect of typos, hardly any if it's the type of everyday honest typo that we all make. If it really changes the meaning of a sentence into something strange, or there is enough typos to call into question your command of the English language, then it might have an impact. Otherwise I would not worry at all.
  22. Unless things have changed, grad school courses aren't usually included in your average. Maybe I a different for UBC? Either way, I would suggest another undergrad.
  23. My understanding is that this was part of the drive for CaRMS...and initially there were more programs that were more organized, until competition between programs kicked up again and things went back to being fragmented. Not sure if it's true, but it's one of the many stories that the 70 year old anesthetist has been telling me in between cases
  24. DENSE Don't Entertain Neurosyphilis Saturated Endeavors.