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    Income and Lifestyle

    Divorce rate of 50% is exactly what was going through my mind when I read that haha....maybe it isn't a coincidence that MD satisfaction sits around 50% as well haha.
  2. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    That's a good way to put it....defaulting to family is probably different than backing up with something else...family really is its own beast. Plus I'm biased because I actually love family...in fact if there wasn't a very specific thing I wanted to accomplish in neurology, i would have chosen family with a +1 in OB without question. Even with my aspirations in mind, I find it hard not to chose family.
  3. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    While I agree with the spirit of your argument, I don't think it pans out. It's almost impossible to really know what specialty you would enjoy day to day for the rest of your life. Electives aren't adequate enough to paint that picture for you. And even if they were, no body has a single field of interest for very long. So an extra 3 years, or 5 years for that will almost certainly NOT guarantee that you're doing something that you love. Otherwise the satisfaction rates in medicine wouldn't be so low. I definetely get where you're coming from, I just don't think it seems to work out that way.
  4. Haha..starting to feel that now with 1:4 call on IM.
  5. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    Since then they've filed another case for all physicians. That case is on hold until the rulling for top-100 billers case is made.
  6. You're taking home about 4k/month after including call stipends
  7. PhD2MD

    Income and Lifestyle

    Just curious, how many days/week or week/year do you work?
  8. Most people don't. The crowd thins out pretty quick. It's usually more efficient to pick a good text and study independently.
  9. I don't believe you do
  10. While browsing CMPA fees (here) I found that Neurology seems like a bit of an anomaly...am I reading this right? Does someone have an explanation? Neurology: 22,400 Cardiology: 8,400 GI: 8,400 Nephrology: 5,208 Psychiatry: 5,208 Why would neurology be in the same bracket as gen/cardiac/gyn/plastic/thoracic/vascular surgery. It's weird that neuro would have to pay ~3-4x what other medical specialties pay, while billing ~1/2 as much (although I'm aware that the CMPA doesn't set fees based on income).
  11. PhD2MD

    Research for MSM CaRMS!!

    Yeah in terms of carms influence, people involved in the program/selection take precedence. Next are high impact people in their field. Sucky to pick your supervisor like that, but thats kind of how it works.
  12. Not sure where to put this, but OSAP/NSLSC needs to start being less of a black box and more accessible/accountable. I completed my application months ago. I have had no changes in my financial status. 3 weeks ago they final funding calculation was $18,000, which was supposed to be sent directly to the school. TODAY, nearly a week AFTER tuition was due, they sent me a notification that they've recalculated my funding to $0....uh? What changed in the last 3 weeks? At least give me a heads up or "re-calculate" before tuition is due they can avoid late fees and interest, or find alternate funding (luckily I've got room on the LOC to absorb this)! At least contact students directly about that large of a change...I know have to find time during normal business hours while rotating on internal medicine, and go through at least 2 administrative loops just to talk to someone who can explain what happens/do something about it. Sorry. Just need to vent.
  13. 350 for normal peeps 400 for PhDers
  14. Unfortunate update: I've reached the maximum number of weeks allowed for OSAP due to a sucky technicality. I want others to know about this in the future so they don't get trapped. I did not use OSAP during the 5 years of my PhD, but I had interest free status because I was student. Those 5 years of interest free status counted as time as an OSAP recipient. Sucks because I wasn't carrying much OSAP debt, and only saved ~1000 in interest over the whole 5 years. Would have gladly paid that if I had known about this technicality. Ah well. Not much I can do about it now. LOC to the rescue. Just would have been nice if they did this before tuition was due so I wouldn't have to pay late fees and interest.
  15. No explanation, no email, no regular mail. I'll update you guys when/if I get an answer, incase anyone else has problems in the future.
  16. Nothing new happened. Last year they denied me for a while because they thought I used OSAP for during my PhD. When they realized I didn't, things went back to normal.
  17. It's really encouraging to see someone so motivated after everything you've been through. I'm not an admission stats expert, so I won't comment on your chances. But what I do what to say is: make sure you want what medicine actually is, not what it looks like. Have you shadowed emerg docs? At your age there is significant opportunity costs associated with a career shift. Make sure the day-to-day is actually what you want before you pay that cost.
  18. Of course. It's not that strict. The point is for them to comment on your non-academic stuff (personality, character, values). As long as it's not a prof and their not taking about your academic skills...you're pretty good.
  19. It would probably similar to working as an out patient community peds consultant, as opposed to hospital peds. Edit: 100% speculation
  20. I haven't used it yet, but I know the head of the downtown Toronto location and he made it seem very lax. They every much WANT to give that discount to as many med students/residents/staff as possible (it's their preferred method of advertisement), so they're not going to give you a giant hassle.
  21. Ya it's not very strict...just tell them you're resident lol.