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  1. it would help if we invested in technology and gmr's that actually reduced the amount of redundant to unnecessary paper work.
  2. PhD2MD

    Unhappy in medicine?

    Are you sure you just don't hate hospitals? It seems that you like people and hate bureaucracy/bad systems. How did you feel about family? Having your own clinic can mean that you design the system + get to actually care for people as much as you want.
  3. PhD2MD

    Are there any normal non arrogant pre-meds?

    The proportion decreases as you move up in medicine. There's always a couple, but like sangria says...just smile and let them talk
  4. I've been wondering that as well lately...I think I do come off as trying to dissuade. It's not really a sourness about medicine, it's more above the process and the "med-or-die" culture that exists. I think the obsession with medicine is unwarranted and most premeds know very little about the think they're obsessed with (heck, many med students don't). Medicine is nice, but it's not what most people think it is, and I'm trying to be the counterweight to that prevailing view. If you know what medicine is, and you've fairly compared it to other things...than sure med-or-die. Buy most haven't done that before committing themselves and ignoring other opportunities. Now if med were easy and didn't present a large opportunity cost, I wouldn't care. But it's a huge opportunity cost and so deserves a fair evaluation before committing/obsessing.
  5. Try to keep in mind that your opinion of medicine and these other jobs is most certainly wrong. Even by residency, many people don't have a true grasp of what their lives in their specialty will actually look like. By extension, your thoughts about those other jobs are probably inaccurate. Don't fall into the premed trap of obsessing over something you don't actually know.
  6. Find a fault that you can demonstrate with a story... Email explain why it's important, demonstrate how you've worked on it with another story, and then guess how you might improve it during residency.
  7. PhD2MD

    Am I screwed now?

    And not call yourself "screwed" if you're in the 90%
  8. PhD2MD

    Am I screwed now?

    But it wasn't because of your 3.8. With 3/5 acceptances I'd wager you've got a unique app. My point was your chances are low with a 3.8 or 4.0...they're still 5-15% tops based solely on the gpa
  9. PhD2MD

    Am I screwed now?

    You're not "screwed". Even with a 4.0, you're odds of getting into Ontario med school is low. More importantly, life isn't over if you don't get into med school! I wish that wasn't the default assumption on these forums.
  10. In Ontario I believe 13.5% for the first 500k, 27% thereafter. But that's in addition to the income tax you also have to pay when you take the money out of the corporation and put it in your bank account.
  11. WE don't, at least not in a direct way that gives us a reasonable ability to lobby.
  12. I see the utility of testing...but what is the justification for the cost? Can we not demand some transparency? We pay them million(s?)/year in testing fees...we should be able to say or do something.
  13. Same thing exists for cataract surgery in ophtho...pretty ruthless actually.
  14. PhD2MD

    Competitive Matching

    Good question. I don't get the worry people have about 3 year schools for competitive specialties. In my mind, it should be the other way around. If you're in a 3 year institution, you can turn it into 4 years and become way more competitive that someone who's in a 4 year school.
  15. That's really all you need to know lol. People who are driven do really well. People who need to be taught have a hard time, but turn into good doctors eventually because they learn the hard way. Side note: I thought mac had a higher average age than most schools?
  16. Awesome ECS but your missing the basics. Standard advice is going to be kill the MCAT and aim for a high GPA. Easier said than done. Is it possible? Yes? Realistic? No. It would be more realistic to basically start over with a second undergrad. Is that really worth it given you seem to have found a good place in the humanities? Doubtful. If you're considering other careers, go for it. For some reason most answers tend not to include that in their answers. Medicine is cool but it it isn't magical, and the idea that 99% of people fall in love with ISN'T what your life will actually be like. So unless you've found someway to ensure that medicine is going to be what you want it to, the opportunity cost is relatively high for you. The decision to pursue medicine especially at a higher cost shouldn't be based on medicine alone. You have to compare it with other equally likely opportunities, given your starting position.
  17. I think the idea is that the average is far less generalizable in Psychiatry than it is in other specialties. Much like family, psychiatry tends to be a lifestyle specialty with many people working less than full time. There's another thread about how much an internist can make on an overnight shift. Last time I spoke to a psych resident they were giving me similar numbers of 3-5k per night.
  18. PhD2MD

    Listing multiple NSERC/CIHR awards on CV

    On my med app/CaRMS/CV I always combine it something like this: NSERC CGS D x3
  19. hmm...ok for the sake of this example, let's say you setup a cash-only clinic, or you're joining a small existing clinic.
  20. This always makes me wonder, what if you're going into private practice? What if I was willing to set up my own neurology clinic? Could I challenge the boards, get a worker's Visa, and open shop?
  21. Right now I think it's the prairies.
  22. Yea, whenever I hear my uncle talk about his approach fixing a car I can't help but see the similarities.
  23. I think we should take it easy on this guy/let this die. I had a patient today that was eerily similar. Really felt for him, and then remembered this thread.
  24. What on earth are pediatrics and neurology doing here? They both earn 10-15% less than family and their salaries have grown 1/5-1/3 as much as family over the last 20 years.
  25. PhD2MD

    Home School Advantage

    'tis true IF you do as we says and narrow things down early so you can focus on those extra steps eaely. Fortunately that was easy for me to do, but most students struggle to narrow things down early enough. And to be honest, I don't think they should. It's not great for medicine/your career, but it helps out with carms.