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  1. I was on the phone with RBC yesterday and they said that they were the only ones that will convert to a professional LOC after, Scotia can do this too? RBC said something along the lines of they don't ask you to reapply for anything.
  2. What you guys aren't seeing is that there are people that wrote the MCAT only 1.5 years ago. Is it fair to take away their MCAT when Western assured it would be good for 5 years? Probably not. They should raise the scores, but taking it away completely is unfair to those that wrote the old one.
  3. Currently the website says MCAT is okay is taken within 5 years, but it is weirding me out that it says: " For the 2015-16 application cycle, Schulich Medicine will accept MCAT scores from tests taken within the last five years. Minimums for the 2016-17 cycle will be posted in February 2017." Just looking for opinions!
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