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  1. Anatomical Pathology: Queens (Dec 3), Calgary (Dec 3), Alberta (Dec3), Western (Dec 4), Memorial (Dec 5), Laval (Dec 5), Toronto (Dec 6), McGill (Dec 6), UBC (Dec 6), Dalhousie (Dec 7), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 17) Anesthesiology: NOSM (Dec 7), Ottawa(Dec 8), Memorial(Dec 12), Western (Dec 12), Dalhousie (Dec 14), McMaster (Dec 17), Montreal (17dec), Queens (Dec 18) Cardiac Surgery: Dermatology: Alberta (Dec 4), UBC (Dec 13), Toronto (Dec 17),Ottawa (Dec 18) Diagnostic Radiology: Saskatchewan (Nov 27), Queen's (Dec 5), McGill (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 7), Calgary (Dec 7), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 10), Western (Dec 12), MUN (Dec 13), Toronto (Dec 17) Emergency Medicine: Queen's (Dec 11), McMaster IMG (Dec 18), McMaster (Phone Calls - Dec 17), Calgary (Dec 18) Family Medicine: Ontario (Nov 28; IMG only), Laval (Nov 30), Montréal (Dec 4), Saskatchewan (Prince Albert - Dec 10, Moose Jaw/Swift Current - Dec 13th, Saskatoon - Dec 13th), UofT (Dec 12), Sherbrooke (Dec 12) , McGill (Gatineau - Dec 13), Alberta Rural (Dec 12), Alberta Urban (Dec 14), UBC (Dec 14), McGill (Montreal - Dec 14) Queens (Dec 17), McMaster (Dec 17), Memorial (Dec 18), Ottawa (Dec 18), Calgary (Dec 18) General Pathology: Calgary (Nov 22), Alberta (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 11), McMaster (Dec 13)  General Surgery: McGill (Dec 3), Sherbrooke (Dec 12), Toronto (Dec 17), Manitoba (Dec 17), UBC (Dec 17) Hematological Pathology: Internal Medicine: To be announced on January 3rd Medical Genetics and Genomics: Calgary (Nov 27), UBC (Nov 29), Manitoba (Nov 28), Ottawa (Dec 6), McGill (Dec 14) Medical Microbiology: Neurology: Western (Dec 3), Dalhousie (Dec 4), McGill (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 11), Memorial (Dec 12), Alberta (Dec 14), UofS (Dec 17) Neurology - Paediatric: Alberta (Dec3), Montreal (Dec 4), Calgary(Dec 4), McMaster (Dec 7), McGill (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 14) Neuropathology: Western (Dec 11), UBC (Dec 13), U of T (Dec 14) Neurosurgery: McMaster (Nov30), Western (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 10), UBC (Dec12), McGill (Dec 12), Toronto (Dec 17), Ottawa (Dec 17), Alberta (Dec 17) Nuclear Medicine: Sherbrooke (Dec 07), Western (Dec 17) Obstetrics and Gynaecology: Manitoba (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 10), Ottawa (Dec 11), UBC (Dec 12), Toronto (Dec 17), Western (Dec 18), Queens (Dec 18), Dalhousie (Dec 18), Saskatoon/Regina (Dec 18)  Ophthalmology: UBC (Dec 4), Western (Dec 10), Alberta (Dec 11), Manitoba (Dec 14), McGill (Dec 17), Saskatchewan (Dec 18) Orthopaedic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 7), McGill (Dec 10), Calgary (Dec 14), McMaster (Dec 14), Dalhousie (Dec 12) Otolaryngology: Alberta (Dec 6), UofT (Dec 14), Calgary (Dec 14), Manitoba (Dec 17) Pediatrics: McMaster (Dec. 14, IMG), Western (Dec 14, IMG), UBC (Dec 14, IMG), Ottawa (Dec. 14, IMG), Toronto (Dec.14, IMG), Sask (Dec 18), Ottawa (Dec 18), Toronto (Dec 18), UBC (Dec 18), Alberta (Dec 18), Manitoba (Dec 18), Western (Dec 18), McMaster (Dec 18), NOSM (Dec 18), Dalhousie (Dec 18), Memorial (Dec 18), McGill (Dec 18) Plastic Surgery: Alberta (Dec 4), Manitoba (Dec 11), Laval (Dec 17), McGill (Dec 18), Western (Dec 18), UBC (Dec 18) PM&R: Queens (Nov 22), McMaster (Nov 26), UBC (Nov 30), Manitoba (Nov 30), Western (December6), UofT (December 12th), Calgary (December 12th), USask (Dec 6), Alberta (Dec 7), Dalhousie (Dec 13), Ottawa (Dec 14)  Psychiatry: Memorial (Nov 23), Sherbrooke (Nov 27), McMaster- Hamilton and Waterloo (Dec. 4), Western - London & Windsor (Dec. 4), McGill (Dec. 4), Calgary (Dec 5), Manitoba (Dec 5), U of T (Dec 7), Ottawa (Dec 7), Alberta (Dec 10), NOSM (Dec 11), Queens (Dec 12), USask-Regina (Dec 12), UBC (Dec 12), USask-Saskatoon (Dec 13),Dalhousie (Dec 13), U de M (Dec 14) Public Health and Preventive Medicine: Alberta (Dec 5), Manitoba (Dec 7), McMaster (Dec 10), UBC (Dec 12), NOSM (Dec 12) UofT (Dec12), Ottawa (Dec 13) Queens (Dec 17), Calgary (Dec 18) Radiation Oncology: Calgary (December 10), Alberta (Dec 11), UBC (Dec 11), Ottawa (Dec 17), Dalhousie (Dec 17), Manitoba (Dec 17), Western (Dec 17), McMaster (Dec 18), Queen's (Dec 18) Urology: Western (Dec 4), Dalhousie (Dec 5), McMaster (Dec 5), Ottawa (Dec 6), Toronto (Dec 8), McGill (Dec 12) Vascular Surgery: Toronto (Nov 26), Western (Dec 10)
  2. I don't necessarily agree with this. I set mine up with the CIBC branch in my small town back home through my standard financial advisor (not saying it is the best LOC, but it meets my needs). With regards to the actual service when setting it up, I had no issues. They knew eno ugh about their services, and it was extremely easy to go talk to them and get all my documents signed, which I liked.
  3. So if you dont't meet minimum GPA cutoffs at the time of application, you often won't get an interview. However, I believe there is a spot in the OMSAS application that allows for a personal letter to explain things like life events or death in the family which may have impacted your application in any way (someone please confirm). I believe these cases are assessed on an individual basis. I don't know exactly what the criteria are, but it gives a chance to explain what you went through, and have that taken into consideration. Otherwise, if you do well next year and apply after 4th year, than your first two years won't be considered in your two year gpa, and you should have a good chance.
  4. Yeah, pretty sure our class had a lot of fun making the video, and that's why we did it. There were really no scenes in it that actually promoted the school at all.
  5. As a point of clarification, meeting minimums does not ensure you will be selected for an interview. However, it is a start. Right now your last two years would qualify to give you a chacne at an interview. The MCAT score would be important so writing it will give you a good idea where you stand. Being a SWOMEN applicant is definitely beneficial. Although research experience is not really assessed prior to interview, it does give you things to talk about in an interview. Also, even though having connections should nevee carry any weight, again it gives you experiences to talk about in your interviews which can be really helpful. A lot of people do a master's, but the CTF nursing is an interesting idea. Even if you apply after first year, you would end up completing the degree before the OMSAS process was finished, and this would give you a great job if you ended up not getting in. I know people who took that program and really enjoyed it. Just make sure that nursing is something you would really be okay doing because it is a very different role than a doctor, and the fact that you are interested in one does not mean you will necessarily like the other. Also, if you didn't really want to be there, you would be taking the spot of someone who did.
  6. I do know that people have gotten these scholarships, but they are intended to level the playing field and make the school accessible to everyone. For this reason I would say "competitive" isn't really the right term to use. It is like competing for having the most financial need. Realistically, almost all students have an LOC, which isn't as scary as it sounds. Some students may have had no parental support for their previous degree, and have a large amount of pre-existing student debt. They would likely be seen as in greater need, but nothing is for certain. They don't release the finance details of people who have gotten these scholarships for obvious reasons.
  7. My understanding is that you likely still have one more year with the old one, but I do not believe anything has been announced.
  8. I just wanted to clarify a few of your statements: 1. All of the reasons you listed as to why the new mcat score should be given more weight are irrelevant because the scores are percentile based. The biggest thing about the mcat is the it compares you to how others do on the same day. Therefore, the fact that the test was longer, etc. will impact everyone, and the percentile method accounts for that. 2. I don't know why the old MCAT dropped to a 10, but traditionally it was always an 11, which I believe is roughly 90-95th percentile (a 12 was 98th when I wrote). So 97th is not that far from what it has traditionally been. Also, to answer someone else's question, I believe it is closer to 450-480 people interviewed.
  9. So the panel will consist of a faculty member (doctor), senior medical student, and a community member. Traditionally the panel interview is known to be relatively enjoyable because there is actually a chance to get to know your interviewers and visa versa. Often there are a variety of questions, some more about you as a person, and some more situational.
  10. Just rely on your personality and past experiences. That will be more than enough to make a good impression. If you're interviewing this weekend, good luck!
  11. That would be considered quite extensive for an undergrad, but again it depends on your field of study. I worked in a wet lab doing method development for over 2 years, and it was slow progress, so I didn't have any publications when I applied. With one 5th authorships on an abstract, I still got accepted to all four schools I applied to. Research is great, but just remember that it isn't the only part of your application. For me, there were other aspects of my application which I think carried more weight. Also, remember that some schools don't even look at the ABS, so the only time they would have a chance to hear about your research is in an interview. If you sit in an interview and start listing publications it can come off as "unpleasant", so I think the experience is much more beneficial for an interview situation than the actual product/publications.
  12. In case you aren't familiar with London, downtown traffic can be much worse than you would expect for a city of this size. Make sure you give yourself some extra time to get to your interview on Sunday. Being a little early never hurts. Good luck!
  13. Very little information about the written component has been provided, even to the students helping out with interviews this weekend. Although I do think increased transparency would be beneficial, it really isn't intended to be something you have to worry about too much or prepare for. The entire Schulich interview process has always been designed to learn about the applicant as a whole person, so don't stress to much about them looking for any one thing in particular. If you are interviewing this weekend, good luck!
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