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  1. Did Queens sent out emails to every one , or still some members are still waiting,like me ??
  2. I did not receive yet any email from Western . But I got email of acceptance to McGill OT.kindly provide your opinion here.If I accept the offer from McGill university now before their Deadline to accept on May 20 . And later Ontario universities send me acceptance email after May 20 ,then will I be able to send Rejection to McGill and Acceptance to any of Ontario OT universities ??
  3. Hi. Today I got email of acceptance to McGill OT If I accept my acceptance at McGill university now before Ontario universities send acceptances on May 17,then will I be able to send acceptance in Ontario OT universities and say no to McGill? Deadline to accept McGill is may 20.
  4. Hello OThopefully Thank you very much for good information. Any idea,how and when will MacGill send email notice ?
  5. Congratulations to those who got admission in O.T . Regarding O.T admissions, kindly let other members knows, that, have you received an email for acceptance, waitlist or rejected, from University of Toronto, Queesna, Western Ontarion and MacGill ( O.T) . Kindly inform here.
  6. Hi. I did not receive any email from MacGill ( O.T) yet. Kindly inform here, have you all received emails from MacGill- OT , either Accepted or Rejected or waitlisted , please. Best wishes for you all.
  7. Nash--A big wish and good luck for your success in your interview at MacMaster.
  8. O.T-- Kindly...inform,if any one have received interview calls from Macgill,Qeens and U o Toronto ??
  9. I did not receive any email for OT from Ontario universites,Dal and Mcgill .May be my GPA is disappointing factor ?. Does above universities ask for interview for OT or just send an email for acceptance ?? Do they keep some applicants in waiting List ?
  10. Good Morning, My Sub GPA is 3.51 , lower than yours. , which is making me sad, as I did not receive anything yet. Do they decide just on the basis of GPA or they consider other factors like , the science courses attended, Refrerences ,volunteer work , resume as well as personal statement too ??. Is sub GPA by ORPAS is final for decision or all universities make their individual GPA calculations ? . Kindly put your opinions.
  11. Hi. I am requesting for your opinions and suggestions to get admission in Occupational Therapy-OT Applied + OT: in all 4 Ontario universities , Macgill university , Dalhousie university .Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: On ORPAS webite my s-gpa; 3.51Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: I have volunteered in OT office for 100 hours and worked as volunteer in a Family Physician office for one year . I submitted a Resume , a full Statement and three References from , OT , Family physician and a Professor from UTM . I did 4 years Bachelor degree from UTM. There are many applicants with good GPA, who applied for both PT as well as OT admissions. How will ORPAS/ universities , decide about OT admissions,if applicant accepts admission offer in PT.?? Your opinions,please ?
  12. Hi. Congratulation on your selection for MSOT. I want to apply in Master Occupational therapy next year as I did not get in due to lower GPA. I am taking 2 classes at UTM. I want to take more online courses now.Kindly let me know which 3 more online courses shouls I take to boost my GPA to 3,8 to 3.9.I will apply at MacMaster,Queens and Western. I will appreciate your help,please .
  13. I failed to get in PT. Now will apply in next term in Occupational Therapy in Ontario and Outside Ontario .My GPA was 3.2 .Kindly let me know which Online/Distance courses are best to boost my GPA to 3.9, please . I have low GPA with Anatomy,physio,bio,physics,statistics, General psychology,Developmental Psychology,English writing,English composition and sociology. General chemistry but No biochemistry,no Organic chemistry. .. .Please help.
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