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  1. Congratulations to those coming off the waitlist. If you have been accepted to Western and deciding to attend, be sure to join the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/539083839812470/
  2. Congratulations!!! Facebook group to those who were accepted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539083839812470/
  3. Congratulations!!!!! Facebook group to those who were accepted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/539083839812470/
  4. Thank you for the kind words! I interviewed at UBC (but I think a miracle would be needed to for an acceptance). My Personal statement was definitely rushed, and didn't have much ECs for the ABS (I tried to write what I could though). Definitely need to get out of my comfort zone in terms of exposing myself to new things . Do you think I should redo my cDAT? Hey, I don't think a 1-year Masters will add any value to your application to be quite frank. Hopefully you get that UBC position. However, in the event that you do not, take that year off for yourself. Perhaps travel in the first few weeks to get your mind off things. Then do research, volunteering, until the next cycle. Don't bother with the DAT. It's a tremendous waste of time and counts for very little towards your application. Definitely write a very well-polished PS/ABS, because that seems to play a huge role in admissions this year. Best wishes.
  5. Best wishes to everyone! It's the final stretch.
  6. The ABS/PS - as well as the interview - favours more mature students, imho. The number of people coming straight out of a four-year undergrad is a minority (<10 students). Most people have been out of undergrad for two or more years, during which they were able to rack experiences (professional and life experiences) through work, graduate degrees, travelling, etc. So, I don't think the school is looking for graduate students per se, but rather the change in the admission process favoured those who have grad degrees.
  7. Wouldn't post misleading information Came straight out of the mouth of the head of admissions.
  8. I should also mention that the waitlist moved 35-40 people. This contradicts the speculation of many people during the application cycle (myself included) that the Schulich waitlist wouldn't move much.
  9. The admissions office do not release this information, but I would imagine that it would not be more than 15%.
  10. Hi all, The stats haven't been released, but in case you were wondering how the ABS/PS affected the average for our class... it didn't really. Academic Average: ~89.9% The DAT was consistent with the past few years, more or less. With that being said, there was someone who was interviewed with a low-80 average (far below the cut-off of 87.5% in previous years). I do not know the minimum average that was admitted. Also, some people were invited to the interview with an 18 RC, but that may have been an error from the Admissions Office. The minimum for next year will likely be 19 RC (like previous years). I would say that the biggest change that the ABS/PS brought to our class is the fact that we have 15-16 students with graduate degrees, two of which who have a PhD degree. This is a significant change in the class demographic. Good luck to all!
  11. As a student with no income (just an LOC) and in need of a car, what would you do? Under what conditions would you lease? When would you buy? I need as much information as possible because I am a bit behind on these issues.
  12. So, it seems like getting an iPad/Surface is a decent investment, right?
  13. If you are blessed to be an undergrad at Western like I am (was?), then you don't have to do anything. Otherwise, I can't comment. ALSO: Waitlist is moving, folks. Expect the majority of waitlist offers to be coming out in the next 2-3 weeks as all other schools finalize their decisions.
  14. Just to let you know, Western offers classes for their students in the fall. You don't have to go out of your way to do it in the summer. Otherwise, I am pretty sure Standard First Aid and CPR-C will suffice. If you live in London currently, SERT offers it at Western through Red Cross. But personally, I am just going to wait till the fall, I think.
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