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  1. Sort of interested in that, a career as a physician in the military. Apparently you get pretty good benefits, including paid leave and pension, which seems tempting as we don't get that as doctors. Does anyone have any information on the job? I only found official government pages talking about it, not that I don't trust them but would like a more impartial opinion about it. *I'm talking about direct entry, finishing my degree this year and starting residency in 2017 (hopefully)
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    Carms 2016- 2Nd Iteration

    Depends on what (and how) you emailed them of course, just saying that PD's aren't just anyones
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    This thread seems a bit dead but I will bump in instead of making a new topic... Recently found out about this forum. Any residents in anesthesia here? I am a Sherbrooke student, 4th year graduating this year. Did not apply for carms this year so I can focus on other things (family, cancer, long story, not fun). Planning on going to family medicine the year after. Now I am doing my anesthesia elective right now, picked it up for fun, had no interest beforehand. The doctor I work with is now pushing me to apply for it next year since he thinks I will be good and is offering me a letter of reference. I do have interest for this, but I want to be realistic too. Any chance I get accepted? Only have one elective in, others are focused on physical medicine, in my university, but strong references, can use this year to build up a CV (research in anesth?) but it would have to be in Sherby. Wondering if the fact I miss one year not doing medicine will hurt me, since I know it's a very very competitive field. I do not mind putting a lot of work during the year to build an application, if my chances are good, if they are realistically non existant I won't start this endeavour. If anyone has some experience with this I will appreciate any help