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  1. HelloWorld12

    Waitlist post-interview 2019 discussion

    Does anyone know when the waitlist should start moving? I'm guessing this Monday?
  2. HelloWorld12


    Next IP that is waitlisted for MD-PhD or just MDCM that is offered a spot?
  3. Might as well make headway. Anybody else bad tripping?
  4. If you're waitlisted above 40, you're basically screwed eh?
  5. HelloWorld12

    Complete Task?

    Hey everyone! I had a question about the MMI that maybe someone can give some insight into... Without divulging any detail about the situation, a task was required of us in a situation, and in the moment, I felt that it was not the right thing to do to go about "pursuing" that task. And so I didn't really try to complete it...But looking back, I'm thinking that was a horrible idea because the evaluators now has nothing to evaluate me on. Does anyone have any insight into this? Would this in general produce a very poor grade for that situation?
  6. Does anyone know the approximate number of candidates that are pre-interview waitlisted?
  7. HelloWorld12

    Chances of interview when waitlisted pre-interview?

    After conferring with other anxious people, you've been deemed correct.
  8. HelloWorld12

    Chances of interview when waitlisted pre-interview?

    Send a pm if you want to figure this out together
  9. HelloWorld12

    Chances of interview when waitlisted pre-interview?

    since they rank from best to worst, the # might actually reflect your ranking
  10. HelloWorld12

    Chances of interview when waitlisted pre-interview?

    What numbers did you guys get as the application number "(# xx)"/"(no. xx)" in your notice of decision email? This might help us figure out the waitlist system/ where we stand :p
  11. Hello everyone! Was wondering if anyone knows the chances of getting an interview when waitlisted. Or has any insight into the number of people who are kept on the pre-interview waitlist. Or has a personal experience of similar circumstances that they would like to share
  12. HelloWorld12

    Next round of invites

    I think dominos already has a patent pending on this system << Your application is in the oven >>
  13. HelloWorld12

    Re-applicant chances?

    Thanks guys!
  14. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone knows how re-applicants are viewed whom previously received an interview. Is it considered a completely new application or is it taken into consideration that they have previously been refused post-interview?