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  1. It seems that UBC has removed the "accepted for publication" option for the research section. Are we not allowed to include journal articles that were accepted for publication before June 1st 2018, but published after June 1st 2018...?
  2. Based on what you wrote, it looks like 2 entries to me. 1 in high performance & 1 in diversity of experience.
  3. this a premed forum, not a predent forum – regardless, from my limited understanding, averages to get into dentistry is around 85-86% (for UBC DMD at least), so you're on the lower end of competitiveness. Generally speaking, your chances seem lower than other candidates with higher averages.
  4. To assess how you'll likely perform on test day, you need to do a FL AAMC timed. I wouldn't panic or feel discouraged unless you're scoring low on the AAMC FL.
  5. Pterygoid

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    Looks strong, I'd advise to diversify a bit & go out of your comfort zone in terms of your ECs to make it even stronger.
  6. Pterygoid

    Should I apply?

    If you have the financial means, I would recommend that you apply & get a feel for the process at UBC. Your GPA is on the lower end of the average- but still competitive. This was the formula last year for AQ calculation: 1.57907*(AGPA) - 111.0834 = AQ score. Based on the formula, your AQ score is ~20. Last year, applicants needed ~53 total points to get an interview. For you this means that about ~33 points should come from your NAQ section (extracurriculars etc) to get ~20 + ~33 = ~53 Your MCAT score is low & I'd advice that you rerwrite. Aim for something around 513+ Good luck!
  7. I think UBC Med has answered this question a year or two a go- they recommend for you to put it under employment since the award is paid out as a salary. But won't penalize you for putting it under awards either.
  8. In the last cycle it was 52.91 TFR IP & 63.16 TFR OOP. Interview cut-offs hover around those numbers every cycle.
  9. Not sure what you mean by this. The equation is a linear one (y = mx + b): As your grade increases, your AQ would increase linearly based on that equation (i.e. y= 1.57907x - 111.0834).
  10. Some tips in case you haven't done some of this: - make sure you highlight tangible outcomes based on your contributions to X activity - speak in active voice..& as objectively + descriptively as possible // avoid passive // - avoid general phrases about the organization/initiative -- this cuts out a lot of the fancy intros people add that just takes up space & doesn't really get you any points imo. - try to frame your activity to highlight the category you placed it in (service ethic vs capacity to work w/ others vs leadership) - Read the CanMed competencies & then read your NAQ description -- > try to have your descriptions highlight 1 or 2 CanMed competencies
  11. At this point the class of 2021 has been finalized - you would only get an invite if someone (after accepting) changed their mind & withdrew from the program. for more info http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admissions-blog/
  12. Pterygoid

    Erica Frank As A Prof For Spph 300?

    The majority of complaints are of course disorganization & the addition of assignments on short-notice, this is a valid complaint, even if the students complaining do well in the course (93+ class average). Also, keep in mind that RMP is not always representative of the class, since people don't usually comment unless it's an amazing or horrible experience.
  13. You probably want something in equal distance to UBC, VGH, & BCCH. But UBC should be your priority. I'd reccomend an apartment or basement suite - rent varies from 700-1100+ depending on what you want & location. Whether you want roommates is up to you, I've never had issues personally. Try http://www.uvrentsline.com/ Good luck!
  14. Pterygoid

    Lack Of Extra-Curricular Activities?

    ECs are usually volunteer activities. If you are paid for an activity it usually has it's own place in an application. E.g., there is a paid/work experiences section on UBC's MD application.
  15. Pterygoid

    My Friend Needs Help...

    In the upcoming school-year: your friend should take 30 credits and needs to perform well (3.9+ GPA). If he is able to do that, and then continue to do so in upcoming school years, then medicine is a realistic goal. If your friend's GPA is not improving to levels that are up-to-par with accepted applicants then your friend needs to come to terms with the reality of medicine not being an realistic goal - there are many health-care related roles that are just as valuable in providing patient care and you should encourage your friend to explore those options.