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  1. My understanding is that UBC medicine wants to see candidates excelling in courses with a full-course load, while taking ECs. If it doesn't come from this semester (or year), I think it will need to be shown in another year. In general, medical schools would like to see your grades. Having said that, this semester is likely going to be an exception. But evidence of doing well with a full-course load has to show up somewhere from I understand.
  2. I find it odd to send it to all interviewed applicants. Seems like a waste of time for ~50% of students, if they aren't getting an UBC MD seat. IMO makes more sense to let accepted students apply for this in the fall.
  3. 4294 applicants, 575 interviews, 164 spots.
  4. Rejection Time Stamp: 1:26Location: OOPStream: EnglishwGPA: 3.96Current year: UG Complete 2018CASPer: was OK EC’s: research, pres of club, hospital work, work with stroke pts, lots of big name awards from my school GL all!
  5. Below is snippet from the UBC Medicine's help guide, and there are other places where they specifically state that they value meaningful commitments in areas with populations that are not like yourself. You need to target this area if you want a higher NAQ score, period. Capacity to Work with Others (5 entries allowed): This category recognizes applicants’ abilities to work with groups which take them beyond their peers, friends, school and co-workers.Consideration is given to an applicant’s experience and knowledge gained from working with groups and individuals including, but not limited to, customer service teams, diverse age groups, cultures different from one’s own (immersion), socio-economic backgrounds other than one’s own, individuals with physical,cognitive or developmental disabilities, sexual orientations, etc.
  6. you should seek out work that involves vulnerable populations--- eg individuals with disabilities. UBC really values involvement related to this. ubc looks for more "well-rounded" individuals in the NAQ, so being research heavy is not beneficial.
  7. from my understanding, they typically call when if the verifier has not responded to their email or the email bounced back.
  8. if you get an interview, you'll receive more information about the reference letters. you haven't really described your club activity, so not sure how much help this is for you. student clubs aren't traditionally considered community service activities. they're more extracurricular leadership activities. community service are things like: soup kitchen, hospital volunteer, leading an activity for the community benefit (eg free exercises for seniors or individuals with disability).
  9. 3 of my verifiers were contacted last Monday (oct21). A friend of mine had 2 of his verifiers contacted this morning ---- that we know of.
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