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  1. im surprised CBL and labs are online. Bummer.
  2. Don't CMGs just have to pass? The pass rate is 95% for first time CMG test takers. If you're scoring well on the practice, then I don't see why you'd want to postpone.
  3. Seems like it'll be a mix for us. "During fall 2020, UBC will primarily offer larger classes online with selected smaller classes conducted in-person, adhering to physical distancing and other public health requirements. We will maintain a clear focus on ensuring high-quality face-to-face instruction, where possible, and high-quality remote instruction. The Undergraduate Medical Education Program will be sharing updates about specific sessions in the coming weeks."
  4. I just checked SSC, and enrollment letter has been added! I did my ugrad at UBC so didn't have to wait for student number
  5. Another factor seems to be whether you enrolled and did well in their 'strongly recommended' science courses. "Courses in biology, chemistry and biochemistry are strongly recommended but are not required for application. All applicants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these areas through coursework and/or MCAT scores."
  6. Nothing yet. The orientation checklist is supposed to be sent in June though!
  7. Before you interview, the dean of admissions says something along the lines of "don't worry, performing bad on one station doesn't sink the boat". Apparently he says that to every cohort who interviews...
  8. I just got in with a 126 cars, 512 overall. Hope this helps?
  9. Result: Accepted VFMP Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 10:55 AM AGPA: 89% EC's - quite diverse and varied. founder of a club, lots of research experiences (2nd author pub), undergrad TA, volunteering with vulnerable populations. Spent a lot of time writing my ECs and had many drafts. Included travel experiences, and hobbies. MCAT: 512 (126 CARS) Interview: I felt awful about 2 stations (I seemed to get off track in one of them, and was super nervous for my first one). I felt good about the rest. Working at the Crisis Line really helped, I'd highly recommend volunteering (Esp for acting stations).
  10. There have been a few applicants with low MCATs (<510) who seem to have competitive grades, ECs and above average interviews, but get rejected. Check the UBC Acceptance/Rejection thread. It's likely that the MCAT scores contribute – perhaps some % of the academic criteria section (post-interview).
  11. My understanding is that UBC medicine wants to see candidates excelling in courses with a full-course load, while taking ECs. If it doesn't come from this semester (or year), I think it will need to be shown in another year. In general, medical schools would like to see your grades. Having said that, this semester is likely going to be an exception. But evidence of doing well with a full-course load has to show up somewhere from I understand.
  12. I find it odd to send it to all interviewed applicants. Seems like a waste of time for ~50% of students, if they aren't getting an UBC MD seat. IMO makes more sense to let accepted students apply for this in the fall.
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