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  1. M1 here; I agree with you completely. I don't subscribe to the notion that my life must revolve around my patients and communities. It's a fantastic career that can be enjoyed without an undying passion for (or obsession with) medicine. God forbid you prioritize your family and kids.
  2. I put "unstructured activity" last year for hobbies, travels in the Organization section.
  3. I don't think the minimum GPA is an issue for indigenous applicants. The Indigenous MD Subcommittee has the power to overrule. I highly recommend you attend their info session coming up: Wednesday, September 2 at 12:00 PM: Indigenous Admissions Stream — You can register for this session by clicking here. You will receive lots of support. UBC MD has a social accountability mandate to increase the number of indigenous physicians. Best of luck.
  4. well... it looks like someone was admitted with a history of unprofessional conduct (https://www.**DELETED**.com/r/UBC/comments/ig48w7/incoming_ubc_medicine_student_with_history_of/) Im not sure if UBC Med is/was aware. **Edit there's rumors going around that they'll be removed from the program. However, nothing official.
  5. I believe it's relative to the pool who've been interviewed that cycle (~650 interviewees).
  6. My understanding is that CPSBC requests the crim check themselves!
  7. No idea what is yet. Here's the relevant excerpt: Location: Students are expected to be at their designated sites on August 24, 2020. However, students are highly encouraged to attend in-person registration the week before the start of classes (August 17 - 21). Further details about the in-person registration will be shared as soon as the registration sessions are approved and confirmed. Feel free to PM me, if you have other questions!
  8. Start date is Aug 24. There may be 'registration' happening the week prior. Everything you need to get started on should be in the "Welcome Letter" -- there's also the orientation website which has the rest of the info!
  9. To clarify, students who were in school during the pandemic could drop the full 30 credits in a given year, however they must have taken at least 135 credits during their undergraduate course work. From my experience, many students take more than 30 credits per year (especially if you include summer courses, which UBC Medicine does). Whether you think this is fair or not, is another discussion entirely. Personally, I was grateful that they choose to provide grade adjustments in general– they don't have to do this. There's enough competition to select students without needing to adjust grades (see McMaster).
  10. This would be a good question for Jennifer! My understanding is that you apply for student loans through your 'home' province.
  11. im surprised CBL and labs are online. Bummer.
  12. Don't CMGs just have to pass? The pass rate is 95% for first time CMG test takers. If you're scoring well on the practice, then I don't see why you'd want to postpone.
  13. Seems like it'll be a mix for us. "During fall 2020, UBC will primarily offer larger classes online with selected smaller classes conducted in-person, adhering to physical distancing and other public health requirements. We will maintain a clear focus on ensuring high-quality face-to-face instruction, where possible, and high-quality remote instruction. The Undergraduate Medical Education Program will be sharing updates about specific sessions in the coming weeks."
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