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  1. I would also recommend not re-taking if you're set on UBC. Your other scores are stellar and with a good interview score you should be fine. IMO, without that good interview score, improving the MCAT will likely not get you into UBC. Enjoy the rest of your summer!
  2. Accepted to Kelowna Result: rejected (2014), rejected (2015), rejected (2016), Accepted into SMP (2017) GPA: ~90% overall, adjusted, and old pre-req's. AQ: ~32-33 (2014-2016) NAQ: 33 (2016) TFR: 64.5 (2014), 61.5 (2015), 65.6 (2016) MCAT: 26 (2014-2017) and had to do it 3 times before getting above 6 on verbal (I got an 8 on my third attempt). ***Then I thought the verbal was holding me back so I spent all summer only studying that section, and bought a prep course, and ended up doing worse with a 5! (What a waste of time, money and emotional stress!)*** Interview: below average (2014-2016) and assuming average or above this time around (or maybe they were just tired of reviewing my application?!). Completed undergrad and a masters. After being rejected with a 'below average' interview three years in a row, I pretty much gave up and assumed something was wrong with me that I was completely unaware of. I'm sorry for those who received regrets this time around, and for those who are waiting on the waitlist. Any words of advice I can give would just be a repeat from others. Do what you love, live your life, and be the best you can be in whatever you are passionate about and you will get in somewhere eventually. I know people wonder how to get a high NAQ and from my experience I have been consistently high with minimal volunteering. My experience ranges from a lot of diverse paid work experience, and high level athletics (international competitions for 8 years). If anyone wants specific advice feel free to message me. Good luck to the waitlisters I hope it moves fast for you! And good luck to those who continue to re-apply. The longer you wait the sweeter it will feel
  3. Yes, I interviewed the past 4 cycles. Too much waiting.
  4. I'm fully prepared for a 4th rejection in a row with another 'below average' interview. Regardless, I think I'm going to have a heart attack tomorrow morning between 9-10AM. Good luck to everyone! Life will go on either way.
  5. This was my fourth time interviewing at UBC (I've applied the last 4 years) and I would agree the questions were quite different compared to the last three years. I applaud UBC for changing it up and discouraging any 'formula' in answering the questions. The questions were challenging but really interesting. I enjoyed this year's questions the most and there is no doubt it would be tough not to show your true personality!
  6. Yeah, I'm probably not the best person to be giving advice at this point…
  7. Don't sweat it. Lots of people apply and interview many times. I have heard of success stories with low MCATs, low GPAs, barely making cut-offs, etc. You can be successful no matter what road you follow. You may be doing something wrong in the interview, but it is more likely the 'black box' is somewhat of a lottery. At least that is what I tell myself… I interviewed 3 times, way above the TFR cut-off, and all three years I have had a 'below average' interview. Your grades are good, you did well on the MCAT, there is no reason why you shouldn't get in…. it just might take a few years. Keep your chin up, enjoy your life, work hard, and it will pay off in your NAQ and interview eventually. Trust me!
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