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  1. heydere

    Unhappy in medicine?

    I wish I could help. But I felt the exact same way as you throughout clerkship, and continue to feel the same way in residency.
  2. heydere

    Applying to FM last minute

    Can you switch one of your non rad electives to family medicine? Family Medicine is becoming increasingly competitive. One elective would help tremendously.
  3. heydere

    Income and Lifestyle

    Are there many such people unhappy with the extra spots?
  4. I am also looking to speak to someone regarding transfers
  5. To be honest with you, I would keep this reference as a last resort. I do think that there is hidden stigma and discrimination against Muslims, from my personal experiences, and I would be hesitant to advise you to use this reference letter. As unfortunate as that may be.
  6. heydere

    USask Med vs UManitoba med

    I don’t personally have experience with either of these programs, but I would pick UofM, as they have amazing surgical residency programs that UofS doesn’t (ex, neurosurg, plastics, cardiac, vascular) and someone already mentioned peds as well. Winnipeg also has a great food scene!
  7. Why is the value for 25,000 Scotia points less than the value for 15,000 RBC points?
  8. I was reading the Gold Amex (https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/personal/credit-cards/american-express/gold-card.html) and Passport infinite (https://www.scotiabank.com/ca/en/personal/credit-cards/visa/passport-infinite-card.html) descriptions. Regrading reward points earned, both mention eligible "eligible grocery stores, dining, entertainment purchases" Does anyone know what counts as eligible? Cant find the info anywhere.
  9. Whats the average community radiologist pay?
  10. What dates do the results come out usually? 2018 ones are not out yet...
  11. Not to create major disputes amongst us, but I personally think that physicians are over compensated for their work. Yes I do understand that we have years of debt, years of hard education and we make a difference in critical moments of people’s lives and hence should be rewarded. As a first generation physician and immigrant though, I have seen how incredibly difficult jobs people in other professions work and the relatively low incomes they earn. Most middle-income families would be lucky to afford a single international vacation in more than a decade. Meanwhile, all physicians afford multiple vacations per year. I understand it is hard to see a cut in your pay cheque but I think it’s important to be cognizant of others in the society.. We are so fortunate to earn what we do, to do what we do, but being so defensive about our incomes only makes us look worse in the eyes of the public.
  12. Would all steps be required to apply? Or just Step 1?
  13. Thats correct for CaRMS. I am asking about applying for US residency in the first round, after completing residency in Canada.
  14. That's what I am hearing. Do you know what steps would be required for that? Regular USMGs only have Step 1 by the time they apply. Would it be the same requirement for post-graduate trainees/staff from Canada? Or would it be good to have all the Steps done?
  15. HI everyone, I was wondering is it possible to apply for residency in the states after completing residency in Canada?