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  1. I've been in the same boat! Mechanical engineering, then a masters degree while also being a research associate. Studied for my MCAT while writing my thesis (well to be fair, I did most of my studying after my thesis was done and waiting for my director to send me comments). It can be done, but I found it much easier to focus 100% on the MCAT than to try to also fix my solution to the minority-carrier diffusion equation of solar cells at the same time. My masters was taking so much cognitive energy that I couldn't focus properly on the MCAT for which, let's be honest, you will have a lot of studying to do. Best of luck!
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    I'm done

    That was hard to even read, I can't imagine how you're feeling right now. It feels like you very recently got some form of confirmation that you failed a block. Is that right? There's nothing I can realistically write that would help you right now, other than this: deal with the actual facts later, they may or may not be as bad as you see them right now. The fact that this is your first post on this forum tells me that your emotions must be very strong, and that is therefore your priority right now. Do you have summer off at your school? If so, take a couple of weeks to do something completely different, away from all of this. Travel the country, canoe on a lake, surfing in Costa RIca, whatever. This will help you to deal with things without staying stuck in a deep hole. Being down a hole, or feeling "in prison" is not the place to be, and if you have the opportunity, get out of it. This can make all the difference it takes to get back on your feet. If you don't have summer off, try to see if you can take some time off, many schools allow that for health reasons. Second, maybe a school counsellor who knows more about your school, community, etc. would be better placed to help you than us. As I said, things may or may not be as bad as you see them right now, and the recency of what happened makes it hard to have a clear head about this. Finally, you mentioned a language barrier. If you'd like to talk to someone in French (I have no idea what kind of barrier you're talking about!), send me a PM, I'll give you a call. Sincerely wishing you the best! Others will chime in soon, I'm sure.
  3. SEISMOSCOPE Some Extravagant Islander Saw Many Ostracods Sitting Calmly On Pretty Eels.
  4. Everything is simpler when everyone involved is aware of the situation. Just tell your supervisor than you are trying to get into med school and that, if it woks, you will have to leave halfway through. Admission is, as you said, very competitive, and admission in a year does not mean you will be admitted in the following year. I had the same dilemma for a PhD I was offered, and I've been very upfront about it, and he was more than understanding and genuinely thanked me for telling him. I ended up travelling instead though (quite different, I know, but that's not the point). Just make sure that you would wrap things up as much as possible before you quit if you're accepted in order to leave a project that someone could easily pick back up.
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    It would make a very good practice though.
  6. Bonjour, J'aimerais avoir l'avis de ceux qui ont déjà fait l'année préparatoire. Croyez-vous que c'est raisonnable de s'inscrire à un cours de 3 heures d'espagnol les mardi soirs en plus de tout le cheminement obligatoire? Ça me semble déjà assez chargé, mais en même temps c'est pas la première fois que je fais du ~20 crédits. Merci!
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    Repris des prereqs

    Way to go, je fais pareil mais avec bio en plus! Ça avance bien tes devoirs?
  8. jul059

    Repris des prereqs

    UdeM requiert spécifiquement chimie organique, alors tu ne seras pas couvert à ce niveau là.
  9. Could you expand on that? Is it good at recognizing less than stellar handwriting? Can you easily search through years of notes like OneNote, or is somewhat more restricted? Thank you!
  10. Some food for thought: How to Make Hard Choices.
  11. Thanks. How and when do you actually find those things out? Also, that person who makes 80k, what kind of specialty does he/she works in? I can see that medicine can somewhat be tailored to your needs, but it's very unclear to me what are the barriers that you have to work around to make it work. You can't just read a book about it!
  12. Which jobs would that be? I'm really curious as I just got accepted and I'm also getting somewhat cold feet... Everyone I talk to seem unhappy, taking sick leave or whole sabbaticals, and saying they would chose something else if they had to make the choice again. I think most of it is due to the gruelling working hours, hence my interest in your statement.
  13. Since Thompson Rivers Online starts any day of the year, here's a trick you can do: simply mention in your application which courses you will take and when. They don't have to be completed. Then, if (and only if!) you get an interview (you will know in the first 2 weeks of December), you enrol and complete the courses before the last day of April (deadline for UBC). No need to pay anything if you don't have at least an interview.
  14. You might want to look into Thompson Rivers. If you buy the textbooks yourself used somewhere, you might save a few hundred $. If you do that, be sure to register by calling and not online, so they can deduct the cost of the textbooks.