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  1. GPA 3.94 offer received in the morning around 10am!!
  2. I was looking at previous years and it looks like it didn't clear the regular waitlist. It'd have to move quite a bit but it'd be great if it did!
  3. Looking at the afmc reports Ottawa waitlist is variable. Anywhere from 56-98 people have declined offers in the past.
  4. Read in one of the threads from last cycle that people are speculating about half of the interviewees without an offer get good waitlisted, so that's about 180 applicants. And anywhere from 50-80 offers have gone out, so if true, there is anywhere from a 33-50% chance to get off the WL.
  5. I'm on the English wait list- my only one too. Lots of movement pleaseeee
  6. Usually it's the day after the 2 week deadline so the first wave should be May 25th.
  7. I don't think so because I've heard of people getting good waitlisted not receiving an offer, whereas Western's is almost always cleared for their high waitlist.
  8. At my interview, the presenters said that there are no outright rejections and everyone gets on the 'list of excellence', with the two emails based on your waitlist position for those without acceptances.
  9. I'm curious to how many people get good waitlisted vs. bad waitlisted. ~ 360 of the 475 English interviewees don't get an offer, so maybe half are good wait-listed? Who knows..
  10. Are you French stream by any chance? Not sure if thats come out yet.. I'm English stream.
  11. Waitlist - good - Accepted off waitlist May 26th around 10am. Time-stamp: 7:59am (May 10, 2016) GPA: 3.94 Stream: English Geography: IP Interview: Thought it went decent but have been thinking of it as downhill upon reflection.
  12. I've also been waitlisted. I'm assuming acceptances have gone out too since someone posted Ottawa emailed them at 7:50. I got my waitlist email at 8:00
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