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  1. Can you comment on if you went through the rural stream? I also have a low mcat (26) but I had above average interview and TFR 64 with a 38 naq. I guess it's slim to impossible to overcome a low mcat if you are not going through rural stream? Sigh I'm definitely rewriting for next cycle because I've maxed out every other aspect of my file. I also had above average last year in the interview and was rejected with same score
  2. I was rejected 2 years in a row with above average interview. My TFR was also 64. But my mcat was bad lol. But I see someone on the forums posted about getting in with a 25 but their personal story seemed really courageous/ they faced many hardships.
  3. Darn it I have not received anything from ottawa... probably last to receive is bad waitlist FML this suck
  4. Anyone else have a panel that was super friendly/ did not challenge their answers at all?
  5. That is interesting, do you think they previewed your app and decided to do a completely different type of interview for you given your experience/maturity? That does not seem really fair if that is the case. From my perspective, my interview was not like the one you described, rather it was what one would expect it to be (without going into specifics).
  6. I had quite a long answer to the first question (3.5-4 min), thankfully I was not cut off. I was cut off once (i was almost done my answer), however, it was done in a very kind way and the person who did it was super, super sweet so I like to believe that it was not meant to be a negative thing. Overall I had a very warm panel so cut offs can still happen. Also, if you finish in the top 1 or 2 interview tier (tier 4.0, 3.5) , are we essentially guaranteed admission at this stage in the process?
  7. Good point, I think Ottawa (and other medical schools) probably tells every panel to be welcoming and engaging, however, like anything in life, there are just some people who are less friendly and open compared to others. It is probably just chance and I am sure that Ottawa doesn't set it up to be like that. I like to think that they probably account for differences in panels/try to standardize it somehow. Don't sweat it, I have heard people getting in with both warm and cold panels.
  8. you are not the only one, my friend had a really cold panel and he told me they kept pressing him. He also said that they didn't seem to want to get to know him as a person. People usually only want to post positive experiences so I am sure there are more out there who did not have a great panel and/or experience
  9. Good Point! I guess one could answer all the questions adequately and feel that they did great yet the panel could have judged them differently during analysis. Regardless the wait and the speculation is killing me haha
  10. seems like many people feel pretty good coming out of it? Hmm makes me wonder how they discern between so many excellent interviews!!
  11. Hey everyone! Are all the interviews done at Ottawa yet? How is everyone feeling about their interview? Warm Panel? Cold Panel? Is Ottawa your first choice or not? Ill start.... I interviewed on Feb 27th and my panel seemed decently warm. I feel decent about my interview, however, as more time goes on the more it becomes a blur. Ottawa is my second choice ! Does anyone know the exact dates acceptances/rejections are sent out?
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