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  1. I just got my letter yesterday letting me know I got into Calgary
  2. I'm patiently waiting to hear this too! No word yet, I just remember them saying that we'd find out at the end of June. Hoping to stay in Calgary
  3. I was waitlisted for OT at U of A. Does anyone have an idea as to why they wont tell us our ranking on the waitlist?
  4. Not sure about them calculating your GPA for you. You could probably calculate it yourself. U of A had the same prerequisite courses last year for anatomy and stats, it didn't change.
  5. Thanks for the response. I am applying for OT not med school. Did you take BIOL 235? I am most likely going to take KNES 259/260 at U of C since I learn better in a classroom.
  6. Hey I am from Calgary and am wondering if you need to take the lab portion of this course (BIOL 1593/1693) in Kamloops? I am currently taking BIOL 235 at Athabasca and am finding it to be difficult to remember 10 chapters of this massive text for one midterm so I am wanting to transfer to TRU. Also the tutors at Athabasca are not helpful. Also wondering if the final is cumulative?
  7. Hey how was or is the course? I just started it a month ago. How in depth do you need to go into the chapters? I know there are study guides but I feel the chapters are all about detail. Thanks!
  8. I am wondering where I could find a volunteer position in Calgary to boost my resume (besides ARBI). I want to apply for OT at U of A in 2017.
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