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  1. member_225

    Whats the point ?

    sorry but this has to be the dumbest thread ever started on this forum
  2. member_225

    DDS or keep applying to MD?

    Take the DDS and run with it
  3. what was your GPA?
  4. Not sure about Alberta but in Ontario family docs are looking around 300k gross income on average, and 30% overhead which gave me the 210 per year net income figure. That's average, not "low end" pay. Sure some will make more, but some will make less.
  5. same could be said with optometry I bet
  6. Assuming your fiancée got into optometry school after 3 years of undergrad, she would be 24 right now. Scenario 1: 6 years of optometry income, with an average of 130k per year across all 6 years (if you think even this isn't doable, then you're just trolling at this point), will be 780k of a head start in income. Scenario 2: your fiancée goes to medical school and ends up doing family medicine. With an average of 210k per year, it would take her 10 years to catch up to the lost income. So at 40 you'd break even as a family doc should she choose not to continue with optometry. Do what you want with this information. I'm not here to convince anyone to do optometry, I couldn't care less.
  7. Shame on us for what? I'm simply stating what I know, which is that many of my friends are making 120-140k as full time optometrists. I never said OP's fiancée will make 250k, I said it's possible so take that into account. I'm sure you can work your way up to 250k in 6 years as an optometrist, instead of studying family medicine only to make less, not even accounting for lost years of income.
  8. One of my friends is making around that, and he's supplementing his income from selling glasses which isn't even an optometrist's job. I made it pretty clear that you're looking at around 120-140k for working full time only from optometry.
  9. I have plenty of friends who are optometrists. a full time optometrist should not be making 70-80k. More around 120-140k, even more if you sell eyeglasses and hire an optician. One of my friends is making 250k doing just that, in what most people would call a "saturated" city. In my opinion OP, if it's only for financial reasons, I wouldn't do medicine, especially not family medicine. It's not worth 6 years of 6 figure salary lost only to get a slightly higher salary in family med. It'll take you well into your 40's to catch up on lost income. If you think he'd enjoy family med more, I would attend the interview and go from there.
  10. western dental school class of 2019 had 56 spots for 591 applicants giving it a 9.5% acceptance rate. Toronto's rate is an exception if anything due to them raising the number of spots available recently.
  11. just don't give your patients a happy ending, is that really hard
  12. member_225

    Info DMD

    Jte guaranti qu’aucun dentre eux réussira, DMD c le programme le plus difficile à l’universote
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    Info DMD

    personne utilise DMD comme tremplin
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    OHIP Billing

    how is that fair