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  1. What do you do if you can't secure a loan? Not attend dental school?
  2. believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see
  3. What would be considered a high income for a family doctor?
  4. Hello everyone, I had some free time and I came across the public salary disclosure for doctors in BC: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/assets/gov/health/practitioner-pro/medical-services-plan/blue-book-2017-18.pdf I selected 3 random pages and counted the numbers of physicians who billed more than 400k last year and it came out to 151 out of 684. That's roughly 22%. Assuming a very conservative overhead rate of 20% across all specialties (very likely that it's more than 20% average but let's be conservative), that means only 20% of doctors in BC are netting (pre-tax) over 300k? Am I missing something here?
  5. how many fellowships do urologists do on average before finding a job in a major city?
  6. Do they still exist? How many years of work does it take to reach that income?
  7. What can a first year radiologist expect to make? Is it easy to find a job in the current market?
  8. Ask him if he can try to find an upper year student to tutor him? The material is still fresh in their mind and they'll charge much less than anyone else...
  9. sorry but this has to be the dumbest thread ever started on this forum
  10. Not sure about Alberta but in Ontario family docs are looking around 300k gross income on average, and 30% overhead which gave me the 210 per year net income figure. That's average, not "low end" pay. Sure some will make more, but some will make less.
  11. Assuming your fiancée got into optometry school after 3 years of undergrad, she would be 24 right now. Scenario 1: 6 years of optometry income, with an average of 130k per year across all 6 years (if you think even this isn't doable, then you're just trolling at this point), will be 780k of a head start in income. Scenario 2: your fiancée goes to medical school and ends up doing family medicine. With an average of 210k per year, it would take her 10 years to catch up to the lost income. So at 40 you'd break even as a family doc should she choose not to continue with optometry. Do what you want with this information. I'm not here to convince anyone to do optometry, I couldn't care less.
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