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  1. Yes, here are my approximative stats from the past 3 years showing how it can change from one year to the next: 2017: Academic: 470/850; CV and personnal statement: 60/850; TOTAL: 155/850 invited 2018: Academic: 500/815; CV: 190/815; CASPer: 515/815; TOTAL: 465/815 rejected 2019: Academic: 525/820; CV: 7/820; CASPer: 315/820 ;TOTAL: 350/820 rejected But for me the change from personnal statement to CASPer in 2018 definitly disavantaged me :/ Also I think the GPA of applicants rises every year, explaining why my academic ranking keeps on dropping while my undergrad (completed since 2014) GPA obviously stays the same at 3.6
  2. Hello J'applique pour la 1ere fois en médecine à l'université Laval en tant que "candidat québécois universitaire possédant un doctorat de recherche ou en voie de l’obtenir". Ceci est donc un thread pour discuter de ce contingent et des documents requis, puis pour attendre ensemble les résultats Bon succès dans vos demandes
  3. Keep trying! With your rank in academia you should be fine to get an interview next year even without the NTP, don't you think? Your interview should go better since you will know what to expect
  4. Thanks for sharing, I'd be nice to also include your GPA and some other details if you can :) My ranking supports my theory that with the CV worth only 10% even if I had a nobel prize I wouldn't get in. hahahaha Academic portion : 523/819 (My GPA is 3.6 + I have a masters and am currently doing a PhD) Non‐academic portion, CASPer: 316 (improved from 515 last year so yay ) Non‐academic portion, CV: 7 (!!!!!!!!! funny thing, last year it was ranked 187... which tell us how much it depends of the evaluator ) Overall prescreening rank: 350/819 I don't know if I should laugh or cry hahaha
  5. Selon les CRU qu’ils m’ont calculé par le passé ils utilisent leur table d’etalon pour convertir. Tu peux la trouver en ligne.
  6. When I interviewed one of the students who was giving us the tour told me that since I had a masters degree I probably could be exempted from this class. He seemed pretty sure but since I didn’t get in so I don’t know if it was true. So not too helpful but I am sure it doesn’t hurt to try
  7. measures like increasing the value of the CV above 10%? (While the Casper might help diversity I don’t 100% believe the whole « if you have pertinent life experience it will make you stand out in the Casper », for what it’s worth I know of people who got in by practicing or even straight up inventing anecdotes on their casper, so I wonder what they’re really selecting for there)
  8. I feel like it will make the process more difficult for NTPs as in the university category they look at your pre-req grades post-interviews, which wasn’t the case in the NTP pathway? (I am biased because my pre-reqs suck and I wish I wasn’t penalized for how I did in school 8 years ago.)
  9. ouai ils m’avaient calculé une cote de 27... :/ et non j’ai aucune idée de la conversion d’un 9/10, désolée
  10. J’ai 8/10 en biomed à Ottawa. En 2016 UdeMme calculait 30.3 de CRU, en 2018 ça avait baissé à 29.29 puisque la moyenne des gens en biomed à UdeM les 3 dernières années s’était améliorée. Aucune idée de comment ils font le calcul, mais ta moyenne est haute, selon moi ça vaudrait la peine d’appliquer ! Bon courage
  11. McMaster also give a bonus on your score when you have a PhD Good luck! I 100% understand the struggle, I plan to apply after my PhD (but am fortunalety IP in quebec where they have a different contingent with lower GPA cut-off for biomed-related PhDs, I don't get why they don't have that in other provinces Your expertise should be recognised!!)
  12. Selon mon expérience c'est possible (quoique la différence dans ton cas est assez impressionnante, c'est un peu louche en effet, tu devrais les contacter quans même). En 2016 un 8/10 (A-) en biomed à uottawa (bacc complété en 2014) me donnait 30.353 de CRU à UdeM et en 2018 la même moyenne pour le même bacc me donnait 30,292 cette fois incluant le bonus de +1 pour la maitrise complété depuis. Donc la valeur de mon bacc a baissé de plus d'un point de CRU en 2 ans, malgré que ma moyenne n'ait pas changé. Ceci vient du fait qu'au lieu de se donner le trouble de calculer notre CRU vs les moyennes des 3 années précédent notre graduation, ils la calcule vs les 3 dernières années et comme les moyennes en biomed à UdeM ne cessent de monter, ma CRU ne cesse de baisser.
  13. You write then an email (this summer, after they're done dealing with admissions) and they will send you the form to fill. I had no problem getting an exeption for all pre-reqs since I was in graduate school.
  14. I think so because in 2017 I ranked around 475/850 with a 3.6 GPA, it is not a good rank but to me it seems higher than what a 3.6 GPA should give, knowing A LOT of people have 3.9+ GPA, so I guessed my academic context (lots of research during undergrad + masters degree) helped to raised it a bit, even if it is only 10%.
  15. Thank you for the support and hope I am happy for you!! I saw in your earlier post that your EC was about your 1st year that was low, with a high GPA afterwards. Since my GPA was constant in all semesters of my undergrad I never thought to write a letter of EC. It would seem silly to tell them that all my courses were affected, no? :/
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