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  1. McMaster also give a bonus on your score when you have a PhD Good luck! I 100% understand the struggle, I plan to apply after my PhD (but am fortunalety IP in quebec where they have a different contingent with lower GPA cut-off for biomed-related PhDs, I don't get why they don't have that in other provinces Your expertise should be recognised!!)
  2. Selon mon expérience c'est possible (quoique la différence dans ton cas est assez impressionnante, c'est un peu louche en effet, tu devrais les contacter quans même). En 2016 un 8/10 (A-) en biomed à uottawa (bacc complété en 2014) me donnait 30.353 de CRU à UdeM et en 2018 la même moyenne pour le même bacc me donnait 30,292 cette fois incluant le bonus de +1 pour la maitrise complété depuis. Donc la valeur de mon bacc a baissé de plus d'un point de CRU en 2 ans, malgré que ma moyenne n'ait pas changé. Ceci vient du fait qu'au lieu de se donner le trouble de calculer notre CRU vs les moyennes des 3 années précédent notre graduation, ils la calcule vs les 3 dernières années et comme les moyennes en biomed à UdeM ne cessent de monter, ma CRU ne cesse de baisser.
  3. You write then an email (this summer, after they're done dealing with admissions) and they will send you the form to fill. I had no problem getting an exeption for all pre-reqs since I was in graduate school.
  4. Al22

    Academic Context

    I think so because in 2017 I ranked around 475/850 with a 3.6 GPA, it is not a good rank but to me it seems higher than what a 3.6 GPA should give, knowing A LOT of people have 3.9+ GPA, so I guessed my academic context (lots of research during undergrad + masters degree) helped to raised it a bit, even if it is only 10%.
  5. Thank you for the support and hope I am happy for you!! I saw in your earlier post that your EC was about your 1st year that was low, with a high GPA afterwards. Since my GPA was constant in all semesters of my undergrad I never thought to write a letter of EC. It would seem silly to tell them that all my courses were affected, no? :/
  6. a sad year for low gpa who aren’t NTP, at this point I’d need a nobel prize on my CV for its 10% worth to compensate enough for my gpa. Now it’s a very different game than 2 years ago when they invited me with my 3.6 gpa. Not even sure that it is mathematically possible to get in now, haha
  7. Al22

    URL to request rankings for those refused

    They say they will send the ranking in May/June in order of received request so I requested as fast as I could (though I’d be surprised if they didn’t just send everything at the same time). I can’t wait to know if at least I improved a bit since last year, but it’s hard for me to improve much because I can’t improve my grades and they’re what tanking my rank
  8. Refused (again ) Date Stamp: around 10:25am Location: IP wGPA: 3.6 Degree: M.Sc. completed (now in 3rd year of PhD) ECs: Lots of research during undergrad including 1 co-author publication. Now have a total of 2 1st author publication , 4 publications as co-author, scholarships for undergrad, masters and PhD (provincial funding), Student associations during MSc and PhD (in 2 different associations in the last year, one as president) + student representative in the animal ethic comitee, watercolor and painting as a hobby (illustrated a novel), helped organise and create the material (powerpoint and flyers) to diffuse our research project to the studied population, got the idea for and worked with a team on this very cool project in which we put up testimonies of survivor and their parents on the wall of an unit in our pediatric hospital, etc ... Casper: MUCH better than last year (or at least I that's what I thought) Comments: Here is my ranking for the 2017 cycle (invited) and 2018 cycle (refused) 2016: academic 472/847 + non-academic (CV and personal statement) 61/847 (!!!) = 155/847 2017: academic 495/817 + non academic (CV 187/817 + CASPer 515/817) 363/817 = 464/817 I guess it makes sense that even with an improved CV and CASPer it still couldn't balance my bad academic ranking as much as did my (awesome) CVPN rank of 2017... Of note, the mean GPA also increased last year so my academic rank was also worse. Good interview to everyone who got it!
  9. Merci de ta réponse ! C'est tellement difficile d'avoir une idée de ce qu'ils considèrent comme un bon dossier Pour la CRU la tienne ressemblait à quoi ? si ce n'est pas trop indiscret. Pour UdeM ils disent 'doit être comparable à la cote des autres cohortes', est-ce que ca veut dire comme 34-35 incluant le bonus de PhD ? parce que ma CRU est plus 29-30 sans bonus (selon l'année ou j'applique ils calculent pas la même CRU pour le même bacc et moyenne, et ça va en baissant...) donc j'arriverai jamais à avoir la même cote que le contingent régulier :/ Mais ça me semblerait étrange quand même que le contingent PhD de UdeM ait une CRU beaucoup plus haute que ceux de Laval et Sherbrooke Merci !
  10. My current PhD supervisor did the same, no masters degree or phd, but research during residency and fellowships. They have their own lab for more than a decade, do relevant and good research and are also chief of their service (a sub-specialty) at the hospital.
  11. The best option really depends on what kind of research you want to do. If you want to do fundamental research in biomedical science or biochemistry chances are you won't get very far with only 3 years of work. I know a few MD who are clinician researchers in fundamental science, they either did their PhD before their MD or after their residency. I think maybe one did a fellowship in their medicine field at the same time they were doing their PhD, and then they did a post-doc, now they have a very productive lab. If you want to do public health or epidemiology or something like this then I guess you could do it in those MD-PhD program, and get paid more while you do it. It really depends on your carrer goals. As it was mentionned, not one would do this simply to match better. I also agree that your PhD would probably be more productive if you were not doing your MD at the same time. You have more time and energy, you can afford to make mistakes and learn from them, you have more time to go to conferences, to publish, etc. (But of course I am a bit biased, because of my GPA I have to finish my PhD if I want to have better chances at getting in med school in my province... )
  12. Also if I understood well Mcmaster considers you IP if you did your undergrad (at least 3 years) in Ontario even if you were not living in Ontario during this time (Good to know for uOttawa students who were living in Gatineau ): «Ninety percent of interview positions will be given to those who qualify as (1) Province of Ontario Resident, and 10% to those who qualify as (2) Outside Ontario . To qualify for (1) above, an applicant must: (a) be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident by the application deadline, and (b) have resided for at least three years in Ontario since the age of 14 by the date of possible entry to the program. Attendance at a university in Ontario for at least three years by June of the year of possible entry to the program satisfies the second requirement.»
  13. Al22

    Uqtr C'est Ici!

    Je n'ai pas étudié à l'UQTR mais à uOttawa. Cependant, j'ai remarqué que uLaval semble suivre assez bien sa table d'étalon peu importe où le bacc a été fait alors que UdeM est pas mal moins transparent et a semblé, selon moi, me donner un cote plus basse (29 pour un A-) que celle d'un étudiant qui aurait la même moyenne mais à UdeM ou uLaval plutôt qu'à uOttawa. Ça ne m'étonnerait pas malheureusement qu'ils fassent de même avec l'UQTR...
  14. Maybe you should try NOSM ? no mcat required and one third of the application is you 'context' which include if you lived or showed interest to live in rural areas. https://www.nosm.ca/education/md-program/admissions/admission-requirements/
  15. Al22

    appliquer en médecine (biomed)

    Moi aussi j’ai remarqué pour ulaval. J’ai suivi les cours obligatoires pour Biomed option Médecine Cellulaire et Moléculaire. Très peu de cours à options. J’avais téléphoné l’an dernier pour essayer de comprendre car je pensais comme toi que peut-être ils ne me comparaient pas à biomed mais ils m’ont assuré que oui... Je trouve que c’est un peu absurde honnêtement. En plus je croyais qu’avec plusieurs sessions de doctorat j’au droit au bonus de +0.5 pour credits à UdeM mais apparemment malgré que je sois à temps plein (et que je paye pour inscription temps plein...) je n’ai pas assez de crédits de cours pour avoir le bonus. Bref dans mon cas j’appliquerai à UdeM seulement lorsque je pourrai être dans le contingent doctorat de recherche.