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  1. https://www.fmed.ulaval.ca/fileadmin/documents/programmes-etudes/etudes-medecine/doctorat-1er-cycle-medecine/documents/bilan-admission.pdf Voici les statistiques d'admission des années précédentes, pas d'info sur les convocations, mais dans les dernières années sur 20-30 applicants catégorie PhD il y en a 10 qui ont reçu une offre d'admision.
  2. Je viens de recevoir ce courriel «Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer qu’à la suite de l’évaluation de votre dossier de recherche, le comité de sélection a retenu votre candidature dans la catégorie des candidats universitaires québécois possédant un doctorat de recherche ou en voie de l’obtenir. De ce fait, nous vous convoquerons éventuellement à la seconde étape du processus de sélection au doctorat de 1er cycle en médecine. Vous recevrez un avis de convocation aux MEM par courriel à l’une des adresses figurant dans votre dossier d’une des universités francophones où vous avez postulé. Consultez donc toutes vos boîtes courriels chaque jour à partir du 30 mars 2020 jusqu’aux journées des MEM.»
  3. No invite, 8/10 is not high enough anymore... They convert the 8/10 into a CRU, last time I applied (in 2016) UdeS gave me 27, UdeM 30 (but two years later it dropped to 29, with the exact same GPA, so it actually decreases with time as new cohorts of students have higher and higher average GPA and they compare my GPA with theirs, not that of the student who were there when I graduated in 2014), UL follows their Table d'Étalon and gave me something like 30-31
  4. Yes, this is how they compute this sore at all 3 francophone university in quebec. To give you an idea, I have 8/10 in biomedical science (considered a 'harder' program) at uottawa and it is not high enough to get in. UdeS computed a CRU (Cote de rendement universitaire) of 27, UdeM 29-30 and UL 31. You need at least 34 I think to get an interview. McGill doesn't look much at what undergrad you were in, but still you would be on the low end for the GPA. Mine is converted to 3.6 in their scale and in the past 3 years they rejected my application even with a very strong CV (ranked top 1% last year). For francophone med school in quebec your GPA always counts even if you were to complete another undergrad, but for Mcgill and Ottawa if you do a second undergrad with better GPA they would only look at the last completed degree. In summary, if you really want to get in, I think you need to do a second undergrad
  5. TIME STAMP: 10:40 Result: Reject (was interviewed in 2017, then refused pre-interview every year since) wGPA: 3.6 ECs: Lots pf reseach and publications, other projects to improve knowledge tranfer and help parents of children in the NICU, student associations, ethics committee, etc, CV was scored in top 10 last year so not much I can do except find out how to score crazy high on the casper because the theory that if you have a nice CV, i.e. relevant experiences, it will correlate with high casper doesn’t seem true for me: last year cv was ranked in top 10 and casper was 300/800 Year: 4th tear PhD IP/OOP/International: IP
  6. À UdeM toutes tes CRU vont compter, peu importe le nombre de crédit fait dans d'autres programmes. Tous les crédits universitaires sont comptés pour donner une CRU globale.
  7. That is what I thought at first but then last year I was ranked like ~500/800 for academic and ~300/800 for CASPer and with my CV in the top 10 I still couldn't get an interview (my overall rank was like 350/800 and they interviewed the top 250) so it looks like they still evaluate your CV even if mathematically ranking 1st on the CV wouldn't allow you to get an interview I think step 1 applies to categories that are more competitive like international contingent. They say they would interview 200-300 files to invite 50. So to invite 250 in the university category that means they will review up to 1000-1500 files and there were only 819 applicants last year in the university contingent, so they checked all our CV
  8. Yes, here are my approximative stats from the past 3 years showing how it can change from one year to the next: 2017: Academic: 470/850; CV and personnal statement: 60/850; TOTAL: 155/850 invited 2018: Academic: 500/815; CV: 190/815; CASPer: 515/815; TOTAL: 465/815 rejected 2019: Academic: 525/820; CV: 7/820; CASPer: 315/820 ;TOTAL: 350/820 rejected But for me the change from personnal statement to CASPer in 2018 definitly disavantaged me :/ Also I think the GPA of applicants rises every year, explaining why my academic ranking keeps on dropping while my undergrad (completed since 2014) GPA obviously stays the same at 3.6
  9. Hello J'applique pour la 1ere fois en médecine à l'université Laval en tant que "candidat québécois universitaire possédant un doctorat de recherche ou en voie de l’obtenir". Ceci est donc un thread pour discuter de ce contingent et des documents requis, puis pour attendre ensemble les résultats Bon succès dans vos demandes
  10. Keep trying! With your rank in academia you should be fine to get an interview next year even without the NTP, don't you think? Your interview should go better since you will know what to expect
  11. Thanks for sharing, I'd be nice to also include your GPA and some other details if you can :) My ranking supports my theory that with the CV worth only 10% even if I had a nobel prize I wouldn't get in. hahahaha Academic portion : 523/819 (My GPA is 3.6 + I have a masters and am currently doing a PhD) Non‐academic portion, CASPer: 316 (improved from 515 last year so yay ) Non‐academic portion, CV: 7 (!!!!!!!!! funny thing, last year it was ranked 187... which tell us how much it depends of the evaluator ) Overall prescreening rank: 350/819 I don't know if I should laugh or cry hahaha
  12. Selon les CRU qu’ils m’ont calculé par le passé ils utilisent leur table d’etalon pour convertir. Tu peux la trouver en ligne.
  13. When I interviewed one of the students who was giving us the tour told me that since I had a masters degree I probably could be exempted from this class. He seemed pretty sure but since I didn’t get in so I don’t know if it was true. So not too helpful but I am sure it doesn’t hurt to try
  14. measures like increasing the value of the CV above 10%? (While the Casper might help diversity I don’t 100% believe the whole « if you have pertinent life experience it will make you stand out in the Casper », for what it’s worth I know of people who got in by practicing or even straight up inventing anecdotes on their casper, so I wonder what they’re really selecting for there)
  15. I feel like it will make the process more difficult for NTPs as in the university category they look at your pre-req grades post-interviews, which wasn’t the case in the NTP pathway? (I am biased because my pre-reqs suck and I wish I wasn’t penalized for how I did in school 8 years ago.)
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