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  1. Re-taking the courses in spring/summer won't replace your grades from when you took the courses the first time.
  2. Neither UofA or UofC have pre-reqs, so those are by far your best options. Honestly since you're IP there it doesn't seem worth it to complete any pre-reqs.
  3. Speaking of reading... https://www.inc.com/kat-boogaard/6-key-tips-to-respectfully-disagree-with-someone.html
  4. You're right. Lets just keep letting the discussion become more and more polarized until its just fascist ANTIFA members versus the neo-nazis. No compromise allowed!
  5. If you're looking at Canadian schools, see how each of them would calculate your GPA for admissions purposes and look at their admissions stats from previous years (they're generally available on school websites). At first glance your GPA is uncompetitive, so you need to figure out whether or not it is worth it for you to complete 2+ years more of full-time undergrad to achieve a more competitive (i.e. 3.9+) GPA.
  6. more undergrad to boost your GPA is probably going to be necessary.
  7. CIBC is largely the same, 350k LOC at prime-0.25 with interest only payments until 2 years after MD + residency. After that you can either restructure as a loan (with the same interest rate) or keep the LOC as is and pay it down whenever you want (always making the interest payments). As far as perks go, they do the free account and credit card for the duration of medical school. After that, you may have to pay the monthly chequing fee, albeit the credit card will always be free as part of the bank account bundle. If you speak with an advisor, it's pretty easy to get them to agree to keeping that chequing fee waived during residency as well.
  8. Out of curiosity, why stay away from MD financial/Scotia? They seem to offer fairly competitive services
  9. I couldn't disagree more. The whole reason they allow deferrals is because they want to discourage people from dropping their grad studies. Even if your project isn't a wet-lab resource intensive project, your supervisor will still have invested a lot of time into training you. If you drop out of your grad studies, you've effectively wasted their time. OP: if you want to do grad school and will see it through, do it. As mentioned above, Dr. Hillier is very accommodating for research. If you're only doing it to fill some time and would consider dropping out if you're accepted, do something else.
  10. Luckily the studies suggest most DO grads abandon OMT once their training is finished and just focus on the actual evidence based medicine, despite the monetary incentive.
  11. Why? OMT is bunk science that thankfully seems to be dying due to its lack of efficacy.
  12. Minor entries may not count for much, but they certainly will be better than an empty space.
  13. Hey all, Anyone know when entrance scholarships and all that stuff are given out? Or if we need to apply for anything separately? UME scholarship lists are long and don't seem particularly organized by type (i.e. discipline or years eligible). thanks!
  14. From all the photos I've seen, its a mix. tons of people wore t-shirts for theirs.
  15. Read a few of their recent publications. Try to understand the overarching goals of the work in the lab. Demonstrate you've put the time in to try to understand what they do, and have an answer prepared for why you would like to get involved.
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