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  1. adhominem

    Passport photo

    From all the photos I've seen, its a mix. tons of people wore t-shirts for theirs.
  2. adhominem

    Interview Advice/Tips?

    Read a few of their recent publications. Try to understand the overarching goals of the work in the lab. Demonstrate you've put the time in to try to understand what they do, and have an answer prepared for why you would like to get involved.
  3. Deferrals are only considered for UofA graduate students, as far as I know. They're all made on a case by case basis by Dr. Hillier. You can also put PhDs on hold and continue them in summers and/or following year two of med. The MD/PhD program is run by Dr. Underhill so you can speak to him about it. There are tuition and funding incentives for the combined PhD program.
  4. adhominem


    nobody knows how anything was used, or how much individual components were weighted for your overall score.
  5. Weird. Did you have your admission offer printed and with you? That should count as a letter for their purposes.
  6. I think we just have to pay the full price
  7. You need to complete a second undergrad to become competitive.
  8. They're starting to upload the offers I suppose. Could take quite a while though if they're doing it manually for the hundreds of people that had interviewed.
  9. adhominem

    Funded Studentship vs. NSERC

    Good question. At least in Alberta, you aren't eligible for the NSERC USRA if you're in a professional program (dentistry, med, nursing).
  10. adhominem

    Feedback letter

    2018 INVITE STATS FOR REFERENCE: IP: GPA: 3.8 average, 4.0 max ECs: 7/17 average, 12/17 max MCAT: 128.06 average, 131.50 max OOP: GPA: 3.94 average, 4.0 max ECs: 8/17 average, 12/17 max MCAT: 129.63 average, 132 max
  11. It does seem odd, considering they have all other aspects of our applications scored prior to interviews. The interviews are literally scored as they happen, it can't take too long to compile that data and rank order people.
  12. adhominem

    Feedback letter

    They were out of 17 in previous years, and scores were broken down as follows (back in 2017 when they actually broke down scores at in-person meetings, which they no longer do): 4 points each for volunteerism, work experience, diversity of experience, and leadership. The final 1 point was for your score in the awards section. Hard to say how they calculate the 17 now.
  13. adhominem

    Funded Studentship vs. NSERC

    I'm kind of confused what it is that you're asking as well... Generally, studentships for summer research work and the NSERC USRA are virtually the same thing (i.e. in Alberta we have an Alberta Innovates Summer Studentship). Most often, students apply for all the studentships they can, and then accept the one that pays the best if they're offered multiple. In some cases, they may even allow you to 'top-up' your earnings and collect both (up to a certain dollar value). If you're awarded more than one, even if you are only able to accept one, you can (and should) list both on your CV. If you aren't talking about listing it on your CV (should you receive it), then we are going to need more information so your question can actually be answered.
  14. Have you considered doing an MPH in the meantime?
  15. https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/24/entertainment/dr-dre-daughter-usc-instagram/index.html Did anyone else find this comical?