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    Paid activities in non employment section.

    People rejected post-interview also receive these scores. At this point though nobody knows how the scoring of ECs factors into the aggregate score and ranking of applicants for admission though.
  2. adhominem

    St. John Ambulance to Primary Care Paramedic

    If you have any major ski hills around, consider volunteering with the Canadian Ski Patrol. Its a great volunteer gig (free skiing and pro deals on equipment) and you get plenty of hands on trauma experience. My guess is that it would be more substantial experience than you could expect with SJA.
  3. adhominem

    Physician political orientation

    Yes, many young MD applicants are likely to be liberal. On top of that, there is no denying that academics (i.e. those who run medical schools and admissions committees) are far more left-leaning than the general public. The massive liberal bias within academia is well documented in several countries. I am quite convinced these circumstances lead to a selection bias for incoming students, though I am not aware of whether or not it has been documented. It is hard to imagine that a conservative influenced answer would be looked upon favorably by interviewers chosen by liberals when majority of the candidates are going to be delivering a more liberal answer. Oh yes, because an intelligent voter clearly would not have voted conservative... This sort of comment proves my point about liberal bias.
  4. adhominem

    PhD Friendly MD Schools

    UBC treats people with their PhD conferred at time of application as IP applicants (see here: http://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/admissions/admission-requirements/) UofA is vague about how it will impact your score, but the website implies that you can get the additional points prior to actually defending (see https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md/applying/academic-requirements): "Graduate Students- All applicants are subject to the same application requirements. Applicants who have obtained a Masters or PhD are eligible to receive additional points towards their rank score. For those nearing completion of their program who wish to have these points added to their score, please have your supervisor provide a letter as proof of successful completion once you have defended your thesis with no required revisions."
  5. adhominem

    How to research

    To be fair everyone, the OP did say they're writing case reports. Most of what you're discussing isn't even relevant to that kind of work.
  6. adhominem

    Paid activities in non employment section.

    The breakdown of how they score the ECs is as follows (or at least in the recent past... who knows, they might change it without telling us): Volunteerism- 4 pts Work Experience- 4 pts Awards & Scholarships- 1 pt (Your GPA heavily influences scholarships and is a scored criterion, so this section is worth less) Leadership- 4 pts Diversity of Experience- 4 pts TOTAL= 17 pts. You should strategically place your commitments within each category to obtain the highest score possible. Based on scores of 7-9ish being average for those obtaining an IP interview, you should assume that it is exceptional to obtain more than a 2 in any section. Based on that, you're probably better off splitting up your strongest entries into the separate sections and (possibly) obtaining scores of 1 and 2 instead of hypothetically earning a 3. However, keep in mind that you probably don't want to have what could be considered duplicate entries. If you list your job under employment and then again in the leadership section, you will probably not get any points for the second entry. When adcoms used to give feedback meetings, I was told this based on my entries where I had listed an NSERC/AIHS summer studentship award in both the scholarships and employment sections. They felt that constituted a duplicate entry and I was told both entries were not eligible to contribute to the score. Therefore, if you list your job in one category I don't think you will be able to list the leadership components of that job in a separate entry.
  7. adhominem

    Physician political orientation

    Having done several rounds of MMIs in Alberta I would definitely agree that there are questions which favor a left-leaning ideology. It is no secret that most academics are left-leaning, and admissions committees are undeniably going to leaning in that direction as well due to the biases of the individuals creating the questions and discussing what sort of 'problematic' (i.e. right wing) answers could arise.
  8. adhominem

    Retaking courses

    Depends on the school, you have to check what each schools policy is individually. U of A only looks at the first mark though, to get you started.
  9. In the past cycle they've already modified how they ranked people-- they have been clear about that. This is why they removed the information they used to have on the website regarding weighting (i.e. off the top of my head I think it used to be 30% ECs, 30% interview, 13% MCAT and 27% GPA). They have not disclosed how they assess applicants since the removal of that information (to my knowledge). Your friend getting in likely reflects a shift in the weighting formula, not necessarily the ending of GPA as a scored criteria.
  10. I think the best argument against having a ranked GPA assessment nowadays is that U of A has removed prerequisite requirements and allows people to take whatever they want. Without a relatively standardized path (i.e. everyone doing a degree with the same 'core' courses), its hard to say whether comparing those GPAs is truly meaningful. That being said, I would still like it to be assessed competitively, since I agree with a lot of silver_08's points.
  11. Given how they've introduced new policies (i.e. CASPer, panel interviews) in the past years without meaningful notification, I'm fairly certain it will be implemented without advanced notice.
  12. I've heard from some faculty members who are aware of adcoms policies that it will be instated this cycle, and if not then the next.
  13. You stated you're doing a full course load though- are you taking double the amount of classes you need for your minor for that sake of having a full load?
  14. That's sort of odd. You can do an entire second bachelor's degree in two years if you have your first degree in hand. Why would a minor take two additional years with a full course load?
  15. Course load per year for each of those years? Have you completed your degree (and minor) after the 5 years? Assuming you've calculated everything correctly, you have a shot at many of those schools after a 5th year and doing another for a slight increase (assuming another 4.0?) is probably not time or cost effective. GPA is just one component of admissions, and I'm sure you have more room for improvement elsewhere instead of doing another year of UG for the sake of improving GPA by 0.01-0.04 (and that is assuming a perfect GPA, which may not happen...).
  16. adhominem

    How to research

    what kind of research? Basic science? Epi? Chart review? Give us an idea of what you're actually doing and what kind of a team you're working with so we can actually give you useful non-generic advice.
  17. industry is basically the only option. And even then, you're looking at a low level sales rep type of job without a PhD. The reality is that an MSc. and even a PhD in biomedical research is more or less useless if you don't stay in research or academia.
  18. adhominem

    Ophtho research opportunity

    Just as a curiosity, are the abstracts published? If it has already been accepted, I don't think you're able ensure this person would receive the proper credit for their contributions as being acknowledged officially as an author. Just being on the poster means nothing if it isn't corroborated in the conference proceedings and/or published version.
  19. adhominem

    Engineering to Medical School

    Honestly I don't believe it is (at least for some schools). Volunteer hours seem to be weighted more heavily than work hours at the U of A based on score breakdowns for ECs I have received in the past.
  20. adhominem

    basic question on emailing multiple PIs

    Just be upfront with the first PI and casually mention you've put out some inquiries with multiple PIs. Just emphasize you are trying to find the best fit possible. Quality candidates generally shop around before they commit to anyone, PIs are generally understanding of this. You shouldn't be maligned for taking multiple meetings unless the prof thinks you're trying to hide it from them and go behind their back.
  21. adhominem

    research with a bad gpa first degree

    Are you applying for a summer position in which you are hoping to be paid? If so, he needs your transcripts and CV to assess whether or not you would be likely to receive a summer studentship to cover your stipend. This professor may or may not be able to afford to pay you himself, so he might be making a decision based on financial constraints. If you are willing to work as a volunteer, then you have a better shot. Many profs recognize that there are plenty of great researchers who don't necessarily have a stellar GPA. That being said, if your GPA from your first UG is too low you may run into an issue. If you think it will be a deal breaker, maybe emphasize your commitment to improving in your email and explain the circumstances to whatever extent you're comfortable. Whatever you do, do not omit details of your academic past. It won't end well for you. This would especially be the case if he had you apply for a research summer studentship award and you were forced to omit your transcripts there too (since that is essentially academic misconduct and could result in serious consequences).
  22. In all of the basic lab research labs im familiar with, undergrad project/summer students generally receive co-authorship on papers written by graduate students or post-docs. For instance, my most recent first-author paper had my summer students as authors 3-5. As long as you're placed on a project with a productive graduate student or post-doc you're likely to get a co-author within a summer if you work hard and produce good quality (i.e. publishable) data. That co-author could be more valuable than a first author chart review paper if it goes into a prestigious enough journal.
  23. Contact the research services office or whichever administrators handle the NSERC USRA at your school... They are the only ones who can answer your question since different schools have different rules and you didn't provide adequate info here.
  24. And the photo upload doesn't work haha.
  25. It is new this year. So it may not be a scored component yet. Like I said, it may also be there for the purpose of giving the panel a jumping off point? This is all speculation though so who really knows