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  1. adhominem

    Interview weight?

    Are you sure? They 100% did not have my entire application in front of them last year.
  2. adhominem

    Approach Researchers and Disclosing

    Honestly, you probably won't get very far with that approach. All new researchers are a massive burden on a lab. They need to devote time and resources to training you, and you're essentially saying that you aren't willing to make their efforts worthwhile by sticking around long enough to actually do something productive.
  3. adhominem

    Note taking during MMI

    Yeah, you can write out an outline or whatever else you want during those 2 minutes.
  4. adhominem

    Interview weight?

    U of A has changed their process so nobody has a clue how much GPA, MCAT, interview, or casper factor into your final scores for admission. If anything, my guess is that the interview is worth >30% now though, since many schools seem to be moving in the direction of increasing weight of the interview.
  5. 353 builds on 351. You need to learn some of the 353 material because it is tested on the MCAT. 351 is helpful, but not enough.
  6. adhominem

    Multiple presentations for thesis

    I would say it depends on the structure of the application you're working with. If this is for a CV, you would definitely separate them into separate entries. If you have limited space to talk about this on a med application you're probably best off picking the most "impressive" presentation (i.e. national/international conference for which the abstract was published, if possible) and then speaking to what skills you gained from it.
  7. adhominem

    Poster presentation

    The first author is (almost) always the presenter. Generally, that will be a student who made the poster and conducted the experiments. Most profs couldn't be bothered to give a poster presentation haha.
  8. In my opinion, offered=received. The point is to show how competitive you are for awards, not necessarily that you collected the money. I always list awards that I was offered but declined on my CV.
  9. adhominem

    References and Verifiers

    I believe that their policy is to contact every verifier for all applicants, and the verifier remarks are used to score your ECs in conjunction with what you wrote.
  10. Contact DDS admissions directly. I'm not sure what you mean by struggling with admission requirements, but this sounds like a case that only admissions is going to have an answer for.
  11. As someone doing my PhD first, I can say that there are some substantial advantages. First, you have a ton of flexibility regarding the time to completion of your PhD. In some of the split programs or during residency you have to rush to finish in a tight time frame, which can lead to burn out. It can also be a disaster if your project isn't working out very well. A PhD student with a very competitive funding package (university+provincial+federal funding) can make as much as ~72k per year tax free, plus any other little scholarships they may receive (at the U of A, at least). Of course, that isn't the norm but it is possible. People gunning for medicine tend to have the qualities that the Vanier looks for, so that always helps the funding situation too. Having the ability to stick around longer and not be rushed will allow you to be more productive and pump out more publications- arguably the most important thing when getting a PhD. My supervisor has told me that a break in the middle of your MD can be a detriment to your performance and you lose all the study buddies you have made in your year. That can make the clinical years much more difficult after coming back from your hellish 3 year PhD. That is also worth consideration as well.
  12. U of A doesn't really make any meaningful attempts to provide clear instructions or information regarding their policies and practices, so it isn't really surprising.
  13. Look into what your GPA will be, based on the different ways each school calculates it. This may impact where you will be competitive substantially.
  14. adhominem

    Ws on transcript

    Probably, since it would likely impact how they calculate your GPA
  15. Joke is on us, we would have gotten paid as upper year residents to do a PhD following medical school as part of our training. At least that is how it works in Alberta with the Clinical Investigators Program.
  16. The unfortunate part of applying as a PhD student is that many of the 'bonuses' you get as a PhD are only given if you have it in hand while you're applying. If you are relying on the extra help for admission, you end up needing to take a gap year or work as a post-doc for about a year in the meantime. If that is the case for you, you can take those UG courses in your gap year while staying on as a tech with your PhD supervisor wrapping up projects maybe?
  17. adhominem

    Life Experience And Achievement Section.

    You should include an entry for awards if you feel they're significant. When adcoms personnel take your transcript and calculate your GPA, the awards on your transcript probably aren't even given a second look (or they probably aren't factored into your EC score, at least).
  18. adhominem

    Additional Comments Essay

    I got a very similar sounding email, sounds like they're just giving cookie cutter copy/paste responses to the question. Doesn't really seem like an essay question that everyone should describe run of the mill issues with, given the way they have worded it.
  19. Also factor in what you would want to do following a PhD and post-doc. The chances of getting a faculty position are probably lower than the chances of getting into medicine, so setting realistic expectations what you might do post-PhD should also be considered.
  20. adhominem

    LOR Question

    U of A doesn't require LORs. From the application (emphasis added): Complete the section below with the names of your two referees. We suggest that you use people who presently know you well enough to provide a reference in an honest and thoughtful manner. Some suggestions for referees to consider are (in alphabetical order) coaches, co-workers, employers, leaders of volunteer organizations or clubs, professors, supervisors, research supervisors, and teachers. References from relatives, family members, friends, close family friends, or personal physicians will not be accepted. Referees may be contacted at any point during the application process; they will not be asked to provide a letter."
  21. adhominem

    Only writing CARS for Calgary

    I think it tells adcoms you're lazy and can't be bothered to study for and write the test in its entirety. If I were a file reviewer I would give you a subpar score for the global assessment of academic merit on that basis.
  22. adhominem

    Publications vs experience

    Publications are the thing that matters most when it comes to research. I would even argue staying in 1 or 2 would be better than 3, and only go to the second if you want another letter of reference. If you commit a long time to a single lab, you're likely to actually have something to show for it by the end.
  23. the ECs are probably only out of 16 now, since they have cut the separate awards section entirely. I would imagine the section is meant to explain extenuating circumstances contributing to performance which may appear lackluster at face value.